Woman Sentenced for Threatening a Clothing Store Employee With a Knife

Press release from the District Attorney’s Office:

Humboldt District Attorney DA BlurHumboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that today 41-year-old Barbara Jones of Eureka pled guilty to robbery, admitted the use of a knife and admitted she had a prior “strike” conviction for robbery from 2008. Judge Feeney sentenced her to 7 years in prison.

On July 13, 2017, an employee of a store in Old Town Eureka observed Jones trying to steal clothing. When the employee approached, Jones pulled a knife and told her to “back up.” The store employee did so and Jones then fled with the property. The store employee notified the Eureka Police Department (EPD) of the incident and the Department broadcast a description of the robber. Within an hour a probation officer observed a woman who matched that description; EPD responded to his call and took Jones into custody after Jones was identified by the store employee.

Theft of property worth less than $950 is a misdemeanor charge that may result in local jail time. But use of force or fear in taking property is robbery, a felony that can lead to a prison term of 2 to 5 years. Additional factors such as use of a knife and prior convictions can lengthen the sentence.



  • Eureka is the nicest place on the planet no where comes close

  • Wow. The murderers bail out, the crazy drug addicts get room and board…

    • In spite of what you may believe, prison is not “room & board”
      It is a horrible place, and if this woman survives it, she will return to society completely traumatized and also unemployable because of her prison record. She will have no skills & no hope.
      I’m sure this pleases you, but it does not help our society in any real way.

      • For the time she is actually in jail, she will not be threatening people in stores with knives. It may not be much but there it is. It is not all about her.

        This woman has already been to jail so she probably knows the drill. She also is likely to have gone through diversion programs before that conviction for robbery, which means she threaten harm in the course of theft. Just like this time.

      • This isn’t her first time. I don’t believe the individual claimed she was going to a spa — maybe look up the definition of ‘room and board’, I believe this may qualify in a loose term.

      • “room and board” being a safe and sober house

    • “One chooses whether to hurt or help others, traumatizing others is wrong.” -local truthteller

      What can you do? That’s a real question though I overstand you have no real thoughtful answers to share. I suggest sticking to asking questions. Like “Why did she murder those pants?” “Why do I feel the need to puke up thoughtless one-liners bound to hurt some random reader”

      What DO you do? Call me silly Taurus.. call me a crazy recovering addict, whatever you like, whichever leaves you feeling better than. But all this *itching concerns me,.. is it borne of frustration from all the years spent investigating innovating and informing progress?

      You know how hard that is to do? To speak vulnerably from the heart? With nothing but Love for your Fellows in mind, to lay your soul on the line? (Yea, thats a rhetorical.)

      On the bright side these are the last words and last of my precious time I’ll be wasting addressing your attempt(s) at hurtful hot air. Seeking to inflict more pain on a message board is kinda sad and uber lame. Totally unworthy of anyone’s time. I pray God enters your life and some personal tragedy isn’t the prerequisite.

      Ya know Trump never used drugs either why not comment on or just repost your mans sane Tweets.. ?

      Even he, President (or The Dent as I call him) Scrooge McDrumpf, while campaigning in the primaries, once let slip out “We shouldn’t have people forced to live on our streets”.

      Thanks for making my point! Although I’m not sure you see it, sans “drug war” there would be plenty of room for murderers. The cerebral contortions are impressive. Where I read of a desperate 50 something year old woman pulling a knife and running scared with some clothing you see murder.

      Perhaps “see” is the wrong word. I feel for this pained desperate woman and hope someday somewhere she meets someone like you, but with corrected vision.

      • Do you know something that is not stated anywhere in this article? That a person stealing clothing and threatening the store employee with a knife was really a ‘a scared, traumatized victim?’ And not a just self centered, brutal repeat criminal?

        I can see you identify thoroughly with the convicted. But are there any facts beyond this?

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    And that POS with the SL face tattoo got 7yrs for his list?

  • Glad to hear justice has been served. Hopefully, she will be able to learn from this experience, and do better in the future.

  • Save your sympathy for victim not victimizer. One chooses whether to hurt or help others, traumatizing others is wrong.

  • better hope you never get her lawyer!

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