Pastels on the Plaza Coming the First Saturday in October

Pastels on the Plaza

Artists working hard to create temporary beauty at Pastels in the Park. [Photos by Kim Sallaway. See more of his work here.]

Information From Pastels on the Plaza:

Saturday, October 7th, 2017 
On the Plaza, Arcata, California

Since 1987, Northcoast Children’s Services has partnered with local businesses and artists to transform the sidewalks of the Arcata Plaza into a colorful art gallery on the first Saturday in October. Pastels on the Plaza is a benefit for Northcoast Children’s Services where businesses are invited to purchase a square of sidewalk to be transformed into a work of art by local artists willing to donate their time and creativity to this unique community event.   Proceeds from this event help fund our Preschool and Family Services that extend to over 1000 children and families in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties annually.

The way it works…

Businesses or Sponsors “buy” a square of sidewalk for $125 or $225.

Artists sign up for the event.

Please mail the registration form to: Or–Bring the registration form to the office located at
Northcoast Children’s Services
Pastels on the Plaza
PO Box 1165
Arcata, Ca  95518
1266 Ninth Street
Arcata, CA  95521

Pastels on the Plaza

Choosing the chalk is important at Pastels on the Plaza. [Photo by Kim Sallaway]

We provide the pastels – there is no cost for artists to participate!

Some businesses and artists will agree to work together and coordinate the art work or we can match up artists and businesses a few days before the event.  Please note – If a sponsoring business has special requests for artwork, they need to provide their own artist and coordinate with them well in advance of the event.

Artists arrive on the plaza in between 8 and 9 a.m. on the first Saturday in October to check in and begin the creative venture. By mid-day, the Arcata Plaza comes alive with the completed vibrant works of art.   Artists and Business Sponsors are invited to join us in celebration of the event at the Plaza Grill from 11am to 1pm.

Though the October weather is sometimes a consideration—wind, rain, drizzle, fog or sunshine—the artists endure and the event goes on. The Farmer’s Market continues on the surrounding streets; the live music and the harvest bounty create a wonderful back drop for the art and shoppers alike. Throughout the weekend and into the coming week, thousands of art lovers come to stroll around the plaza and enjoy the colorful display before rain and time turn the sidewalks back to their usual grey.

Pastels on the Plaza

Do you remember Bill the Chimp? [Photos by Kim Sallaway. See more images by him here.]


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  • This helps support one of the most important programs available to parents of young children–Head Start and Early Head Start.

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