Garberville Sanitary District Will NOT Be Approving Commercial Cannabis Permits That Require Extra Water

Water and marijuanaPress release from the Garberville Sanitary District:

Garberville Sanitary District strives to meet the water demand of our customers but when commercial agricultural water demands impact our ability to provide sufficient water for residential customers, we will implement a water reduction program that will limit the amount of water available for commercial agricultural businesses.

We are currently working on a water use ordinance that will address commercial agricultural water demands and the impact to the District so until such an Ordinance is adopted by the governing Board, Garberville Sanitary District “Will Not” be approving any commercial cannabis permits that require additional water or a “Will Serve” letter.

We are also looking at the unpermitted commercial agricultural water users currently using treated water for their agricultural crops and will include a section of the water ordinance to address the impact to residential customer demands and the infrastructures ability to meet those demands.

Please Contact our office with any questions,

Ralph Emerson

General Manager



  • I don’t know all the jargon, but I would hope the district is not going to refuse service it is already supplying.

    • Would that not be an acceptable business practice for GSD to implement if their customer did not meet an approved ordinance?

      • You can’t get the permit without something from the Water District saying they will supply you (or finding an alternative source of water on your property – drill a well?) so it’s a Catch 22 to say they can’t serve someone without a permit – and I’m not sure they said that. But they can prevent existing customers who have been growing and using water the District provided in the past, from getting a permit. I’m urging them not to do that. New or expanded requirements for water are a different issue. Then I would think the question would be their capacity to supply water in the quantities needed, not the purpose for which the water was required.

    • It seems there will be no growth allowed in the marajuana economy of southern Humboldt. Go to norhum where they alow u to get permits seems like the answer. Sad…. what seems to be the desired future in our area is a few people who know the right people having permits outsiders being kept out and the town slowly dying. I can c the non profits all starting to struggle already 🙁

  • Against California law to refuse water to poor.pot needs control of nitrogen and phosphorus,maybe.NASA has beautiful apparatus that is called aeroponics,nearly verticle apparatus.system uses 1/10 water and 1/6 fertilizer,and verticle uses 1/10 area,for landless peasants .npk and bat guano and ph change,likely cause domonic bloom.slowly poisoning environment and human memory loss and death.slow poisoning of wells,by witches and Jews is no more witch hunters with their pointed hats and prickers,and their property hungry church.i don’t grow pot for poor landless addicts.runoff from mineralized phytoplankton ,causes healthy runoff,maybe.ODing on pot won’t help anything,except causing tolerance,like all hallucenogens do.and causing sedation while driving,or sitting.the more algae bubbles pure oxygen,the more carbon it takes from air.didnt listen,dropped out of 9th grade.smoked pot nearly all my life.didnt make me stupid,maybe.i don’t take doctors drugs,or injections.without adequate water chronic disease results from collapse of glandular system and people become pariahs,disease resivours.wacala.

  • And soon illegal to water your crop with domestic water! Prohibition mutating to a new substance.

    Next you won’t be allowed to grow it in cars!

  • “Legalization” will bring many strange fruits. In some CA counties all cannabis cultivation has been outlawed. Including medical. So they went from 6 plants allowed outside for medical to ZERO allowed outside for any reason. And they are prosecuting. Thanks again everybody for voting for safe and wonderful “legalization”. You were the dumbest asses I knew.

    • Dang, Farce, try not to insult me too much. I may have a broad ass but I ain’t a dumb ass.

      • Sorry, Kym! Not meaning to insult you! I enjoy insulting many in general, didn’t mean to specifically get at you or anybody. I guess maybe I can tone it down- the vote is over and etc etc we are still all here together.

      • Zoltan can make racist comment?

        • Read the jibber jargon it’s not actually racist it, sounds like they are quoting something, what that is i have no idea. Could be seen as antisemitic I suppose.

    • Agreed . “ legalization “ just meant the feds and big business control the crop , pushing the back to landers and small grows out . The emerald triangle is doomed . For some and their kin this business is all they know , too bad for them .

      • Victor G. Flashman

        Probably not exactly doomed, but it may evolve a bit, outside Garberville, which will probably never be altered by anything or improved in any way…

        • Food for thought; if the Community Park Board goes ahead with their county approved plan for 10 acres of grass “Sports Fields”, the estimated water demand is approx 9 million gallons just for irrigation (May to October), not including their current increased water demand for private agriculture projects, i.e. 10 acre private vineyard, 10 acre private farm, 30 acre private cattle grazing, and 5 acre Community Park Farm. And does not include the approved future development plans for a commercial kitchen, new commercial meeting and office space, new public restrooms and concession/vendor use for sports tournaments, concerts and festivals. All from the South Fork Eel, just upstream from GSD’s intake. How much water will be left to drink and flush in Garberville, Redway, Phillipsville, Miranda, Myers Flat, Weott etc, let alone grow cannabis?

          See photo below, it was taken at the Community Park last week, over 40 rainbirds watering grazing land for private use! And this is when the river is below 30 cfs!

          Funny thing about the Community Park, they are in GSD’s SOI and not paying a dime…

          • as I understand it the farms water rights to the south fork predate town. So they get water first town is second…. there is still a reasonable use doctoring and they must share the water in the river but by their rights they can use more than town.

    • Farce…ARE the dumbest…

      • Here’s another picture of watering the same week, at the privately leased farm at the Community Park (September 27th 2017) right off Kimtu Road. This watering took place for over 3 days, that we know about. Again, with the river below 30 cfs.

        • Food for thought

          My favorite is driving by the huge blinding please conserve water sign by Chapman’s while the grain feed, not even human food is being watered by hundreds of sprinklers. Even if one tries to argue that they have a well , I don’t know if they do or not, are you going to try to tell me their water sourse right next to the river there is not impeding on water that would otherwise make it to the river. It’s all politics unfortunately and some people arnt given a second glance while others are being held to a higher standard . Why? Well that’s what an attourney should be figuring out….

  • is it not just a bit strange that a substantial pot producer that does NOT live in this district is ON the GSD board ? the GSD board currently has three members of a five member board that do NOT live in THIS district, appointed by Estelle at Ralph Emersons request.!! directly after their appointment to the board Emerson received a 40 thousand dollar a year raise from 78k to 120k per year ! it gets worse– elementary investigation will show the current GSD board and manager are fleecing our community, pay attention or pay the price. Please write to the Grand Jury and ask for an investigation into this most nefarious situation. Currently we are paying a lawyer to defend Mr.Emerson from a lawsuit, oddly enough he had the same problems at the last district he worked for costing them thousands of dollars in legal defense and fines.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      Thanks for the information. One more example of corruption and incompetence in Garberville. The “Board Members” and “non profits” here are all filled up with carpetbaggers and emotional 2 year olds. If you live in SoHum, prepare to pay for someone else’s shady deals…

    • not in your district

      You that imply you live in the district (“our community”). Nobody from the district was willing to take the position as a director so after all the time had passed the state law that requires the county to appoint any registered voter kicked in. The voters of G-ville have only themselves to blame. Any group of 3 can take the district over. Try going to a meeting, any meeting, with 2 friends.
      PS Please keep asking about the $75,000 measure Z fire hydrants!

    • I agree, Something’s Not right this new management at the water dept. AND, what happened to Tina?
      Lots of Questions and NO answers.

  • People are sue happy especially in California, as long as there are governing boards there will undoubtedly be frivolous law suits,which in the end only hurts the customer, the cost comes out of the main fund of money’s saved

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