Vehicle Overturned Near Manila

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA silver SUV went off Hwy 255 near Peninsula Drive south of Manila about 2:05 p.m. The vehicle overturned onto its driver’s side about 75 feet off the roadway. This is a non-injury accident.



  • Another asshole…

  • Possibly or maybe he couldn’t see where he wasn’t going in the Fog, it gets pretty thick on the Peninsula at times!!! I know from the experience of having lived there for several years!!!

  • loco reports the driver was in the process of plugging in a phone when the jeep went “crash boom bam” and the driver and passenger said “oH SHIT!”

    you might say the driver had foggy thinking, maybe…

  • I’m telling you what, this driving while on your cell phone shit has gotten way outta control! I see it every day and it makes me want to take their phone away and break it! All kinds of idiots do it too. From young to old. Even cops!!! I’m putting a P A system in my truck so i can call attention to peoples stupidity and warn the other people their life is in danger

    • Sounds like it might actually work, if the cops don’t get pissed off & haul you in on some trumped up sh_tuff!!! Also another possible cause for the wreck may well be the “Cracker Jack Syndrome” the fact that it seems there is a CDL in each & every box/bag/WTF ever as the “Toy Surprise”!!!

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