27-Year-Old Man Badly Injured in Ferndale Crash Gets Help From Kindhearted 9-Year-Old

Press release:

 Amaya Diamond

Amaya Diamond[All photos provided by Nicole Dahl]

No one in Amaya Diamond’s family was overly surprised when the consistently kindhearted nine-year-old made a “Buy Dave a Wheelchair” jar and placed all of her tooth fairy money inside. It’s when she started offering to wash cars on her street that they realized Amaya was serious about buying her recently injured family friend the costly electric wheelchair that he now needs.
 Dave Menza

Dave Menza in the hospital.
[All photos provided by Nicole Dahl]

On September 17, 2017, Dave Menza was involved in a horrific car accident on the rainy roads of Ferndale, California and was flown to UC Davis Medical Center that night. There, he underwent a multitude of surgeries and treatments. Dave remains at Davis in critical condition and faces a long, difficult road ahead as he recovers and adapts.While the extent of his injuries is unknown, it has been determined that Dave will need a highly specialized electric wheelchair. Dave is a happy-spirited, charismatic 27-year-old who spent half the year behind the counter of local bakery darling Humboldt Sweets and the other half touring the world as the bassist for British punk rock band, The Adicts.Most importantly, to Amaya, Dave is the father of her unborn cousin, Ari. Due to be born in December, Baby Ari already holds a special place in Amaya’s heart. As a big sister to her seven-month-old brother, Amaya wants to make sure her cousin’s dad has the best wheelchair money can buy.

 Amaya Diamond holding a sign for her stand. [All photos provided by Nicole Dahl]

Amaya Diamond holding a sign for her stand. [All photos provided by Nicole Dahl]

So, what is a fourth-grade artist/baker to do when all the tooth fairy money has been donated and every car in the neighborhood has been washed? She organizes the world’s best lemonade stand. This Sunday, October 15, Amaya will be serving up her signature Lemonade in front of Humboldt Sweets on Main Street Ferndale with all money earned going directly to Dave’s Wheelchair Fund.Inspired by little Amaya’s big heart, Humboldt Sweets is joining in on the generosity by pledging all proceeds of mimosa sales from that day to Dave’s Wheelchair Fund.  Humboldt Sweets is open from 8am to 5pm on Sunday; Amaya and her Lemonade for Dave Stand will be there from 10am ‘til close.

Can’t get to Ferndale? You can pitch in by sending money to Humboldt Sweets attn Amaya at P.O. Box 404, Ferndale, CA 95536.



  • Way to go Amaya! You are awesome. Caring young people like you are a joy to read about.
    Fast healing Dave. I hope you get a perfect wheelchair.

  • Amaya💕💕💕 you’re one special young lady. I can’t make it to your lemonade stand but will be donating next time I’m up here. You’re a sweet girl.

  • Amaya, you are a good friend, a good family member, a great human being.

  • The world through the eyes of a nine year old.
    Keep your dreams for as long as you can.
    Amaya rocks!

  • My eyes are filled with tears this morning reading this❤ Amaya you are such a sweet,caring,special girl.

  • Just keeping it real

    Shout out to the Humboldt sweets as well. Love This family. Very generous 💜😇🙏🏽

  • We’ll be over on Sunday! Good and godly work, everyone.

  • Such a wonderful young lady

  • Gives me hope,that all children will grow up to be as thoughtful,caring,and generous as this young Lady.YOU GO GIRL!!❤🖒

  • I can drink a mimosa or two Sunday. I will be there!

  • What a sad tale but with family like that he couldn’t be in better hands. Best wishes!

  • Damn there are such amazing people here raising awesome kids with the values we hold dear.
    You make me proud to call humboldt home amaya!!! Thank you for this sparking gem of a story to bring some much needed light to norcal right now!

    & speaking of the wheelchair bound, after reading fire accounts, i think we need a registry for emergency workers for those who would need help getting out in an emergency, maybe with placards for front door areas showing the person inside will need help.

  • This is why we need UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. So we don’t have to have bake sales to cover our medical bills.

  • But it wasn’t raining that day? How do you wreck on a straight dry road? And what are you covering up that you have to lie about it?

    • Booooooo on you. Concerned my ass.

    • Although i hesitate to reply to your ill-tempered negativity, i checked my calendar, and on the morning of Monday, Sept. 18, i wrote of Petrolia, “First measurable rainfall of season. 0.07″ ”
      Enough to make for very slick roads.
      May not have been raining wherever you were, but south of you, it was.

      • My thought was: When it hasn’t rained, there’s usually diesel residue on the roads and highways and a small amount of rain on top of that can easily cause hydroplaning.
        If you’re lucky (very lucky), someone has told you about the issue of petroleum residue with water on top (or a mixture of the two, even worse) and to drive accordingly and you do so, maybe seeing others not as careful as yourself, and what happens.
        Or maybe you ‘know’ but forget and find yourself not able to control where you’re going and come through it ok and learn from that.
        It’s like black ice. If you don’t know about it, really know about it, it can kill you.
        And even when you know about the invisible hazards on the road, if you can’t really see them… you may find you’re lucky to be alive.
        That’s when you count your blessings. And what a very big Blessing Amaya is…to all of us

        • Well in Ferndale there wasn’t rain that I remember, then I double checked with the all-knowing internet and confirmed. It also wasn’t late enough for dew considering that the accident was at around 9pm.

      • It didn’t rain on the 17th, not in Ferndale anyway. The accident also happened around 9pm so there wasn’t room for a heavy dew or it to have been rain from after midnight to count towards the rainfall on the 18th. I get that what this kid has been coached to do is adorable and really wonderful, but the whole accident portion stinks.

  • THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE AMAYA’S looking forward to donating….

  • amimissingsomething

    Amaya, You my dear are doing things that help other people. It is one of the greatest gifts a person can have. So proud of you and your parents. They are doing the right thing too!

  • Pinch of Salt River

    Reading this uplifting story increased my level of hope for humanity. Although unfortunate to be so badly injured, I’m sure Dave feels fortunate to have a family friend like you. It’s a great thing you’re doing, Amaya. We’ll be supporting your efforts. Be as well as can be, Dave!

  • shawn the fisherman

    What a sweet hearted little girl! I will stop in on Sunday and donate for sure.

  • <3 We need more people like you, Miss Amaya!

  • Good things in store for that little lady

  • You’re a young girl with a huge heart. You have a drive that won’t stop till you meet your goal and Dave is one fortunate guy to have such a sweet niece like you. I wish you the best with your success and I send many healing prayers and prayers for your goal to be met.

  • Awesome to hear. Praying Dave heals quickly.

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    The best wheelchair in the world is the iBot by DEKA and based on the same tech as in the Segway. The iBot can climb stairs, lift the person to reach high counters, make eye contact, etc… and can even navigate rough terrain. Though the original iBot was retired in 2009, Toyota purchased the tech from DEKA and is bringing it back.

    Good luck Amaya and Dave!

  • Sooo amazing! I’ll be there Sunday.
    What great parents and family this young lady must have, good job.

  • Love lemonade,it doesn’t love me but I’ll be giving anyway and can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday

  • Thank you for sharing this with us Kym.

  • Amaya, really, write to that company if you think David would benefit from that cool chair. Tell them what you have shared with us And tell them how much money you have already earned! I hope we all get to hear when you get that new chair to town. If you ask (and tell them you will get lots of news coverage to advertise for them) miracles can happen and will happen! Good luck! The success you are having will feed your soul and it will show you that what you are doing is IT. We are here to help each other. There is nothing as fun and wonderful! Thanks for your hard work, determination and love.

  • a friend of mine son just passed away he has been paralyzed and everything needed for someone who’s a quadriplegic like that wheelchairs brand new batteries everything computer programs the whole setup we would like to donate all of that if we can arrange it and then anything that needs to be upgraded could be upgraded if it had to be but all of the equipment is in perfect working order and please contact me at 707-354-5734 to make arrangements for delivery if we would love to donate everything at no cost and will deliver it as well. we have been looking for a person to donate all of this stuff to you for awhile just that right person and we think that this would be the perfect situation sorry for your problem please contact us. 707 364-5734 ventilators everything you could possibly need he could own all of his own equipment and we have all the manuals and the information booklets to go with them

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