Big Cannabis Meeting Today in Garberville

Humboldt Cannabis iconToday at 5:30 p.m. in Garberville, Supervisor Estelle Fennell, John Ford, Director and Steve Lazar Senior Planner  as well as others of the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department, and Robert Bronkall, Deputy Director of Public Works  will be hosting a public workshop on the proposed county’s Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance (CCLUO), and the associated Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR).

Subjects to be addressed include:

  • Expanding the ordinance to include Adult Recreational Use.
  • Lifting the moratorium on accepting new applications
  • Removing requirement that new cultivation can only be on prime ag land.
  • Creating buffer zones from cities and other residential areas.
  • Establishing other use types which allow multiple permit types for one business so that cannatourism can flourish–ie on site consumption.

“We will be talking about how to address and create provisions to protect small farmers,” explained John Ford, Director of the Humboldt County.

When: 5:30 p.m. Thursday

Where: Redwood Playhouse in Garberville



  • If the people will lead, the leaders will follow.

    • uh…..huh. give or take a century or two… and not never no Don Drumpf.

    • Easy to say, and I believe true in the big picture. But, alas, not always with good results. And let’s not forget “the people” NEVER speak with only one voice. I believe that if you generalize enough — “Peace, prosperity, justice for all!” “Environment AND good jobs!” etc. every sane person will agree — but as the old saying goes, the devil (or God, or both) is in the details. “The People” NEVER agree on the best way of getting to peace, prosperity, and justice. So — democracy ain’t easy. That’s what I’ve learned, for whatever it’s worth.

  • These people must be in agony they have twisted themselves into so many knots. The lack of sophistication & political savvy in this county is really something to behold. Sheriff sells dead people’s stuff. CPS investigation. Public defender is not even a real attorney. Planning dept in shambles. The one thing Humboldt SHOULD lead the state in…cannabis…the rules change with every board meeting.
    We are the laughingstock of California…
    I forgot the high rates of suicide & and overdose deaths. And per capita vehicle fatality rate.
    We are AWESOME….NOT!!!

    • You never get a second chance to make a first impression show up to the meeting early be there in 4:20

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      AND : Here we are, stuck with a large group of unsophisticated, uneducated slackers and losers who are supposedly going to SAVE the economy of Humboldt County by growing a useless plant in order to create TOURISM? Yessir! Pot is now the SALVATION of the Humboldt Economy! Get high! In public! Get EVERYONE to smoke weed!


      Couldn’t we find some other aspect of life in Humboldt to promote? I know the big growers pay off the politicians, hospital board members, cops, bankers and everyone else so they can continue to make their millions and keep those water trucks hauling out Briceland Road, but do we really need our fully greased supervisor-for-life to continue this charade in 11th hour meetings in the state capitol of drug dealing, Garberville?

      Start a business, promote some other lifestyle, get the people who have some sense to stick around!

      Pot is a dead end. Smoking weed gets you nowhere, and having no other economic base is destroying Humboldt County! You have no services, no healthcare, hardly any education, and very little in the way of culture! In the eventual evolution of this area, there will be no more weed!

      Get over it, Humboldt! In 20 years, I will be gone, but so will marijuana! Get used to it and get ready for the changes!

    • Of course, you can always move to somewhere where it’s , like totally awesome…and then maybe stop bitching about our community. Sure this county has problems, but freaks like you are one of those problems.I’m so tired of crusty, old curmudgeons whining about Humboldt but doing nothing about it. Get the hell out of here and don’t let the door hit you on the way out, bro; you won’t be missed..

    • I really hope the federal government gets off it’s collective ass and targets all the green rushers with out permits, ah what the hell everyone with out a valid permit and not in compliance. Book’em all Dano environmental distruction level 1. Take their money,their crop, and their land, and throw their ass in Prison for ten to twenty years.

      • You should be booked for ignorance in the first degree… If you lived in idaho you would be bitching about potato farmers..

  • All those spirited individuals that were against the man for all those years now apply for permits to work for the man….and Uncle Sam smiles.

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    This is yet another example of the dishonest and corrupt system of government present in SoHum. Protect small farmers? Protect crooked and shady politicians more like!

    You may get a permit, but you all know this is pretty much over! Pay Estelle off less, and move nearer to the pot market, before it’s too late!

    • And don’t forget she and her fellow supervisors got a 2% pay raise in January 2017. Now they make $87,450 a year. I think we deserve(d) better for our money.

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        And Estelle, a wealthy large land owner: pretty much elected and protected for life! She is deep into the pot thing, just like the folks in many other public agencies surrounding Garberville…

    • You are a prime example of a politically motivated Eurekan troll pretending to be part of the rural areas they don’t know shit about.

    • ‘Zactly!

  • Yeah go ahead and talk about the sinking ship known as the cannabis industry. Maybe you should hold workshops about what to do next , something that doesn’t have anything to do with pot . Humboldt county may as well be all of california. When legal rec comes in January people will go to bud n breakfasts in desirable areas like …. oh I don’t know , anywhere that doesn’t have a homeless zombie highway like in between redway and garbageville ???????

  • Anyone can see just how wonderful marijuana users and growers are- just take a look at Garberville and see what weed leads to.

    Marijuana equals crime and destruction.

    We need things like this:

    • For that matter look at what it has done to the Mattole valley,with scum balls like you the whole valley has gone to shit. My family homesteaded in the valley back in the 1850’s I started going out when I was young 1-2 years old. I learned to fish as a young kid on the river and many of the creeks in the valley,which are all closed to fishing now,or at least keeping any fish. There used to be a great run of salmon and steelhead and was a fisherman’s paradise now not so much at all. The more growers that showed up the higher the Temperature of the water in the summer which kills the smolts . All you fucking greedy basterds should be treated as the scum that you are. In a matter of fifteen years you have devastated a whole Eco system. You should be proud!

      • Fish bitching…. i’m sorry but its global warming and fires that will kill the doomed salmon not fire breaks with head lettuce…

        You had your time. Stop denegrating the local economy

        • [edit] Have you looked at the flow of the river lately? I would think it is at 35cfs or lower. There is a grow that was 2000 plants less than 250 yards north of the Grange hall. That was my great grandmothers property back in the day, they had no well,they got their water from up on the hill across the road and up the falls,there was barely enough water to run the household. To put in 2000 plants full sun in the field is fucking criminal because the water is coming from the river. I hope that law enforcement reads this and together with fish and game tear these fuck wads a new asshole. Enough is enough. Kym how can you agree with the killing of a whole watershed for profit?

  • Was a good meeting!
    It was broadcast live on KMUD. You can find it in their archives if you wanna hear it. Go to KMUD Audio Archives:
    It was 5:30PM till about 8:15PM. Look in the archives for the same times.
    For all the inherent weaknesses of government, I am mildly encouraged that ‘officials’ came (back!) to Garberville to hear from the people who know more about this issue (cannabis growing, and all the various complications) than any place else on the planet. They are listening to the people, if for no other reason, than to prevent preventable problems, and to have less egg on their faces from making uninformed decisions.

  • What am I missing? How come we did not hear about this meeting before today the day of????

  • Just back from the meeting. We’ve made some progress on the roads issue – they were surprised to hear that their ordinance said people renewing had to buy some roads, and apparently they’ll take that part out. Also they are exempting new permit of 3000 sq ft or less from paying for private road upgrades. Several people spoke suggesting the limit be 5000 sq ft, which makes more sense. Still I was encouraged to see movement on the issue..

    Every time I suggest a really good idea, Estelle gives me one of those “you need to get serious” looks. Last time I said the county should take the measure S money and upgrade the roads themselves. She didn’t like that. This time I said they should see if there was some way they could get the Feds to give them storm damage repair money for the private roads. The feds are going to toss in $20 million for the county’s official roads. It was clear from the complaints at the hearing that the real problem is illegal mega grows which are creating heavy traffic on the private roads. I pointed that out to them suggesting that the legal growers were not creating the problem and shouldn’t be paying for it. Director Ford made notes, Estelle said that they had to deal with the problem somehow. There was a good deal of give and take between Director Ford and the floor speakers, which was good and helped things stay on an even keel.
    Go to the Planning Dept website to get the time and places of additional workshops, and the presentation to the Planning Commission.

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      Roads? You are worried about roads?

      There should eventually be a $1000/lb value-added -tax on cannabis producers to cover the destruction caused by trucking in potting soil, water, building materials, plastic tanks, and every other thing you people have transported into the area. Not to mention the terra tires sticking out of the wheel-wells of your goddamned pickups!

      ALL of the roads in Humboldt are on the Eve of Destruction, and no $20 million is going to fix that.

      • What happened to all these high profile environmentalists that used to protest lumber harvesting? I haven’t heard a peep from them about how much sediment is ending up in our rivers from the abuse of our private dirt roads/driveways killing the last fish that are left. All their years of protecting the fish they’ve thrown right out the window.

        • The irony is, of course, RE, that the process of ‘becoming legal’ will greatly cut the sediment in the creeks. And all those who are putting efforts toward legalization (and showing up at these meetings) are supporting a more ecologically sound environment.
          What are you doing, ‘Recall Estelle’ to help create a cleaner, better environment and community?

          • Forest and creek remediation.

            • so you are getting paid by the growers or the lumber companies? the amount of sediment that came down the unstable hill east of Alderpoint Rd (Charles Mountain) after being logged is greater than one can imagine. it could be greater than all other slides in this watershed.

        • Dear Local Observer , best post on this subject. what happened to Julia Butterfly, where are the tree huggers when you need them. what about all the liberal curly haired folks that will demonstrate at the drop of a hat.
          Funny how they are silent on this issue, what happened to ” love the earth” and Earth First. Black Lives Matter ? How about roads matter, Do I smell a hypocrite in the crowd ?

        • You haven’t been listening. Check out Friends of the Eel River.

        • Talk about divide and conquer…make the anti-lumber hippy switch to anti-dope grower environmentalist. Talk about switching up the game…. damn, loggers and dopers together against the 800/lb rasta???

      • To bad the only people posting on this story other than Ed appear to know absolutely nothing on the subject matter.
        Estell even thou she lives in pot country has neither business or common sense.
        Nothing worse than your supervisor take a condescending attitude towards people clearly smarter than herself.
        I’m starting to think of her as our Donald Trump in the sense of being disconnected from reality on the ground.

        • I think I love you😊💖

        • Tough life being in office. You run for office, you win (presumably because they like what you stand for), and then you get hit with Reality. Ooops. Can’t keep all those campaign promises. So then your supporters turn against you — not just disagreement or criticism, but nasty trolling shit. I did not support Estelle, but since she’s been in office I believe she’s worked hard and been responsive. Find a candidate you like now and see if you can get him/her elected next round. Betcha you’ll be trolling her/him in a year.

  • Thank you Ed, you’re addressing some very important – reasonable – logical issues.
    Would you mind looking into the fact that the planning commission is sending Zoning Clearance Certificates (ZCC) off for further agency’s review when they were supposed to be a ministerial (i.e..discretionary) permit and focused on whether the operation complies with all performance standards. Instead, it appears they’re being treated the same as a CUP.

  • If all of the anti-pot folks would’ve spoken this loudly 35 years ago, Humboldt county would not be in the dispicable shape it is today.

  • Serious questions folks. Is anyone actually selling their product right now? Who is truly doing well? From what I’m seeing in town and hearing from many is that shit is hitting the fan. Folks aren’t able to offload their product and businesses are also lacking the cash customer base that they are use to. It looks to me like the industry is dying up here but people are still clinging to all they know. Is this factual or am I completely wrong? Just curious.

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