Human Remains Located Near College of the Redwoods

Death investigation, coroner, sheriff HumboldtPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On September 26th, 2017, at about 4:30 PM, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a call for service regarding possible human remains located near the College of the Redwoods campus on Tompkins Hill Rd.

Deputies responded and learned that PG&E had been conducting work in a heavily wooded area near the north side of the campus. PG&E workers located the remains and contacted Law Enforcement. The remains were confirmed to be human, although as of this time no identification has been made.

The case is currently under investigation. Further details may be released as the investigation progresses.

Anyone with information for the Sheriffs Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriffs Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriffs Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Condolences. So sad😭

  • Just keeping it real

    Maybe they should get CSI out there. Female/male n cross reference the missing people do DNA testing dental if Anys left n move in that direction. Especially missing students.

  • Well if it was a gun shooting, no one would of thought to call the police because there is an active firing range on campus. Its terrifying for students!!! If the victim was shot, then we need to make the deputies in training, target practice else where. I am a student at cr and i over hear other students getting stressed about gun shots. I have litterally heard a teacher say, well after the shots if you dont hear a scream, its fine……. wtf!!! Some folks are shot in the head and cant scream! Guns dont belong on college campus

    • The firing range is pretty much contained to one area.
      There are signs posted ALL OVER THAT AREA to keep out.

    • What is it like to live your life in constant fear of an inanimate object.

      • It must be horrifying when they walk out in the parking lot and see all those cars, knowing that those evil cars have the power to run people over. Poor kids.

    • Sarcasm right?

    • Sorry, but you really seek mental help. You seem to have a unrational fear and are attempt to push that out onto others.

    • It’s a Police Academy, Yes guns belong at a police academy!

    • Hahaha best I've heard when bigger issues to address on campus

      talk to our lovely class president. Haha. He’s too busy disrupting other student in his class as he scrolls on his lap top all class period and taps away on his keyboard like no one else pays for their education and wants to be there to learn,not chit chat on Facebook and disrupt students alll around. I think there’s bigger issues on campus than our fabulous shooting range for the shooting academy. Hey if there’s an active shooter glad we have some protection, security doesn’t do much.

  • Wonder if we’ll ever find out anything? Kym- Thank you for the follow-up you did awhile back on all the found bodies and what had been determined so far! Really a good piece of journalism on your part! Yeah- it’s grisly stuff but important. Usually all we get is this kind of announcement and then nothing. Did we ever find out anything about that body found on Halloween next to the county line, next to the river, sneaker sticking out of the ground? It’s been awhile since it was going to go for DNA analysis.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    How ever did the tens of thousands of students over the years survive after hearing noise from the firing range? Were we all permanently traumatized, shrieking in terror at the sounds, shrinking into “safe spaces” and hugging therapy dolls? That was a rhetorical question: the answer is no, a few pops now and then, resembling firecrackers, does not bring about deep debilitating mental illness (unless, of course, one is devoted to victimhood)

    • I think they mean you could be shot by someone other than the people on the firing range and no one would notice because of the constant sound of gunfire. The world is full of what ifs

  • I know several Vietnam war veterans who really are traumatized by the sound of gun fire, so it can be very real.

    • Seriously you are going to compare ptsd from the Vietnam war to being by the target range in Arcata.

      • pretty sure we’re talking about the range at CR for the police academy.

        • My bad, I meant c.r.

        • The Sheriff is Back in town

          We call it the “marijuana eradication academy”, but right now we don’t have time to investigate, our convoys are not worried about some boring murder or remains found, we are fighting this evil marijuana, we need the asset forfeiture money from the pot growers, let the victims family figure this body out, right now all personell is currently headed out to the Mattole and next year we are too busy to investigate this crime, maybe the victims families will just figure it out on their own, anyways gotta go, there are plants to eradicate and assets to seize $$$$, and we need the money!

    • And i knew many post 911 vets that have ptsd triggered by large groups of protesters, so protesters have no place on campuses .

  • The Sheriff is Back in town

    Who cares if there is a murder, missing person, homicide or home invasion.
    Marijuana is ruining America and we here in Humboldt have a Cannabis War to fight, we don’t have time to waste investigating homicides or missing persons or even human bodies or human remains….. We need to stay vigilant as it is Harvest Time for drug growers and every available resource is currently unavailable and saved for the war on pot! There is weed in those hills and if the sheriff Department doesn’t focus our efforts on getting all those evil plants cut down there will be even more pot overdoses. All resources need to stay focused on Pot like our good friend the Sheriff of Mendocino does. Who cares about missing persons cases, burglaries, home invasions, car theft, rape, homicide, robbery or anything else….
    The ONLY crime that matters that we focus on is pot growers because pot is deadly, pot kills, and we need the assets forfeiture $$$$, do you get it, we focus on pot so we can get all that asset forfeiture money… ( not to mention the $100 bills we can just stick in our pockets, we call it A “DEPUTIES BONUS”, see $80k to $120k per year is not enough to live on for our deputies, that is why we have decided to focus on pot, for the asset forfeiture and the “deputy bonuses”, see, busting burglars, murderers and robbers does not pay off for the Sheriff Department, solving homicides costs money for the department, we care more about money than crime, so we are now following the “Allman Way” and ONLY focusing on Cannabis as there is way more money to take, or uh seize…..

  • To all of you who don’t like the Police Academy firing range on the CR Campus, than just move onto another Campus that doesn’t have one. Without this type of practice and teaching, we could be in for more of a world of hurt. I, for one, do not worry about the sounds of gunfire as I carried a weapon as a Security Officer and also worked as Security for College of the Redwoods. Firearms don’t kill people, OTHER STUPID PEOPLE DO. GET A REAL LIFE OR JUST LEAVE HUMBOLDT COUNTY IF YOU ARE THAT WORRIED. LA SOUNDS MORE TO YOUR LIKING.

    • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

      Thank you, Eldon G. Whitehead. If you are “triggered” by the sounds of what could be gunfire (hello, firecrackers on holidays?) go to school someplace else. See how easy that is???

    • If u don’t like the guns move…. what a class act you are, let’s work to get those guns off campus and create a college of the redwoods without all the bs “cop classes”…. those goons walking around armed to the teeth with their red “Make America Great Again” hats are a real threat to the safety of College of the Redwoods, maybe the body is of an innocent person who was shot by some idiot at the shooting range. We will never know because all of Humboldt County law enforcement is too busy “seizing assets” and eradicating marijuana gardens. Humboldt makes lots of money stealing from pot grows so the Sheriff focuses on pot, there is no time to bother investigating murders or bodies that turn up. Homicides don’t make money for the Sheriff Department or the County, by raiding and stealing from pot growers makes the Sheriff Deputies and the County Wealthy! It’s all about the money!

  • Having been a student at this campus previously, I found the sounds kind of relieving I guess? Knowing that if shit went down on campus, at least there would be a swift response. Not sure if they’d let the students help, but that’s the rationale I used when I would get startled sitting out in the quad waiting for class to start 🙂

  • Wow. Lots of folks around our nation hear gun fire nightly in the city.

    And it is not cops doing the shooting.

    When I went to CR students would walk up the trails and smoke a bowl and go back to class.

    Smiling at the cops in training as the students meandered back to class.

    Raging debates between laid off loggers being trained in new field of occupation with flower children and bleeding heart liberals students.

    I remember being thrown out of class when I was totally rude to the guess speaker Anna Sparks in my introductory forestry class. I always wish I had the chance to apologize to her for my disrespectful behavior way back then. Kudos to my instructor who expected, demanded and got civil behavior from his students. He fully understood that his students had widely differing views and thoughts on how forestry should be. His goal was teaching us the science of forestry management.

    My hope is that the remains are quickly identified and the family of the departed is able to have closure.

    I know of far too many missing in Humboldt, Trinity and Siskiyou counties and know far too many families who do not know where their daughter, son or mother are.

    Thank you PG and E crew for taking the time and responsibility to report your discovery.

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