40 Fatalities, 75,000 Still Evacuated, But the Winds Are Dying Down–Maps of Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma, and Napa Fires

Supertanker over Potter Valley in Mendocino.

Supertanker over Potter Valley in Mendocino on October 13. [Photo by Hannah Foster]

After a week of horrific fires claimed the largest number of fire deaths in this state’s history, an exhausted California looks at the devastation. The confirmed death toll reached 40 this morning. 75,000 people wait to return to their homes—if they have them still. The smoke from the fires set record high levels of air pollution in Northern California.

But those battling the fires have also set records. There were record amounts of fire retardant dropped to stop the flames.

Since Monday, aircraft across CA have dropped over 2 million gallons of retardant to help aid firefighters on the ground.

“Since Monday, aircraft across CA have dropped over 2 million gallons of retardant to help aid firefighters on the ground,” according to Cal Fire. [Graphic from Cal Fire]

Today, 11,000 firefighters are attempting to quench fires already slowed as the winds have quieted. Containment progress has been made on all the fires.

Some people have already returned to their homes and more of them are expected to return today. In addition, government agencies and private groups are rallying to provide support for those most affected. (Scroll down to see where help can be found and where donations can be made.)


MAPS of the Wine Country Fires:

Below are the most recent maps available as of 8 a.m. Sunday morning. Click on the thumbnail images of each map to be taken to a pdf. Usually, in the lower right-hand corner of each expanded map, you can see the time and date that the information to create each map was collected.

The Mendocino/Lake Complex:

The Sulphur Fire is 75% contained and is basically in the mop up stage (See map), but the Redwood Fire is still in the danger zone at only 35% containment. 425 homes are now believed to have been destroyed in both fires and 800 more are still threatened. (See map)

Cal Fire reports about the Mendocino Fire, “The fire is backing into the Eel River drainage near Van Arsdale.” They expect it to continue to burn north and east toward Pine Mountain and north and west towards Tomki Road today.

Mendocino/Lake Complex

Mendocino/Lake Complex map

We also have a KMZ file of the Mendocino and Lake fires that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171015_MendocinoLakeComplex_IR

Below is today’s fact sheet on the Sulphur and Redwood Fires.:

10-15-17 FACT SHEET AM


The Central LNU Complex in Sonoma:

Tubbs Fire

Tubbs, Nuns, and Pocket map

We also have a KMZ file of the entire Central LNU Complex which includes the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171015_CentralLNUComplex_IR

The Southern LNU Complex in Napa County:

Southern LNU Complex

Southern LNU Complex

We also have a KMZ file of the entire Southern LNU Complex which includes the Atlas Fire that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171015_Atlas_IR

Help for those affected by the fires:

Other Useful Links:

More Information on the October Fires–from the earliest story at the top to the most recent at the bottom: Note: the link list was getting too long so we’ve eliminated the earliest stories. However, click on one of the early links below to see a list of stories from the beginning of the fires.



  • Glad the winds have died down. God Bless all the wonderful folks who have helped out in the worst fire I can remember. So many hero’s to thank you all rock!

  • That Tubbs fire map is of Santa Rosa. ??

  • Thanks for your continuing excellent coverage. I believe the death toll is a California record, not a worldwide, or even US record. I seem to recall hundreds dying in a 19th century forest fire in the upper mid-west – they all got into a lake but the fire used up all the oxygen and they suffocated.

    • You are right. I intended to say that but mind apparently blanked. Updated.

    • “…they all got into a lake but the fire used up all the oxygen and they suffocated.”
      That is unbelievable! Oxygen certainly is fire’s best friend. Want to know more about this horrific incident. Thanks.

      • Yes a friend told me a story of being in so cal years ago during a major fire and going back to his apartment complex to help elderly woman out but they got caught. He took her to the pool and grabbed a canoe from their shed (not big) as he knew about the oxygen depletion. He put the canoe over their heads as they were submerged in the water when the flames came over them and it saved their lives.
        In the Lake county fires last year i remember reading a womans account of having to ride it out and she got into her horses water trough but first took off her jeans, got them saturated and used them as a head cover to hold oxygen in.

  • Kym, I just wanted to say, “Thank you!” You continue to bring us the latest news before the other media coverage and the posts are great. The posts of this fire is horrendous and your news, photos, charts and maps keep us informed and safe. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you Kym. I live in Napa now, but look to you and your readers/commenters who do such a wonderful job on keeping me up to date in things in your area. All through this fire I was wishing you were here to provide the excellent coverage you always do! I know you can’t be everywhere but I appreciate the info and reporting you provide!

  • I can tell you the Atlas fire devistated some areas of our community, but the first responders, including fire, police, search and rescue, animal rescue, public service employees etc. have been wonderful. The community has pulled together and supported each other. Although the loss of homes and lives has been devistating, the support has been amazing. PG&E has set up a large base camp and is trying to make the affected areas safe as soon as possible. A special thank you to kings county fire department who has done structure protection up Soda Canyon Rd and helped my family and neighbors who couldn’t evacuate protect their homes!

  • Trump hasn’t said one word. Same treatment pr is getting.

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