Stop Complaining About Problems, Start Doing Something: Redwoods Rural Health Center Seeks New Board Members

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Redwoods Rural Health Center is excited to include new community members in the healthcare organization decision making process. Just like southern Humboldt, the health center itself is expanding and we want to add board members who represent our diverse community and patient population.

The Board of Directors oversees the organization’s budget and policies so that our health center can continue to grow. Board members are also representatives of our amazing community, providing guidance and direction to the team of providers and staff who work to improve the health of our community. It’s a very positive experience.

Inclusivity is the name of the game. If you are a parent, we would love your input about healthcare. If you are under the age of 18, we would love your input about healthcare. If you are a male, we would love your input about healthcare because at the present time most of our board members are women. If you have small business experience, we would love your input about healthcare. If you feel strongly about steering the future of healthcare in our community, please consider joining the Redwoods Rural Health Center Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors is creating a new board member training program to mentor anyone who wants to learn about healthcare oversight. If you are interested in becoming a Redwoods Rural board member, please start by attending one of our monthly meetings at RRHC. Monthly board meetings start at 3:30 pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Those interested in serving on the Board have until Nov. 20 to complete a membership form and until December 13, 2017 to submit their intent to run and ballot statement. Now’s the time to get involved in the future of healthcare at the local level, thank you for taking the time to learn more about Redwoods Rural Health Center.


Redwoods Rural Health Center

Board President

Erica Boyd



  • We Love Dr. Scheel! And RRHC!!

  • You mean the lack of healthcare in Humboldt? Or do you mean why won’t Dr’s and their wives commit to live here with all the home invasion robbery and the junkies and tweeters running amok and nobody does a damn thing about it?

  • Humboldt has what it deserves the only people that want to live here are the pot growers now, not anything like it was 15 years ago,or even 10 years ago,the only good jobs left with the timber and the fishing industry. No one wants to pay Jack shit,and no one wants to work for Jack shit.

  • We need UNIVERSAL MEDICAL COVERAGE with decent renumeration for doctors and other providers. NOTHING else will fix the issues mentioned by Steve

  • Build the wall! Deport illegals,and stop throwing money at dreamers when we have people here thar are citizens and need the help.

    • Dreamers…pay an annual fee to the federal govt for the privilege of being on that list. DReamers arnt eligible for federal assistance programs with the exception of disaster relief. (FEMA) They are not eligible for federal tuition assistance, but may apply in some states for state college loans if they qualify.
      They are not eligible for any federal funds. Not medical, not housing, not food.
      Read up buddy, you look like the village idiot.

    • Letrburn,build the wall,kick out all illegals and the DACA so called kids.

  • Need a new head doctor (Sheel?) as well.. that said RRHC is filled with wonderful folks.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    As anyone can clearly see by the comments, the problem here is not a lack of healthcare, the problem is the raving crazies all around us…

    Garberville contains healthcare, at SHCHD. The main lack is in professional staff, since we get only FNP’s and PA’s and few MD’s… You can get a band aid or a simple prescription but they will charge you $800 to see a provider who is basically a nurse with a prescription pad. Also, Dr Michael Newdow is a straight up whack-job who is a Lawyer as well as a Doctor, so take your medicine or he’ll SUE! Yikes! What a jerk…

    ANYONE dumb enough to get their healthcare North of Healdsburg, wow, you are taking your life in your hands! Better care in Weaverville or even Hoopa!

    Thanks a lot, I will go to Yuba City or Oakland….

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Anyway, what an absolutely smashing idea, we’ll make everyone a board member! What the hell, couldn’t be any worse! That way, instead of nothing ever changing or improving, we can just have looooong boring meetings and fuss a lot! Hey, have an election! Capitol!

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      AND you will never get decent care where the community does not support the facility. Federally funded facilities try hard, though…

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