Family Asks Community to Look for Suicidal Man

Press release from the family of missing person:

My brother is suicidal and is driving to California to see the redwoods before he dies. I have contacted state authorities and park services but am trying to get the word out so that maybe someone will see him and help us find him. I have attached a missing person poster with his info.

The missing person case number is 171000074. [Here’s a link to Alabama’s missing person case on William Williams.]

Case originating in Cullman County Alabama
License plate AL 1CS6214

missing person poster for Bill Williams



  • I sure hope he can get the help he needs before its to late 🙁

  • Very sad im praying for a good out come

  • Thinking allowed

    I hope he gets here and finds the redwoods, the coast and the mountains have a magic that will heal. It does have that effect on many.

  • Prayers that he is found safe and gets the help he needs.

  • Will be watching out for him, so sad, hope everything is okay.

  • whatever, lets hope this [edit] doesnt hurt anyone else in his final quest

  • Bill,

    So many have come to the redwoods for their beauty and healing.

    You are immensely loved and valuable.

    I hope you read this message, and you decide to wait just one more day. The redwoods will be even more beautiful on the 2nd day than the 1st, and perhaps you’d like to see the seasons change in the ancient trees?

  • The trees are the only sanity here!

  • lorrie neuenfeldt

    Pray that he finds peace here. It does exist if you are looking for it. The trees hold a special energy.

  • I’ll have my eyes peeled for that vehicle. Sending prayers he finds that life isn’t all bad on his journey. As a person who’s suffered from suicide ideation since a child I learned that if you want to kill yourself, just kill that version of you and that life routine you’ve found yourself in that you find unbearable. I hope he finds a new life and a revitalized him along the way!!!! Wherever you are, don’t give up buddy!!!!!

    • “I learned that if you want to kill yourself, just kill that version of you and that life routine you’ve found yourself in that you find unbearable. ”

      As someone who’s also had suicidal ideation since childhood, I think that’s brilliant and I’ve never heard that before. I will never forget that, thank you.

      • broken and alone

        I really like that idea. I never believed in suicide. Thought people who talked about it eye using it as a threat to gey there way. Until recently i was really gong through a hard time i didn’t say anything to anyone tied to for two different ways in one day… unfortunately i didn’t succeed but suffered a lot of negative consequences like surgery scars that remind me everyday of that day and how I failed.

        Came to the conclusion that unfortunately my time on earth isn’t over…

  • What’s odd about wanting to see the majestic redwoods before you die? [edit] In any case, Good Luck, Bill!

    • Nice Kym. “Nobody Cares” can call this man Bill a “nut job” on his “final quest” without knowing anything about the guy, yet I can’t question the sister’s actions to control her grown brother. I really find your judgement suspect on this. I mean, let’s slam a poor guy who may be suicidal already and, at least, is dogged by a controlling sister, but let’s not even question the sister’s motivation because… Why? Because she is an all-nurturing female, possessing obvious innate sainthood? I don’t get it. Ever ask yourself, if she cares this much, why didn’t she go on a trip to the redwoods with her brother, then?

      I do know something about life in Alabama, having a nuts-o sister, and suicidal tendencies. I’ll have you know there is nothing at all crazy about wanting to get the hell out of there.

  • Thinking allowed

    “a controlling sister”???? Wow. That is a whole lot of assumption right there. Maybe she is the sole caregiver for her two minor children and her dying mother and can’t leave. Who knows.

    Besides there is a while lot of country to scour between here and there, not to mention ‘the Redwoods’ as a location means a large chunk of north California.

    • He is a 51-yr.-old man, not a minor. For all I know, his sister is a wonderful person. She is, however, clearly trying to control her grown brother, who, for all you know, is a wonderful person who just wants a vacation in the redwoods.

      • Well could be that the sister is totally delusional and the man is just fine. Don’t know, can’t say. I’m inclined to believe the family simply because they went to the trouble of notifying people and there will be less awful consequences if he is simply put off by people sticking their nose in his business than if he kills himself and it could have been prevented.

        But it would have seemed more reliable coming from the police than the family.

  • Shake Well: You may be “projecting” a little here considering your own experience with your “nuts-o sister”. We don’t have any information that would suggest this sister is anything but concerned. As someone who has lost family members to suicide, the last thing that you want is to be left believing you didn’t do everything possible to help your loved one. Fortunately, the family has an inclination that he is suicidal. Many families never get the chance to try to help.

    • And, I hope Bill gets to see the redwoods and finds refuge from whatever and/or whoever it is that is dogging him. I know that very same journey did me a world of good some years ago.

  • I saw a car with Alabama plates today and got so excited, but it wasn’t his car or him. I do hope he is ok. He has a kind face. The world needs more kind people, that is for sure.

  • Bill, I sure hope you make it to the redwoods and find something to touch your heart that gives you a reason to stay.

  • Kym~any updates on this story?

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