Man Arrested for Arson in Redway

Dylan Baker

Dylan Baker

About 6:30 a.m., on Sunday, October 8, a fire started across from the Redway Shell gas station. This was only half a day earlier than when the first fires blew up across Northern California killing 40 people. Fortunately, this fire was quickly put out.

Humboldt County deputies responded to the fire scene and attempted to arrest Dylan Baker. According to Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, “We had some witnesses point him out to us. He fled initially and then we caught him later that morning.”

Taylor said, Baker was arrested for intentionally setting a fire and for violating probation. Baker was on probation for arson-related charges at the time of his arrest.



  • Glad they picked up this dude he is totally crazy . He had his pants down in front of the coffee shop the other day . Glad to see they got his dude out of our town. For now at least

  • That is what drugs do to you now days.

    • Try a terrible brain injury that began the downward spiral.
      Dylans a local boy who has had family and friends try time and again to help him. After years of work on helping his brain he was seeming better, but the meth got him and the meth makers made him into a “tester” for new batches of who knows what chemical concoction.
      And we lost him, sad but true, its one of those situations where, well what do we do to help people who have had their brains destroyed to the point of not really being present in this realm any longer, & thus make awful mistakes like this??? He needs to be in a mental hospital.

      • Banana crank

      • I agree with you, but in addition to that, I think we need locked drug and alcohol treatment for those who are gravely disabled/danger to self/danger to others due to drugs or alcohol. Folks will say, “You have to want recovery” but there are some folks out there who are so addicted that they can’t ‘want’ anything. I am sad for him, his family and friends and all others who are so addicted that they can’t want…. I am NOT saying a person committing crimes should be ignored. However, I would like real, REAL, substance abuse treatment in jails and prisons. I like to remember that when people were kids, their dream was not to wind up with a head injury, a mental illness or a drug addiction or homeless. Very sad all the way around. Glad the fire got put out and LE put him in jail where he will hopefully get services…. 🙁

      • He needs to be in prison.


      • So sorry,but he has to be forced in to a long distance stay.

      • Damn that is a sad story I’m sorry for your loss

      • That is a horrible story. He screaming out to be paid attention too. But you all are weary.
        Pray he gets help or a place where he’ll be safe

      • You should get together with a guy over i=on LoCO by the name (User Name) of DAV, short for Disabled American Veteran!!! He’s just as crazy as you are probably even worse at least you don’t make threats of violence & accuse others of all manner of vile things!!!! You two would be a great team together!!! [edit]

      • Just look at the guy. Obviously crazed all hopped up on the Devil’s Lettuce.

  • The criminal in this case is Humboldt County Health and Human Services who refuse to give this man treatment and appropriate shelter.

    • Personal Responsibility is Lost

      No they tried.

      Just ask him next time hes out.

      He refuses to take his mental health meds because he feels meth works better for him.

      I have known Dylan for over 20 years and have tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to help him.

    • He’d just burn it down. If they want better accommodations they should get a job.

      • Patriot in Willits

        A good part of the blame for this goes back to the systematic dismantling of California’s mental health system back when Reagan was governor. Plenty of our homeless would have been in institutions earlier. Which option is more “humane”?

        • Get them off the fucking streets. Don’t they catch stray dogs? For the same reason they need to check these people out to see if they are a harm to Societie !

        • “Neither,” but at least the one option you get fed, clothed, a roof over their head and proper Healthcare (psychical & mental!)

        • It wasn’t only California, virtually all of the states did the same thing, based in part on the promise of out-patient treatment with the new wonder drugs. It was short sighted and in retrospect a huge mistake, but at the time it was thought of as an enlightened move (albeit one also that saved a lot of taxpayer money).

          And lest we have our rosey tinted glasses on, the facilities back them were considered as being warehouses where people were left to spend out their days in a neglect and poor care. Conditions that actually look pretty good compared to what we have now…

          Very difficult situation with no easy answers, which is why nothing much is being done.

    • Very true, IMO. It is criminal there isn’t real help available. Nobody wants to deal with TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury. Dylan has documented mental illness due, primarily and originally, to a traumatic brain injury. Years of living on the streets, due to lack of proper mental health in this county and nation as a whole, has left him even worse off. It’s scary and sad. This is the son of a friend of mine who has tried in earnest for years to help him…. As people make comments, try and remember this is someone’s beloved son and brain injury can happen to almost anyone, by their own doing or not.

      • Thank you, Joelle. Many of us know the people and this tragic story. It helps us to be a little more compassionate when we see someone being “crazy.” It can happen to anyone, or anyone’s child.

    • You can lead a horse to water…!!!

  • No locals? Really?

    Just so you know he may be crazy but he grew up here and in petrolia. We should take care of our. Maybe you’re not from here. Maybe get back to where you done came from

    • I don’t care if you were born here or not that doesn’t give you the right to not contribute to anything that has to do with the town and run around acting like a fucking idiot all over redway . Screaming obscenities, pulling you pants down in a public place where kids are around, and starting fires . They should string his ass up and kick his ass out of town if he ever gets out of jail

      • Charles Engebretson

        Funny how family members of creeps like this will come on here and try to gaslight

        • Wait til it happens to someone in your family.
          All it takes is a big konk on the head with a steel pipe, like what happened to dylan on a trip in san fran years ago that started this whole mess.
          im not his mom, but seriously if this was your kid who was crazy on meth in the streets what would you do???? Really?

        • If it was my kid and he doesn’t WANT help I’d kick his ass and disown him. Fuck this guy!

        • No locals? Really?

          Not related but thanks for thinking you know everything

      • WILSON, you are missing the central fact. It’s not that this young man is from here. It’s not that he is or is not scary or inappropriate. It certainly is not that does or does not contribute. It’s that he is seriously damaged, and there are no resources to help, protect or somehow keep him (and us) safe. I hope that you can get through your life without the experience of having a loved one be so harmed, and to be absolutely helpless to fix or change it.

  • He need to go permanently, he is already on prob for arson! It is just a matter of time then before he kills someone by staring fires, or costs someone or 100 people there home.

  • I hope this man gets the help he needs. Mental health needs are not addressed properly in this county at all. If he has been here his whole life I hope we can take care of him and his mental health issues. Because even if he does prison time, he will be back. It’s only a matter of time before one of his fires is fatal. 🙁

  • Dylan struggles with sever mental imbalances and needs compassion not slander. He is really kind when you are gentle towards him. Where is the So Hum community he grew up with to help him? I bet he is also starving since the Mattel Meal was canceled- not coincidentally starvation exacerbates mental imbalances. We are all connected, one man’s imbalance is another’s burnt town. We can solve the issue at the root, or continue to scapegoat, hate, shun and all risk going up in flames. The choice is yours So Hum.

    • lilithx that is a nice sentiment but short on solutions. I say this in all seriousness and without malice. I admit I do not have a solution but I wonder if you have a solution other than “I hope we can take care of him and his mental health issues.” How to go about that? He may need life long care. Where? By who? Paid by who? This country has nothing like that nor the money, the state does not have the infrastructure to do it it seems and the federal government won’t do anything since Reagan put most mental heath patients on the streets. What is there to do with somebody like this?

      • Survival of the fittest and the smartest.Sometimes anarchy dosent look so bad. There’s also to many “laws” protecting junkies n theives in California. Was in the mall in eureka other day (God forbid) and a bum was stealing stuff blatantly off the shelves and walked out of the store. Mentioned it to clerks and they said that there policy was not to engage….hmmm. I said well why not kick him out and not let him back in? They said they can’t…it would be discriminatory?! WTF. And here I was paying for shit….

    • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

      Are you offering to take him into your home, lilthx? Or is this just another “help the helpless” screed, but you don’t actually do anything.

    • Victor G. Flashman

      Yes, it’s all my fault since I lack compassion and the Mateel went broke since it was mismanaged… Nothing is ever anyone’s fault and let’s all do some more weed and hard drugs!!

  • FYI – I believe he also suffered a brain injury and his mother left the area a few years ago. Partly because she could not deal with him anymore.
    He was, at one time, a rather gentle soul when he was young but harsh life, TBI and drugs. Also, Ernastine, I’m not sure why you feel HCDHHS is responsible to keep him housed and medicated. Unfortunately those services are completely Voluntary on the part of the client, that being Dylan himself.

  • Arson charges should be accompanied with attempted murder charges. I don’t care if he’s local or not, he’s a repeat arsonist and attempted to murder people in our community and should be locked up for a long time.

  • Sad. I remember Dylan when he was just another child, playing in the community.
    Some commentators are right. If we can’t find ways to take care of our own, what hope do we have to change the laws and budgets to help the mentally ill. And yes. Mental illness is vexing, as anyone who love(s/d) Dylan will know.
    He needs HELP!!

  • This guy stole a honda 50 from me 15 years ago

  • lorrie neuenfeldt

    We need to care for people who are sick. You can’t just throw them out on to the streets and expect them to be able to deal. We have lost our compassion. They end up in jail and really go nuts. They have no hope. You wouldn’t expect someone with broken legs to be able to walk or a blind man to see. Where is the care for these people.

  • There was a gent like this running around Mendocino a few years ago trying to light the place on fire. He was known as “Bongo Billy”; there`s now a song about his exploits. They finally locked him up for good after he almost roasted some people. Like many arsonists, he would masturbate after he started a fire, which is how they caught him. He`d just stand there, pants down and spanking the ol’ monkey. Looks like Mr. Baker is the same kind of fellow.

  • Please…. These Fire Bugs should be watched better than this. Come on. They all need to be listed like Pedophiles. We all should know where these guys live. They should be on a list.

  • I just saved 100$ on my car insurance by switching to geico, so easy this guy can do it.

  • Shenanigans! I don’t care if he’s got imbalances or not. Fuck this guy.

    • Victor G. Flashman

      Yes, and I’m moving the fuck away from Redway before he kills ME!

      And I used to feel SAFE here!!

    • There comes a time if you don’t remove these pieces of shit they get the feeling that they own the place and everyone else is wrong and has been wrong. How much do we have to have stuffed down our craw with the trimagrunts and their camps to taking over parts of towns, like Petrolia,Honeydew,garbageville laytonville, Willits, haynpom and many others enough is enough at least buy them a fucking bus ticket we don’t want you HERE, PEROID. GO FUCKING HOME EUROPEANS, GO FUCKING HOME WHITE TRAILER TRASH.

  • WE HAD CARE FOR THESE PEOPLE, TALMADGE AND OTHER HOSPITALS. but when R Reagan was Govenor, he closed these hospitals an that put the burden on law enforcement to deal with the criminally insane, old folks with dementia, and countless other problems.
    usually when you take on more work or responceability your rate of pay should increase. this did not happen for law enforcement in Norcal. most of you wont even know about this because you are a lot younger than i.

    • I was living on the East Coast when Reagan did this. I thought then that it was one of the most cruel and cynical things I’d heard of. I still do, even with 45 in the White House.

    • Reagan was pressured by the mental health community to shut down the mental hospitals. They contended that it wasn’t humane to keep mentally ill people in institutions, it would be better to medicate them and try and integrate them into society. Read up about it. I’m no fan of Reagan but he gets a bad rap over this all the time.

      • It’s good to see clear thinking on the subject. The cost of maintaining hospitals like Agnew was unsustainable even during Reagan’s tenure and California certainly can’t afford to warehouse all the crazies now. More importantly, though, is the issue of indefinite involuntary hospitalization. Who gets to decide who is detained and for how long? Only a Nazi could be comfortable with the idea.


        • Like the guy picked up in so-hum and dumped on the streets in eureka that beat to death the Saint Bernards priest one quiet New Years early morning.
          Unfortunately there are no answers or quick fixes. Maybe they should put the brainiacs in the think tanks on it.
          I have a nephew that came back from overseas in the army that now has problems and the v.a. Has seriously let him down. Just saying.

    • Amen! I remember the liberals (I confess, I was/am one) were imagining halfway houses and trained support and the conservatives were thinking of saving money.

      The result was a huge increase of people living on the streets even before economic dislocations made things worse. Some of the mental cases are mumblers and ravers, some are arsonists and the few that are a threat to others need to be removed from the streets and put somewhere they can’t harm the innocent.

      I’ve had many contacts with Dylan through my business in Redway, most were unpleasant, and he really does belong in some sort of an institution. He is really out there! If jail is the best we can do it’s a shame for everyone involved because he will get paroled, released, and probably light yet more fires. And he deserves to be treated differently and better than a jail will.

      A mental institution is a far better place for the man. He will be back on the street sooner with the arson rap and criminal justice system. Bring back the mental hospital!

      And put Dylan in it!

      • Once a person is not confined physically in a hospital setting, then coercing them to accept treatment or even housing is extremely difficult.

        Why would anyone refuse care you say? Because they are mentally ill, probably paranoid and the required drugs make them feel fogged out. It becomes a continuous cycle of getting picked up by the police, having a court ordered hold, getting drugs, doing better so demanding release then back to not taking drugs because they feel better except for the drugs side effects.

        None of this is ever as simple as some people think. Even if there is government wherewithal to pay for treatment, and there usually is in such serious cases, mental illness is by definition irrational. It is super naive to think that just offering help will be acceptable to a person unable to think it through. Yet involutary commitment is illegal most of the time.

    • Look up mental health court and consevatorships.

  • His lack of mental health services is obviously a issue, but his access to narcotics is not lacking. Meth will insure that that this cycle continues. It’s unfortunate that he and many others have access to these narcotics, whether they have TBI, mental illness, social disorder, or are simply a addict it would seem that there is no shortage of these drugs available. Maybe that is a issue that should be addressed? Or is that too radical of a proposition?

  • This “transplant” talk is so hypocritical. ‘Love and take care of the needy’ , only if you’re born and raised here? Somehow if, god forbid, you grew up elsewhere you’re a nuisance and unwanted. Get over yourself Birthers. Go build a wall or something. Pretty sure the real natives don’t consider you too local. We are all part of these communities, and its not owned by you or me, its WE.

  • he is a victim of society he has fallen through the cracks he needs to be on medication that has been denied to him he was not trying to burn our neighborhood down he was trying to keep warm the poor guy weighs about 120 pounds because he eats out of the garbage because the system has failed him know what talking about before you tear people apart He’s a good guy he’s polite he is respectful he just has mental issues he did not ask for he had terrible things happen to him in his life witch does not help his mental state do you know this poor man’s been beaten with shovels because he was looking through dumpsters for food well the good thing is he’ll be warm and he’ll get his medication you should all know what you’re talking about before you bash a human being

  • Very sad indeed! However the sheriff was well aware of Dylan. He has been terrorizing Redway for months. He showed up @ our business acting aggressive holding a golf club. Fearing for our safety we called the sub station. You guessed it nobody arrived. My co worker and I went over to the sub station to see if we could get some info on Dylan, his mental state, what are we potentially dealing with etc. Sgt. Taylor stated to us he knew Dylan well and had a good rapport with him. Sgt. Taylor also said he couldn’t keep him on a mental hold as he answered all the questions correctly, really?! Sgt. Taylor also mentioned he liked to start fires, but other than that if there were future problems to just call lol…My take away was there is no help for Dylan and no help for us…

  • Too bad his parents abandoned him

  • Would it be possible to have work camps for people like this?They could work at various productive jobs such as growing vegetables, tending animals or working in an industrial setting in on-site factories. The factories could make a variety of useful products. The guests would be housed appropriately without undue luxury. An adequate diet would be provided and of course they wouldn`t have access to drugs or alcohol. Close supervision and guidance in their performance of useful work would be essential to their reformation. A work day would begin with the whistle blowing at 5:00. After getting up and having say 15 minutes to get ready, they would be served their first meal; allowed 20 minutes to eat. 15 minutes later they would report for work. Electric shock collars similar to those used for training dogs would be very useful in maintaining discipline and order. If operating a punch press, boring mill or turret lathe, the shock collar would interconnect with the machine`s production counter so the worker would get a graded series of shocks if production fell behind what was required. If efficiently and properly managed, such a facility could be highly productive

    • God, I hope this is satire.

      • So……it`s acceptable to lock up in prison more people in absolute numbers as well as percentage of the population than any other country on Earth? To visit on anyone who is caught at any of a nearly infinite number of arbitrary “crimes” the most egregious insults to dignity and humanity? The “greatest” country on the planet, yet half the population lives in poverty? We are — at this moment — perilously close to nuclear war, the only purpose of which is to further increase the wealth of a very few who are already vastly wealthy. Yet my suggestion of something that would really be workable, give those unable to manage their own lives productive work is rejected and tacitly held in contempt? Humans are a strange lot and this country is not on a good path…….

        • I didn’t say that locking people up in prison was acceptable either (though your version sounds worse than prison.) Forcing people to work is slavery. Forcing them to work for fear of pain is a very cruel slavery.

          • And it`s kind and human to lock them up where they`re brutalized and sodomized? It`s kind and humane to lock them in solitary confinement? It`s my understanding in many prisons if a prisoner won`t work, they get sent to solitary. I guess that`s kind and humane….

            • Because prison and your option are the only two available?

              • Not in the way either of you envison but essentially yes, those are the two options. Another way to say it more realistically is either a mentally ill but uncooperative person is forced into compliance or left to follow their own impulses.

                The social liberals have forced the second option in repugnance to the first because they believe that their obvious good intentions will persuade the mentally ill into voluntary compliance. Yet that ignores the fact the mentally and irrational people dislike restrictions on their activities even more than other types of people because they distrust so much. Benign coercion and an influx of money is feasible with something like Downs Syndrome where the basic personality remains intact but not on people like this man.

            • Holy crap. You must be familiar with the adage “Work will make you free”. Sounds like your credo. Maybe we should have these same people carry wet blocks of salt from one end of the camp to the other and then back? Your moral equivocation is as confounding as the horrifying vision you’ve laid out.

        • the first part of your comment is a good idea, but the shock collar… i would not even use that on a dog…

    • Hitler had camps like this, I personally dont care for the sounds of a camp like this. i dont even think an animal should be treated like that. Hopefully you jest.,

    • Internment camps. Re-education camps. Concentration camps. I think not!

  • Worthless trash

  • I wonder who started the Santa Rosa fires ?

  • Firefighters wife

    Usually Bipolar disorder surfaces after something traumatic happens to someone. At that point, the body craves anything to try and make it normal. If it’s not medication, it will be drugs. He has to get clean and then medication will help. But he’ll need someone to heip him be accountable, a goal , food and exercise, help him keep up with his meds. and Dr. appointments. But most of all, he has to want this or it will not happen. God bless those who know and love him. it’s hard but it’s not impossible. I know.

    • People have tried, beilieve me. At this point he really does need to be in some kind of facility, he does better when he has routine and consistency. He’s not a horrible person. He’s a very hard worker when he”s well. Im not surprised he can answer the officers mental health questions, he’s survived on the streets off and on for a long time,he’s not an idiot.
      His mom literally went bankrupt trying everything to help him and he did ok for a bit. She had to let go of him when he got bad again, it was painful.

      I think thats what people are getting at about him falling through the cracks, theres nowhere to put him that any insurance he can get will pay for.
      Cmon folks, why do you think the jail becomes a mental holding facility? There are many “dylans” in our communities and we all deserve to have a place for them to go. Our mental health services are ridiculously underfunded here.

    • Victor G. Flashman

      I don’t think we need to worry about this guy doing the responsible thing…

  • Keep an eye on the guy who burns sage in front of the liquor store in Redway. Likes to toss it around still lit.

  • The drugs the drugs the drugs …….. if people didn’t use them they wouldn’t be here and people keep choosing to do so , unfortunately on a massive level in these parts so there you go and No one who makes them available has no reason not to it’s to easy . For so many reasons from lack of law enforcement to lack of rehabilitation users and dealers are in a perfect situation ,it’s the worst it’s ever been .

  • So he has a TBI, and has fried his brain on street drugs rather than his prescribed meds.
    Didn’t he CHOOSE not to take his meds?
    Did he CHOOSE to do the street drugs?
    Doesn’t that mean that he has enough awareness to make these choices?
    If so then doesn’t that mean that he’s aware enough to be held accountable for his actions. Atleast in regards to starting a fire or taking his clothes off in public?
    How does he pay for his drugs anyways? Does the state write him a check every month?
    If he’s getting ‘funny money’ and spending it on drugs instead of food… Was this not his choice?
    How then are we the community responsible for making him make the right choices? As if we could. I don’t see how anyone without the proper training could help him. Not in this or any other community. He does not want help. It sounds like plenty have tried to no avail. Again his choice. Now the choice has been taken from him. Because of HIS COICES he will have to suffer the consequences. Just like the community have had to suffer from HIS choices.
    Seem like some want to use an injury that happened when he was young as an blanket excuse for all of his on going bad choices and wrong doings. This is called ENABLING and that has never helped anyone.
    If he is not responsible for the choices he makes then he can’t care for himself.
    If his family is unable to care for him in a fashion that keeps him and the community safe. Then for everyone’s safety he must be put in a place that can. Unfortunately jail seems to be the only option available.

    • How is it enabling when someone had a TBI & is medically unable to have their brain work?
      So if a kid got a concussion playing football that rattled them so bad they started acting nuts and turned to drugs to try to self medicate, thats enabling?

      At this point in our world the only way people can find empathy is to have something bad happen to them. On that note, all you people talking trash, i truly hope someone you love gets a TBI and ends up on the street hooked on drugs in and out of jail even after you spend thousands of dollars for years to help them. Maybe then you can find some compassion and see just how hard it is to get any help in the system.

      And just fyi to everyone, your tax dollars have funded the meth explosion, the military has been working on a blend for years for fighter pilots to be able to fly long times with no sleep, its been on the cover of many magazines. They had them up to 38 hours straight and still functioning.
      The meth these days is being made with chemicals that are not over the counter med/chem blends these days. The people making the big amounts have lots of money and access to illegal chemicals they didnt have before. Breaking bad is not too far off.

      Oh and some of the big meth making folks are ms13, your tax dollars paid for their “education” at the school of the americas to go back to south america and be horrible militants who tortured&killed so many, and most likely made a lot of money off it too. Ah irony, now they are the most organized scary gang in our country, and we’re spending billions more tax dollars trying to infiltrate and arrest them.

  • The mental institutions Regan shut down were partly shut down because many people locked in them did not need to be there. People would get locked up out of hate. And let’s not forget the amount of abuse that went on. Look at the statistics on elderly abuse in institutions or even by family members. There were so many people institutionalized they didn’t know what to do with them all and would just drug them till they stayed quiet and orderly. This is a good article if anyone is interested in the history of it all. There were other problems, like to keep all these people in sometimes nightmarish conditions it was costing tax payers over 400 million a year. And back then that was a lot. Now it would be in the billions.

  • He goes on rampages in Redway. Breaks security cameras, threatens people, scares parents, runs screaming down the street sometimes several nights a week. The screaming is pretty aggressive and scary, for real- not like Vern. Vern is like a cheerful welcoming committee compared to THAT. Vern is funny- Dylan is not. I didn’t know about the arson habit, That makes me nervous. He could have an “off” night and kill tens of people, including children.

    It’s easy to criticize people for being heartless when you are not likely to be directly effected by someone else’s actions. He should be in a place that can keep him and the community safe. Even if it has to be jail. But he probably won’t be there for long. Too bad- maybe he’d have a chance to dry out if he was there long enough. I don’t think any rehab place would take him.

  • This has sparked an important conversation.

    I have read every comment posted about Dylan. He is my son. And yes he is a drug addict. Yes he has a traumatic brain injury. After he was attacked in SF, his head was stitched up and he was released from the hospital in the middle of the night. He wandered around the San Francisco for 6 months trying to figure out who he was and where he lived.

    No he is not on SSI or any other form of public assistance.

    Yes, there are many “Dylans” in this world. I worked within the system to try and figure out how to help him, and others like him, get what he needs to be healthy, I took him to a world renown brain doctor. I have written a memoir about our experience. In some ways, he is the canary in the mine shaft. I know a few young people who have know Dylan and decided not to do drugs because they do not want to live like Dylan.

    Jail is currently the only place for people like Dylan. I would love to see a farm where he could go live and he would be able to be sheltered and clothed and most importantly, a productive member of a community. We can afford jail but we can no longer afford work farms. We no longer have the community service programs to help integrate people into society. There was a time when Dylan was assigned community service and he worked at the Food Bank and it was good for everyone. No longer available.

    This is important, he has expressed to me many times, that he does not want to be like this. He wants to be normal. He likes to help people. He likes to fix things. HE has a daughter. In other cultures the mentally ill are not demonized, they are a just a quirky part of the community.

    I know he has reeked havoc in Redway, and I am really sorry that you all have had to put up with so much homelessness and riff-raff. You can be sure I do what i can to make this situation less painful. I am just out of options. I once made a map of the county mental health system. I presented it to the county mental health board that i sat on… there was one big glaring empty spot on the map, that of long term solutions… they had no answers.

    Dylan is in county jail in Eureka, his first trial is later this month. If you want to show him a little compassion, you can go visit him in Jail. There is a visitation schedule. Though last week the elevator was broken in his unit so no one could get visitors. You can even put some money into his account in jail so he can get some toothpaste or writing paper and a pencil. If you have not had the experience of visiting someone in jail, it is a real eye opener. It is not easy to do, but it is a righteous thing to do. I had a volunteer job with the county where i went into jail and helped young men like Dylan get out of jail and into a stable situation… the joke was there were no stable situations, but we tried.

    For those that have expressed some compassion and understanding for Dylan and the system, i thank you. For those who have expressed some vile hatred for him, please educate your self to how the system does and does not work. Put your self in his shoes. It could be your kid next… And i hope none of you ever gets a traumatic brain injury… as the brain doctor says, it can dramatically change your life in an instant.

    You never know what it is like until you have walked in someone’s shoes.

    Thanks for listening…

    the mom

    PS feel free to write to me

    • BTW here is the information on how to send mail to or visit Dylan he is in unit 555

      • Mickey thank you for posting, i watched for years as you tried every single thing out there, got proactive about the issue in general and basically had to watch your son become someone not even he wants to be. I think you are brave for putting yourself out there, thank you.

        I so wish there was a farm for him, he is an incredible worker and would do so much better with just a little stability&routine in a place where trained staff can help him not get upset&stay on track. Just like they would with severely autistic people, too bad he cant get that diagnosis.
        I feel so much for him, i have to not talk to him when i see him in town but am amazed that he remembers peoples names, etc and how soft his voice can be when he’s not freaking out. I tell him no dylan you need to move along, pls dont come by and he leaves with no question. The difference in him can be so stsrk that when hes freaking out he almost seems possessed.

        To everyone, mickey did years of research and work on the issue in general. She presented information, talked to everyone she could. She is a smart woman who has roots in some activism and knows how to make informed presentations. She went above and beyond.
        I encourage people to contact her and really hear whats happening in our county with mental health, she dug into it.

        Mickey, kym has a section for folks to write opinion pieces, if youre up for writing some of your experiences here trying to find help i think that may hopefully help some people understand, even a little.

      • So sorry for your situation & experience. Bless you for yor efforts.

    • What a sad and difficult situation, md.

      Meds are really nothing but traquilizers; they don’t ‘cure’ anything, they just make a person more compliant. Psych drugs, on average, take 25 years off a person’s life. Street drugs…are used to numb the distress with similar outcomes.

      It would be wonderful if there *was* such a place to chill out and regain one’s center, that poverty wasn’t exacerbating anxieties and distress…where war wasn’t our country’s top priority. But there’s not. Families are busy just trying to pay the rent and put food on the table. Caregiving is commodified and farmed out to ‘professionals’ whose only tool is big pharma psych drugs and useless CBT therapy…where if you would only just change *your* attitude, you. too, can climb up the economic ladder.

      I hope Dylan/everyone finds the support they need to come home to their true selves and find their place in this messed up world.

      Wishing you all the best.

    • Hi md,

      Thanks for taking the time to write about Dylan. I am going to go see him early next week. Ill put some money in his account.

      Ive been friends with Dylan for a little over 20 years now. Hes a good guy with a good heart. Always willing to help out and a hell of a worker when hes sober. Sometimes even when hes not.

      Hope some answers will come to light and Dylan gets the help he needs.

      Blessings to you.

    • The community is getting a great education! There are no options! And what’s here doesn’t work! I wish more people realized that when there is a BIG problem, it’s because ALL options have been utilized up to that point. Mental health services is flawed just like many of our other institutions. Major Revamp in order.

  • Dylan and people like him have no help here in Humboldt county. Our jail is now the mental health ward. It’s unfornatute to see people respond like they do to people they can’t help or don’t understand what is going on with them. I have been where Dylan’s mom is at. I had a loved one that needed help that doesn’t exist here in Humboldt county. It’s the most helpless feeling in the world to watch your child suffer like Dylan suffers! We are all interconnected with each other as a community. If the Dylan’s of the world are suffering we all are suffering…I think Humboldt should do like Mendocino is doing and creating a small tax that helps mental health.
    We see everyday our president that clearly suffers from mental health issues demonstrate how unsteady a person stuffering can act. I ask Mr. President when was the last time you had a check up from the neck up?? We just don’t take mental illness seriously until something bad happens.
    Mental health and the lack of help with it Effects ALL of us, especially if the one that is suffering has the nuclear code!!!
    From the White House to the tiny streets of redway we need mental health help NOW!

    • Just what do you think of as ‘help’ in the ‘mental health’ system?

      15 min. med checks with the shrink every month?

      Psych drugs *cause* mental illness…and that is the ONLY treatment available. Coincidentally making billions of dollars every year for big pHarma…as more and more distressed people find their way into the ‘mental health’ system.

    • You speak of wishing there was a system to help folks, talk of mental health, yet use it as a cruel comment at the same time ? See what truely needs to happen is that mental health needs to be normalised, to the point it isnt used as a insult. You dont use wheel chairs as a punch line, and you shouldnt use mental health either. One of the largest problems for people suffering is admiting they need to get help. Yet many never reach out because they think it is better to suffer then to be labeled . It doesnt take a huge goverment funded program to change this. All it takes is for folks to call each other out on it.

  • My heart goes out to you, Michele, I have met your son. I have offered him food when he wandered in to the KMUD offices. He was grateful and wanted to know if I knew his mom. I told him I’d heard your name but we’d never met, but I knew that like me, you are a member of the old guard around here. He was obviously proud of you. I too am a mom. I have several daughters; no sons. I did not know he had a brain injury. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow his circumstances have caused you. It’s impressive to me how you have persevered. But that’s what good moms do. Again, I am so sorry.

    • thank you for extending some compassion (and food) out to Dylan. Just for the record, KMUD has been good to Dylan, he used to volunteer around the station. Community in action.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Sorry MD, I am not sympathetic. This man needs to be removed to a place where services are available. If anyone really cares, he needs hospitalization where there are medical detox, psychiatric services, and long term care. Contact St Helena Hospital, for help.
    All the wandering crazy and drug addicted men in this community stay on because of easy access to the street life, drugs and pot, and the kind tolerance of the people of Redway. I met many of them while working at Jerold Phelps Hospital, and they are disturbingly pathetic and clearly out of control. The problems faced by the limited healthcare personnel and LEOS in the area are very large, so the best thing to do is stop making excuses, if you want this individual to survive, and get him care! Many of the local indigent have SSI, Medicare/Medi-cal, and they can access services. Adventist Health may treat him for free, but he needs to get there!

    No more tolerance. Somebody needs to take responsibility before a major disaster is caused.

    Good luck, but no blessings on you for dumping this man in an innocent community…

    • Do you know of such a place??
      Please list if you do!!!!

      Unless you have a bizillion dollars, these places arent available, thats the problem!!! It makes it sadder to me that dylan knows he needz help and wants it, he would go to a place like that without being forced.
      Look, if there was such a place available for him he would be in it by now, his mom and many others searched for years.

    • based on the tone of your response, you clearly have no fucking clue…

    • Victor Flashman – i will look into St Helana hospital – thank you for that tip.

      you must understand, i did not dump him into that “innocent community” not only did he attend Salmon Creek school, he has lived in So Hum since he was 3 years old. The other part of your misunderstanding is that he is a grown man and obviously makes his own decisions… he was living in a house in Eureka for the past two years, and he chose to go back to so hum.

      No doubt he has issues, most of us do. I sincerely hope you never have to deal with an addiction or a head trauma

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        I already dealt with my own addiction, and alcoholism. Every day is a struggle for anyone who has left intoxication behind. Head trauma may be a factor, but removal from drugs only works if it is followed by sober living. Getting off drugs in medical detox is not too bad, the hard part is staying sober in an environment full of drugs and alcohol. Brain damage does not make anything easier. This fellow faces a hard road, which will not be improved by a jail term. This is the bottom. I hope he can recover. Call St Helena Hospital Recovery Center
        (800) 454-4673. I hope they can help. You may have to wait a bit but this is the best time of year for them to take patients who are unable to pay. Good luck.

      • Mickey, you’ve probably already looked into it, but in case you haven’t… St Vincent Du Paul had at least one rehab community where people lived and worked on the residence. The one that I think got shut down was the huge place in Sonoma county- but they may have others. St Vincent’s has a very good reputation with many street people. Unlike Goodwill Industries- they don’t… In general, the organization and I think most of it’s chapters really wants to help people. If the nearest St Vincent’s isn’t helpful I would try the national office- I think the organization is sort of hit or miss for getting that info as a lot of people are volunteer.

        So sorry. I have to say I’m impressed by your common sense and objectivity about a situation that I’m sure breaks your heart. That kind of objectivity goes a very long way in getting help for someone. If help can be found.

        You’re probably also aware that people do smuggle hard drugs into some rehab centers and some jails. If not, it’s good to be aware of it. My friend has had to deal with that with 2 of her kids who are heroin addicts and have mental illness.

        • BTW, there are 2 “guests” here. I didn’t notice someone else had taken that “name”.

          Good luck and I am so terribly sorry things are the way they are.

    • Hey Victor, did you read the part about traumatic brain injury? In your vast experience in healthcare did you happen to learn firsthand how a situation like this actually works? No one can force him to do anything unless he is in the justice system. How TBI’s effect human behavior? Any knowledge on that subject? You’re a great moralizer, well not really, but clearly lack compassion and understanding. Not to mention it is really bad form to condemn a mother who lost a child and continues to lose that child each and every day. The thought of losing my own child in this fashion terrifies me and breaks my heart. Maybe you are one of those people who love to give parenting advice but have no children? We have a system failure on our hands not limited to Southern Humboldt. It is pervasive all along the west coast and other parts of the nation. It occurs to me that you have done nothing to address the issue besides troll people on the internet. Maybe think about that while you are dining alone because you’ve run everyone out of your life…if they were ever there in the first place. Oh and don’t be a bully Victor…rhetoric isn’t your strong suit. Find a new gig.

    • Dumping this man? He is an adult. The law says he’s responsible for himself. No one else is. And our mental health services don’t work here, obviously. Besides, the law says no one can be forced into treatment against their will.

  • I like Dylan.
    Known for many years. Poor guy.
    Fuck all y’all who have bad things to say.

  • Odd…there are several contributors to this thread that were here yesterday and are not today. They were not offensive posts so I’m wondering what happened. Did they self delete?

    • I’m not sure but I posted a comment at 1:45 and it wasn’t live until around 7 pm. Granted my comment wasn’t entirely innocuous but nonetheless relatively tame. I’m sure Kym has her hands full. Perhaps the criteria for moderation is subjective. Or retroactive in the case of the missing comments.

      • I delete comments that don’t fit the criteria whether they are held or allowed through by the software. However, the only comments I deleted in this thread were violent or insults. One person deleted their own comment.

  • Problem is that public health in general and mental health in particular are not priorities for the current administration. The 2017 budget proposal contains substantial cuts to both (from an already low level of ~$4 billion), whereas military spending is proposed to be increased by $80 billion (from an already enormous level of $620 billion) (all numbers subject to change as the budget process progresses).

    We already outspend the combined total of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, France, UK, Japan and Germany. And if the current proposal goes through to any significant degree, we can likely add a few more countries to the list.

    So, as I said, it’s all a matter of priorities, and mental health isn’t even a blip on the radar screen

    • They have not be any kind priority with any administration. Saying that Trump is responsible is the usual witch hunting that seeks to absolve those who say what we like to hear and blame those who say want we don’t like.

  • I’m am truly sorry MD if you thought I was criticising or judging you or your son. It was not my intent. Nor was I belittling the what you have gone through. I was merely asking the questions that came to my mind after reading the article and comments. How can I think there might be some enabling going on you ask? Well here’s my thinking, which might be wrong. But if someone does something that affects others in a negative way or endangers others, this is wrong. But when the authorities or community turns their heads and say ” Oh he got a head injury he can’t help himself ” and does not do anything to stop or teach that there are consequences for the action. This is also wrong as well as enabling him to continue his behavior.

  • Flashman. Innocent community?
    This community feeds this problem.
    This is the most disgusting town on the 101. Look at the people that are here.
    No enforcement. Just dirty stinky people littering the streets.
    This town is not innocent.

  • Wasn’t the guy that killed that priest from that area, and on meth? Must be some strong stuff.

    Though he should not be put in this climate of fires and he probably did something; he looks like a scapegoat for California’s fires which were they arson, were set by something or someone sophisticated with alot of technology; not this sad guy.

    • He was in jail miles away at the time the other fires started so he isn’t a suspect

    • “Bath salts” seems to be going around here off and on. Bath salts aren’t really bath salts- but a collection of “designer drugs” with really bad highs. I saw Bullock that day- the guy who killed the priest. He tried to break into my place twice- my dog kept him out of my yard. I believe he was on bath salts- not just meth. Bath salts is sort of like PCP, but for forever. He was completely out of his mind.

      For some reason the Mendo LEOs have no problem admitting there are bath salts in Mendo county, but the Hum LEOs refuse to admit it and say it’s not here at all. Doesn’t help matters.

      Dylan is not the guy the media was blaming for starting the fires. That guy’s name was Jesus. He was a homeless guy in Sonoma county who started a fire and it was immediately put out. The LEOs down there say it is very unlikely he started the big fires.

  • Yes let’s blame Reagan. Definitely not Jerry Brown or the vipers nest of corrupt politicians in the state who tax the citizens to death and steal them blind. For sure don’t blame the robber barrons in Silicon Valley who are subsidized by the government only to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. These monopolies with no concern for anti trust enforcement enrich themselves at the common man’s expense. Don’t blame post modernism or neo Marxism. Definitely don’t blame PC culture. Perhaps the State should just take over all private property and then manage this issue. That has worked well throughout history. Say what you will about the timber economy of generations past but the men and women of that generation would have addressed these issues. And spare me the hackneyed bullshit about raping the land. I’m talking about the local families not corporate thieves. Oh I’m sure the cannabis industry with all of its money will band together and roll up its collective sleeves to address the issue. It’s done a great job thus far. Back to the land turned out a little differently than the utopian ideal it promised. There are no practical, immediate solutions and that is tragic. It is a fucking shame. A crying shame. Prayer is the only thing I can think of but I’m afraid God left California. The people didn’t need the help I guess. Where will the leaders come from who will champion this issue? There are too many questions with no answers.

    • I understand your sentiment. I generally refrain from comment however too much about this story hit home to ignore. There is validity in the majority of viewpoints expressed on this forum. Frustration from all sides is understandable. But you must draw a line and cease the endless condemnation at some point. Bitching about this doesn’t accomplish anything. Ranting incessantly is just mind numbing especially when the message is essentially ideological. This story is a story about you and me. It’s about our families. It’s about a state of affairs that cannot persist indefinitely. History tends to repeat itself in horrific ways and weak, disregarded segments of the population tend to suffer badly. We can’t allow that to happen…again.

    • The cannabis industry had and now is a crumbling industry thanks to those same politicians and hedge fund groups taking it over. Ever heard of the Mateel ? Yeah. That was the industry and now funds are not there.

    • Hey watch the anti Birkenstock comments!

  • I hope this guy gets put in a hospital of some sort because after all these comments it turns out I was not the only one that thought he was abnormally crazy to the point I felt unsafe late at night going to Shop Smart or the liquor store.
    Off the rails crazy to the point I had to ask a store owner about the cause of his unsettling rants at invisible people .
    Was he crazy crazy or the product of meth binging.
    Both I was told. He also said he was off his meds.
    I guess you can’t be forced to take meds but he was creating a sense of why isn’t someone taking care of the situation in my mind.
    After reading from Dylan’s mother I see why he was tolerated and pray he gets better.

  • Om mani padme hum. I met Dylan while he was hanging around KMUD. He is clearly in severe mental stress, which a person would notice if they have actually interacted with him. I hope his outcome is better than most.

    I have been in Humboldt County for over a year now. I am tired of seeing supposed “long term locals” claim they are better than newcomers. I have met meth users who are locals, and I have no doubt that there are meth dealers who are locals. This community seems ill-prepared to face the changes coming with legalization in 2018. Clinging on to the past will not save you. Ask the people who lived in the Santa Clara Valley as it developed in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    I’m standing up for the people who have retained their humanity in the greedy rush for more money. I do not want to be a “grow dozer” bully or a “Humboldt honey”. I’m staying in Humboldt because of people like Dylan, who can be preyed on by Nazi wannabes like the “work camp” commenter. What has happened to our country? What is wrong with people? Where is your humanity? 💛💐

  • This guy is a piece of s*** I’ve seen him physically aggressive with elderly women till they give him money I’ve stopped him from doing it but I’m not always there

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