[UPDATE 10:12 p.m.] Victim Airlifted from Multi-Car Pileup on 101 South of Willits

A little after 6 p.m., Hwy 101 closed due to a multi-car crash that sent one vehicle over the embankment and trapped one person. One lane of traffic began flowing slowly in both directions about 7 p.m. but as of 8 p.m. is still not moving quickly.

A helicopter landed at the Cal Fire station to pick up an injured person from the accident and fly the patient to a hospital.

UPDATE 8:36 p.m.: The traffic is flowing smoothly again.

UPDATE 10:12 p.m.: CHP is now reporting this is a major injury accident.



  • Oh dear. We have had ENOUGH!

  • What do you mean? These are really bad days you don’t matter.
    End time will really blow your mind babe!

    • Maybe i am just jaded and yes this sucks with so many losing so much, but seriously everyone around here still has it so good compared to alot of others in the world. Really these aren’t all that bad, compared to what hundreds of thousands of people live with and in day in and day out.

      • It is good to acknowledge our losses&pain, and to also keep perspective, we have only to look to puerto rico to see where we could be at. It could definitely be a lot worse here.
        For our accustomed lifestyle here, these are tremendous losses and losing 2 and 4 legged family members tragically is beyond heartbreaking no matter where it is. Let us all count our blessings and remember life can change in a moment.

      • Local truthteller

        Said the person with the luxury of sitting around typing judgemental comments on other people’s tragic events.

        • Sure if that is how you see it. I mean, fires with homes lost and traffic accidents really compare to mass graves and people being slaughtered and starving to death right ? Silly me forgot first world melt downs must signal the second coming ffs

  • Fires,earthquakes,Lord please have mercy on these folks.i hope everyone is ok from this accident. There’s so much smoke,and emergency traffic,and confusion please take care

  • Very likely somebody was gawkin’ when they should’a been drivin’

  • Loudon Wainwright III Pretty Good Day


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  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    The drivers in between Willits and Ukiah are the WORST! Speeding, racing, drunk, stoned… WAY too many rigs!! This is one of the most dangerous sections of 101 North of SF and Caltrans has allowed the roadway to get into horrible condition. Avoid this section at night, and drive slower, keep right, and pray you make it home again!!

    Call the governor’s office, demand enforcement and a lower speed limit! Be safe, slow down!

    • The speed limit is fine, there’s barely any accidents on this grade. You wanna talk about bad driving, the slow pokes on highway 20 between willits and ft bragg are the worst!!!

    • Lowering the speed limit below natural driving speeds increases accidents. What needs to be done is decreasing the number of drunk, stoned, and the most important thing that you failed to mention, distracted drivers. Cell phone using drivers (we need a nice term, like “drunk”… “phoned”?) seem at least as bad as the drunk drivers. Drunk, Stoned, or Phoned… Stay off the road!

      • Of course decreasing drunk, stoned, and distracted drivers will decrease accidents but do not discount this section of road being dangerous regardless. On this section natural driving speeds are too fast because of other factors. One thing is that the road is constantly in bad shape because it is always moving/shifting because of its geology. Also there are sharp turns that show up quickly when people are not prepared when they are traveling at what seems like a natural driving speed for the hill. With more traffic these factors are magnified. This is why there are signs all over that hill telling people to slow down because natural driving speed it too fast.

  • Any loss of life is sad. You hear the warnings and prepare,but you can’t imagine the worst thing ever will ruin your life. You can rebuild,but you can’t replace YOU!!please listen,and do that evacuation thing,we still have family and friends missing.PLEASE take a moment today to think about your loved ones,and what if they were gone in an instant give that extra hug or kiss today and thank our lucky stars we still have each other✌

  • Keep building homes that encroach on wild lands(pot growers) and you will pay the price,if you get out with your life you are lucky.

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