Human Remains Found Near CR May Be Linked to Missing Person Case

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[Stock photo by Andrew Stephens]

The human remains found by PG&E workers 300 yards behind the College of the Redwoods’ dorms yesterday was confirmed to be a male, according to Lt. Kenny Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Swithenbank said that it is believed that the remains may be linked to a missing person case from 2015.

The lieutenant explained that at this time there was no criminal investigation. “There was no obvious trauma,” he said. “There is nothing suspicious at this time.”



  • So what he just died on the spot and nobody ever came across his body? wtf?

  • How did nobody smell it for a year 300 yards away from college dorms??

  • It “may” be an alien from the planet X.

  • All the dope being smoked covered the smell.

  • Which missing person case. People are saying “him”

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Lt. Swithenbank and the Humb. Co. Sheriff’s Departmant MUST do a more through investigation into this death. May not look suspicious now, but, the person wasn’t out there in that area sightseeing. Come on HCSO and get busy on this. The hop heads can wait a few more days. A person is deceased. Let’s try to bring closure to some Family that has been hoping for a few years to see their loved one to come home.

    • The investigation *literally* just started. I’m sure they’re doing their due diligence.

    • Another Victims Family

      They don’t have the time to investigate bodies or missing persons cases, or homicides for that matter. The Sheriff Department is too busy eradicating cannabis farms and seizing assets and $$$$…. I guess the families will just have to solve this crime…. all resources are currently devoted to pot busts. …

  • Is there a link for a missing person in 2015?

  • Too Busy to investigate

    Will we never know ? No time to solve real crime, all of Humboldt County law enforcement is too busy “seizing assets” and eradicating marijuana gardens rhus time of year, they dont have thetime and resources to solve crimes which actually have victims. Humboldt makes lots of money stealing from pot grows so the Sheriff focuses on pot, there is no time to bother investigating murders or bodies that turn up. Homicides don’t make money for the Sheriff Department or the County. Raiding and stealing from pot growers makes the Sheriff Deputies and the County Wealthy! It’s all about the money! Let the families of the victims solve the crimes, the sheriff in Humboldt are to busy eradicating plants and ripping off the suspects.

  • I just typed in “last seen near college of the redwoods” and bumped into it. Just imagine if it’s him, right there all this time.

  • “There was no obvious trauma,” he said. “There is nothing suspicious at this time.”
    And no autopsy.

  • Death is free when you USE!!

    Over dose? He is too young to have died of old age. Maybe Meth over dose. Whatever I will predict if there was an intervention he would still be alive.

  • Way to rudely jump to conclusions. This missing person was 36. He could have had a heart attack, an allergic reaction to a bee sting, or even been attacked by a mountain lion. He could of had a preexisting condition. Do not assume or judge with so little info. Who ever it is, I ‘m glad they were found. I hope they are identified so their family & loved ones can know what happened. And so he can get a proper burial.

    • Thank you! We had a body found on Fickle Hill awhile back Turned out to be a traveler/plaza kid who was depressed, somehow got a handgun and killed himself in the bushes. Sad story, sad ending and we DO NOT need to jump to conclusions here or get all judgemental. This is a human who passed away and that’s all we know so far! Please have a heart, everybody. It’s good the body was found.

  • The name of the man who went missing from CR– Lucas Dale Blake-Williams–is not listed in the NamUs Missing Persons database. He is the man mentioned in Kym’s article of 26 January, 2016 who was reported as missing on 7 October, 2015. His name may already have been pulled from NamUs pending a positive ID if authorities seem certain (or already know) it’s a match.

    It’s possible but unlikely that HCSO would not have put his name into the database after some initial investigation/verification.

    The only other missing person (male) from Humboldt County listed in NamUs is Austin Cade Brown from McKinleyville who went missing from Eureka on 12/13/16, but I only searched records back to 12/01/2009 and no earlier.

    Here’s a link to Kym’s article about Austin C. Brown:

    Here is Austin C. Brown’s entry in the NamUs database:

    So, yes–Lucas Dale Blake-Williams seems the likelier MP of the two. Here’s hoping a positive ID can be made soon so that family and friends may have some amount of closure and the deceased can have a name along with any final arrangements. Rest in Peace.

    ETA–An additional entry in NamUs I just found that post-dated 12/01/2009 in HumCo…. Cody Conoboy missing from Hoopa, CA on 01/09/2011.

      • Thanks for posting a link to that article, Kym. In the NamUs database: it only stated that partial remains were located but didn’t provide further details on Cody Conboy’s remains as your article did. I updated to add Cody Conboy’s name after I wrote the above comment simply because his name is still there.

        I believe that having his name in the database (although he has been located) may assist in future if anyone finds more remains and LE seeks to make a match. I can’t really think of any other reasons Cody’s name is still there, even though NamUs, too, can get backlogged.

        I just know that it’s much faster now with the internet than pre-PC days. It usually doesn’t get backlogged by several years anymore like it did previously. Hope that helps, and I’m glad his family has some measure of closure now.

    • How can I get a contact to officials in the area. I am a cousin of Lucy’s and I live in the Sacramento area.

  • To have any remains remaining after two years it seems he would have had to have been buried. The climate here wouldn’t crezt a mummy and wildlife would have devoured any soft tissue after two years how in the world can they claim no foul play unless they knew something already. Something’s amiss Watson.


    This article includes Lucas Blake-Williams, sounds like he trying very hard and doing well.

    As for NAMUS, anyone can enter someone’s name there but it appears no-one ever did.

  • I knew Lucas. He was with my mother for about year maybe two. he is also the father of my little sister. He had a girlfriend when he went missing, but he was not a good person, he went missing two or three days after telling his girlfriend and a few others that he had molested a young baby and maybe even his own daughter. (who was six at the time)
    He wasn’t always like that. I’ve known him since I was born, he was kind, caring and my mothers best friend, my mother has a bad reputation for abusing her boyfriends, they tried being in a relationship he handled it pretty well until she cheated on him with her second youngest’s father. Being with my mother drove him over the edge. The last time a saw him was at the plaza in Arcata right before he went missing, he threatened my mother saying that he would kill her. I’m no longer staying with my mother. And just wanted to let all of you know some of what happened…

  • I heard from his baby mamas it was a suiside.. if u look on fb she just made a weird anouncement… idk… i knew him for years.. my sister dated him.. its very sad.. he leaves behind a couple little ones… so sad.. 💔…

  • Has the identity been confirmed? I grew up with Lucas Blake-Williams and was keeping in touch with him until his disappearance. I just remember how hard he worked to put himself in a better place and to be able to be a good dad. I saw many of the abusive posts from his girlfriend in the days after he was reported missing. Those posts were documented before she deleted them, but I was seriously concerned for his safety and welfare after she publicly blasted him and humiliated him.

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