Man Dies After Being Taken Off Life Support; Law Enforcement Investigating Cause of Death

Humboldt COunty Sheriff's OfficePress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On 09/24/2017 at about 1:15 AM, 21 year old Drake Gammell (DOB 11/03/1995) sustained major injuries in an incident on Highway 254 just north of Phillipsville.  Gammell was taken to a local hospital where he was placed on life support. Gammell’s family, who reside outside of California, arrived at the hospital and Gammell was taken off of life support. Gammell succumbed to his injuries yesterday, 09/27/2017. An autopsy was conducted, and the investigation is ongoing to determine cause of death.

Earlier Chapter: One Arrested for Suspicion of DUI; One on Life Support After Incident North of Phillipsville Sunday Morning



  • OK, I’ll bite. What pray tell was the “incident?”

  • The “earlier chapter” doesn’t say what the incident was. Very little info given.

  • The gf was driving and they wrecked

  • May he rest in peace. I’m sure that the driver is aware of the results of her driving.

  • The accident didn’t kill him

      • My guess based on the info is the DUI was drug related, not alcohol. Maybe she was driving an unconscious man after overdose or other drug related issues. Maybe she was headed to the hospital or possibly he was found to be unconcious after pulled over from cops for driving eratic. Its fun to play detective and bet yourself a dollar that you can crack the case off minimal info! Lol.

    • Right. He went on life support as some sort of ploy. Cannabis related no doubt.
      (Before you jump me, please study sarcasm)

  • Because I can read.

  • Charles Engebretson

    OK I’ll bite….what did you read?Pray tell…

  • Charles Engebretson

    See its a elementary Dr Watson moment for some….

  • You say the wreak did not kill him im sure it had something to do with it he shur would not be in the hospital for no reason I prity sure he was thar due to the wreak the way it sounds he sure did not cheak himself in yha I think it was due to the wreak thats why he died that’s why he was thar right he probley had some bad injures not one thing I can’t figger out is why did they take him of life support that’s what was keeping him alive right sorry for thar lose very sad

    • I’m not bagging on you but is that pidgin? I mean, i understood it but….

    • *wreck *pretty *there *figure *yeah *their *loss, buy a dictionary or at least use spell check, in your case I recommend Auto Correct, it can’t be much worse than your current spelling!!!

      • Why can’t you people get over yourselves and stop thinking you’re the fucking spelling/grammar police! Try focusing on the context of the opinion this person is bringing to the table instead of dissecting his/her comment just so you can point out any flaws. The fact that you provide the correct spelling for every misspelled word shows that you obviously know what the person means so get over it already. Continuously spotlighting the flaws of others really makes you seem like an asshole with nothing better to do with your time D.F.

        • I happen to believe proper spelling is indicative of someone with a Modicum of intelligence!!! While the opposite is usually the case in continuous poor spelling!!! I’m just correcting not RAGGING!!!! Don’t like it??? Don’t read it!!!!

          • Is this why you misspell Humboldt? There comes a time in your manic correcting of others that it’s very apparent you’re just stroking your own ego. And trying to make yourself feel superior to others on this blog you consistently troll. Your over the top usage of exclamation and question marks is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You should heed your own advice. Don’t like reading misspelled words then don’t read them. And who are you to correct anyone anyway? You may think you’re Superior to the rest of us, but I’d bet my money that you’re the only one who believes that. Also there’s no need to yell at me, I can hear you just fine.

          • That is correct, Dan. Although some do choose to write, spell, and speak in slang, it doesn’t reflect intelligence or cleverness. It may be a statement of their character. As Mr. Wolf said, “just because you are a character, doesn’t mean you have character”.

        • Sorry, I’m not interested in taking the time to translate.

    • Your spelling sucks but your reasoning and logic are sound. Bottom line, we don’t know yet.

    • Good one

    • And I wonder why I do the things I do

  • Charles Engebretson

    Do I have to say it?

  • John chiv covered this briefly and suppositioned through swithenbank the victim jumped or fell from vehicle.. I hope it’s ok to paste link.

    Kym still has the best blog in the west tho!!! 🙂

  • Sorry if I can’t spell I just trying to be part of the conversation I only have a 9th graed edication if that so I hope my spelling good enough to get my message thur I hope you all enjoy your say

  • REST IN PEACE! My condolences to this man’s family.🕊Why must people pick on folks for their spelling? It’s supposed to be about the story.Drive safely all

  • So, it’s a shame the girl was driving while intoxicated. But, nothing has been said about what happened to the poor man who is on life support. How did he get injured? There wasn’t an accident, or it was not reported that there was an accident. What happened to this man ? I’m pretty sure the girl driving didn’t put him on life support. There is something not being said here, a mystery.

    • I have heard that he was brutally beaten, not by the girl.
      Seems very strange that the sheriff has nothing to say. If the young man was beaten, should not the community be alerted? Someone knows what happened, eh?

  • Sounds like murder to me. An “incident” not a car wreck or collision. He was brain dead from someone beating his head in and they don’t want to release a statement because they’re conducting an investigation and autopsy. Sure of it.

  • He was a very nice young man, always respectful. I was very sad to hear this happened. Condolences to his family who I am sure are devastated.

  • The guy with "bad" spelling is trolling u lol

    The SHERIFF said this : “Possibly jumped or fell from vehicle. Autopsy being performed…”

  • Cause of death: being taken off life support. Duh, that seems evident.

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