Local Deputy Shares His Experience at Las Vegas Shooting

This is a press release from the Humboldt Deputy Sheriffs Organization:

Photo from earlier in the day at the concert at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Sheriff’s Deputy Dustin Del Biaggio and his girlfriend, Officer Tierra Shumard of Ferndale, were near the front of the crowd at the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy Dustin Del Biaggio:

“It was during the last performer of the night. We got to the show early, so we had made our way to the front of the stage.

At one point, we heard what sounded like firecrackers, that’s what the audience thought it was. Shortly after that, they started again, and we started to see people drop in front of us.

Time doesn’t really add up, but we dropped to the ground and I covered up Tierra.

We waited until the gunfire stopped and started to run towards the back. As we were running, there was another bust of gunfire as we were about halfway to the exit. People were calling to “cover up the women,” and a few people jumped on us to shield us from the gunfire.

When it stopped again, we made our way to the back of the venue where some people had already pushed out the back wall of a bar.

Around this time we ran into a LVPD officer who told us “Mandalay Bay, 15th floor.”

In retrospect, this information [on the presumed location of the shooter] was key in keeping us safe, since we avoided the line of fire from that point on.

We came out of the building in a strange parking lot full of semi-trucks. This was when I had a chance to pull up a map on my phone of the surrounding area to get my bearings.

This is when we finally had a chance to call our parents, to let them know we were OK and find out what was happening.

The community was amazing. Uber and Lyft drivers were just picking people up. We saw a girl in shock whose father had been shot and went with her to the hospital in an Uber that stopped for us.

There was no selfishness, everyone was helping.

I can honestly say that tunnel vision kicked in, the stress response was incredible. I cant remember the emotion on people’s faces, screams, any of that. I can only remember gunfire, and the silence when it wasn’t there.

I really think that my LEO training was instrumental in the whole thing. When it happened, I really felt that the training came back, the feeling of take cover, all the things they teach you made a difference. It was a tough feeling being in the civilian role, not able to help, but looking back our training helped to keep us safe.

We are doing OK, but I definitely have pangs of shock, disbelief, confusion and especially sadness for the victims, people that can’t come home.”



  • Happy you are safely home.

  • So glad you made it out of there. It’s just heartbreaking reading your story. 🙁

  • So glad that you, Dustin and your girlfriend are okay, thanks be to God. May the Holy Spirit take care of you both in what you saw and help you to unwind. Take away the trauma of that day. 🙏

  • shawn the fisherman

    You would think his training would have resolved the tunnel vision thing and been a better witness. Glad you are well. “Keep on keeping on” Man!

  • Glad your both safe!!

  • Welcome Home!

  • You Survived, and we must Remember to also to pray for those that SURVIVED! The ones that have to relive it every day. The ones that are losing sleep and overcome with anxiety. The ones that can’t forget what happened. THEIR loved ones that are standing by them through their process. So Happy you and your Gal are safe!!! The Angels were with you both. Peace.

  • You did the right thing, nobody commenting has a clue of what you went through, they are judging from ignorance as usual. Blessings that you may enjoy your freedom!

  • I’ve been hearing lots of stories of how the some men shielded their wives from the bullets by jumping on them and protecting them. Have there been any reports of woman shielding their husbands from the gunfire? You know because woman and man are equal you know…..

    • I’ve got a great partner; saved my life twice- once in a car wreck; once facing an idiot with a gun. Great people save people. Small minds are insecure without gender superiority.
      Officer Del Biaggio showed greatness.

    • Of Course not, This entire “equality” thing is a farce. There are very very few things in life that are fair or equal. Just look at the reaction the Cam Newton’s recent comments about it being funny to hear women talk about routes in football. Think there would be such negative backlash if a woman said it was funny to hear a man talk about pedicures,,,, How about no!

  • Thank God you’re home both safe! I hope and pray you both recover fully from the tragic ordeal and will be blessed helpers to the traumatized you will be having to deal with in the future. Your empathy will be unique.

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