[UPDATE: 8:09 a.m.] Fish and Game-ageddon Descending on SoHum


One reader estimates that about 7:30 a.m. she saw around 30 Fish and Wildlife and other Humboldt County Sheriff vehicles gathered at the rest area that some folks call the Dyerville Overlook off Hwy 101 by the Honeydew exit. Another estimates 15-20.

There is a chipper so someone’s about to have help from law enforcement harvesting their marijuana plants….cannabis convoy marijuana

We’ll keep you updated on what we find out about where they are going.

Oh, yea, besides the cannabis convoy there’s one tourist who is wondering what the heck is happening….


UPDATE 8:09 a.m.: The convoy is headed west out the road of many names–Honeydew Road, Mattole Road, Bull Creek Flats Road, the Lost Coast Loop, the Petrolia Road, Rockefeller Forest Road…You choose.Bull creek road convoy woodchipperUPDATE: We now understand that this was a BLM operation. We’ll be attempting to find out more.



  • LoL!, tourist must not have a clue about Humboldt County.

    • No Overnight Parking

      Ha! I left my head lights on there over the weekend. Had to go back with a battery and rescue. Commenters would be like: damn! LE’s using a super fuel efficient Jetta Sportwagons now… we’re fucked.

    • Keep them chopers going boys chip as fast as you can go no stop 24-7 keep these prices up

  • Tourist.. shit probably trimmers freaking out right about now!

  • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

    Fish and game single handedly saving the price per pound for the summer. That chipper consumes more weed than Oakland after a raiders loss. Godspeed boys may the power of Governor Moonbeam be felt, there’s a market to stabilize. Make no mistake this is a one party blue state and these orders come from the top down. You think that they would really let the plebs f)$k this all up. Think again.

  • The Screwed Pooch.

    Oh for sure whatever ‘they’re’ doing somehow justifies 15-30 vehicles…. Just the fuel alone in all the gas tanks…. Weapons involved, so like that contingency of supposed law enforcement is like a million dollars worth of….never mind. Just kill me and get it over with.

  • Heisenberg van.

  • Too little. Too late. Just a show to lamely try to convince people to sign up for government extortion ie. permits, regs, compliance and taxes. I’m glad they’re doing “something” but we all know by now that enforcement is a paper tiger and next year everybody will blow it up bigger while more organized crime outfits land here to blow up mega-scenes to supply their urban markets across the country. We are nowhere near even the midpoint of this drama we’ve encouraged. The big fish eat the little fish as we see the community break down to the destitute and the mega-rich. Congratulations, everybody!

  • Please please tell me they are going to hunnydew and please please tell me they are going to get the chumps devil’s lettuce, we all know he has a patch are two. Did anyone else realize it’s harvest time and sure enough the chump hasnt been heard from, well I did lol

  • The tourist thought their was a donut convention, mmmm, donuts…

  • I saw a CHP parked at the Herrick Road overpass near Elk River Road this morning….

  • Dang unfair of them to target the people like the ones who killed off all the Fishers here with their poisons or hijacked water to grow overfertilized pot plants so that what escapes from the site is sediment ladened death to the streams.

    Pot is much, much, much, much , much more important, isn’t it…

    • The Fishers were killed off by the post WW2 logging boom. My land was raped in 76, it still has not recovered, and I have spent 35 years working to improve it. But by all means blame me for everything.

      • I had Fishers until 2000. On land logged over at least 3 times, starting with time leaving the 20 ft diameter stumps probably a hundred years ago, the ones that regrew from those stumps and were cut at 3 foot diameter and the ones done a few years before I bought it. Until the grower moved in across the property line. Poof. Disappeared.

        But thank you for being willing to share the blame. That’s rare indeed.

        • so let me get this straight. you had fishers in 2000 before it was logged for the 3rd time or was your property logged 3 times in less than 75 years? your timeline and location aren’t matching up. 1,000 foot elevation at minimum and you have 20 foot stumps? lets try to be honest. I have 20 foot stumps, some with 30 ring trees sprouting from them. I am at 220 feet elevation with a shallow water table that historically allowed these redwoods to grow to this diameter. my property was only logged once by hand.

          • There are large stumps, some 20 ft, with spring board notches. To the side of some of those are 3 ft stumps with some decay. Near those are smaller stumps not decayed.

            I live at 1500 ft , facing the ocean. It is in the fog belt in the foot hills. If you are in Eureka, you will see the first lines of hills with their heads frequently in the clouds. Or if you’re inside the cloud, it’s fog. Redwoods harvest fog. Standing under one is like standing in the rain if the fog is dense while the ground not under a canopy is dry. There is one place with 3 very large stumps remarkably close together that has a winter brook that doesn’t dry up til July. It will frequently be dry in Eureka and wet up here. Has nothing to do with the ‘water table’ which I suspect is likely a thousand feet down.

            So yes, my place is dotted with very large stumps. And I had fishers. The last I saw one was 2000. The last I heard one at night was the next year.

            I also think you need to get around more.

        • Cops use fishers as anti-weed excuse — blaming the victim of prohibition, but no one blames Exxon, Maxam, or the chemical/pharma monopoly nazis… its some hippy doper who is to blame. Always, the dang dopers!!!

        • You sir are a liar…….

          • Look above but since you are so much less polite than “local observer,” who was not all that polite, you, sir, are ignorant.

    • Ghost of Charles Hurwitz

      The fishers just like the coho and chinook salmon, as well as our trout and steelhead were killed off by the 150 year boom and bust of logging corporations with their European and Scottish East Coast Syndicate Bankers who paid employees to file bogus land claims in Humboldt so the Scottish Syndicate could “buy back” from the claimants the redwood forests which would be “logged to infinity” as LP Harry Melo once said. Then Hurwitz sold all those phoney junk bonds and forcibly “took over” Palco with Texas based Maxxam.. all on fake junk bonds… Go ahead and blame the pot and cannabis but the salmon were gone in the 1970’s, the few we saw then were all that remained after Scottish Syndicate, all freemasons, raped Humboldt County and shipped the profits East and the Redwood forests South and to log ponds in Japan.
      Read: Scottish Syndicate in the Redwoods available on Google Books to learn the rest of the story of the destruction of Humboldt County by a wealthy Scottish Syndicate using fraud and planned monopoly…..

      • America was built by Scottish syndicates but you don’t see us bragging

      • a thoughtful post hurwitz (did he die?) thank you i plan on reading that

        bragging is braggadocios? nah.. precocious, atrocious, and lame. lol.

      • Your right Ghost of Charles Hurwitz for the most part. But if you read the book the biggest culprits listed are locally known as the Russ’s. They own many ranches, and most of those were taken as you say from bogus land claims. It is a good read, and tells the story of how the Russ’s and now their offspring have come to own so much of the Humboldt land.

        Falsely filing claims from people that they got off the street, and then buying those claims from the people they hired to file them in the first place.

    • I don’t grow. my property was destroyed in the 30s by steam donkey and hand saws. my creek has 2-3 feet of mud below the skunk cabbage until you get to the 0.5 to 1 inch grey layer of ash on top of more mud until you get to pebbles and sand. I was quoted a restoration estimate to get the mud out in a 100 foot stretch, and it was around 200K which includes the 15K DFW permit fee. you might want to spend some time learning what is really going on. I find rodent poison pellets in hose stored in my garage along with peanut shells and I don’t use either one and there are no grows within a 1/2 mile of my property.

      • That sort of damage happened here in the stream bed 1000ft down hill. Ugly and a problem each winter.

        Still had Fishers though. Until…

    • One thing I found very interesting about Fishers is their territory is 150 mile radius. I’m sure they could stumble upon a lot of poison between Eureka and Willow Creek. Or think how far from south of Eureka they might travel. Another thing I found interesting is one of their delicacies is porcupines! Talk about roughage!

      • Everyone in my neighborhood grows (in willow creek) and we have fishers- relatively large amount. I walked into my chicken house the other day and there was one in the chicken house, eating the eggs, all the chickens were outside, freaking out. Anyway, sorry about your lack of fishers but probably due to any number of other things. I don’t think growers magically make them disappear, probably anyone who uses rodenticide makes them disappear though.

        • You sure they are fishers? Not weasels or mink? Both those are common along the Trinity river also…

          • I know what a fisher is I assure you. It was the size of a small dog- probably 25 lbs. maybe bigger.

            And re: thinking allowed, how would you know you don’t have a fisher? They are really shy animals..

            • It’s true that most of the time what I saw was their butts as they ducked underneath a log. But they are not the least bit shy making enough noise at night. They have a really scary, loud, unmistakable call. The first time I heard it, I thought someone was getting killed outside my window.

              Not to mention their snarl.

              No they are gone.

              • maybe it has something to do with the lack of food in a fourth gen redwood forest. are your flickers gone also? I find orange wing parts at the base of my big ring trees and that is my only knowledge of knowing I have fishers on my property.

                • I got flickers in my neck of the woods, can sometimes hear fishers at night never seen one in my four years here however. South Trinity.

                • Thinking allowed

                  They were here, logged as it was. Flickers are here still- always have been. I’m surprised that they would be so easily caught by a fisher as to be a regular food source. Have lots of squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, voles, shrews, rabbits. Had porcupines. Haven’t seen one lately but they were never all that commonly seen.

                  If you have fishers, you will surely hear them if not see them. They are rather vocal at times.

            • Lost Croat Outburst

              Seems a bit large for a fisher, but I don’t know. The tragedy is that fishers and martens are predatory carnivores and do not eat cannabis but do eat rodents and other critters that eat your weed so they are beneficial for vegie and flower gardens. Horrible people moved into the industry caring nothing for the eco-system and simply killed or poisoned everything. Very sad. Fenced Outdoor plants have a host of active predators and beneficial insects not readily available to indoor gardens.

  • They are heading to the chumps house.

  • Whos this chump you speak of ?

    • New around here?

      • as clearly as chumps vision. i’ve been thinking lately what if everyone ignores both the commander in chimp and the bridge chump… bet they both die off…

    • This site’s biggest troll.

      • He’s certainly persistent. But not the biggest troll. He just trolls against the tide of the majority of other trolls and some just can’t let it go.

    • Mrs Diesel Chump (chumps mom)

      Now you leave my Diesel Chump alone! It’s not his fault he is the way he is, he had a hard time growing up in Humboldt, all the other kids would pick on Diesel Chump and call him names like Nark, and dummy and stupid. He had a hard time growing up because nobody in grammar school or High School like Diesel Chump because he had a hard time getting along. It’s not his fault, he was picked on by all the mean bully hippy kids because of his flat top and Nancy Reagan “Just Say No” t-shirt. It isn’t my little Diesel’s fault! Diesel Chump is just very jealous because all the dangerous drug growers drive big trucks and yell at poor little Diesel when my sweet little Diesel is on his Moped coming home from Sunday School. It’s not Diesel Chumps fault he can’t make it on his own, I just got him used to cleaning up his room he has in my basement and he is even beginning to tie his own shoes! Big Progress! The only thing left to do is get him off that computer he is on all day, I am beginning to get concerned because he is 45 years old, never had a girlfriend or a car or a job, and now he seems to be addicted to gaming and porn! It’s not Diesel’s fault, the grammar school hippy kids picked on him and called him a nark! My little Diesel Chump is special to me! I love My Little Diesel Chump, don’t pick on him any more, please stop them Kym!

  • Meanwhile rumor has it there was a near stabbing in Garberville town square this am

  • Imagine the scissor-hash off of those tines on the chipper.

    • Hmm.. just tow it off-set, behind the tractor… some modular bins…. Just thinkin.

      I met a copter pilot a couple years ago who was demo-ing a giant chipper slung below the helicopter for clearing power line easments.this was for PG&E in Redding.

      Patent idea # 143: Could you use that chipped slurry, combined with aggregate as an eco asphalt pot hole filler?

  • “Tourist” probably has 400lb of light dep stashed in that motorhome ready to head back east. He/she will be needing a change of his/her chones this morning.

  • Man I love this site, kym your the best, you allow us to stir the pot and then join in on the fun and you know your jokes have to hurt more then ours, even though they are usually innocent as hell eitherway thanks for being such a good sport :^)

  • they finally realized how many illegal [edit] grows are out in the “gap” after last weeks bust. there all like………ahhhhh we need backup!!! shits going down for the rest of the week out there,my guess. Can I get a buck more for my weed now??

    • Panther Gap Resident

      The Bulgarians have mostly left. Most people in the gap have filed for permits. There are a few holdouts, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did raid the gap considering you could hear a dozer running all summer pushing spots for new greenies. I just hope the sheriffs don’t harass the people going legal.

    • They’re in just about every subdivision taking over , leveling land, ruining neighborhoods, trying to buy everyone out. At this point it would take a federal RICO massive investigation and bust to roust them out. Welcome to the Russian/Bulgarian Mafia take-over.

  • The chump is to bizzy harvesting his shit to comment .Got to get her done before the boys show up with the chipper in tow .lol although I would just about get as much joy seeing the bulgarians get busted but I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon in fact I don’t believe I’ve ever read in the newspaper where the bulgarians have ever gotten busted

    • Bulgarians CIA funded

      That’s because the Bulgarians are CIA funded and the HCSO have orders from the feds to let the Bulgarians slide by….

    • They dont

    • Mogtx— I can think of four, maybe five busts mentioned on Kym’s blog that were Bulgarian/Slavic grows… they are not getting identified as Eastern European operations as such by the press or blogs because the HCSO isn’t giving out that information…. but their neighbors know and word gets around. If the DEA comes in and takes out a Bulgarian as they did down at Twin Trees some years back, you never here anything. It’s surreal how this county became such a mecca for international growers, and carpetbagging capitalists of all stripes. Who could capture it all in a novel? Thomas Pynchon?

    • Mogtx, go look through the pages on this site back a few years ago in the cannabis section. There has been several occasions.

  • My spots in blocksburg has been circeled three times this morning as well as several others? Any idea what that’s about kym? Mabye look for the muder suspect?

    • Yes, looking for him. They are also hammering Wool Mt. Black and white chopper. Lots of law enforcement driving and hiking around. They’ve been at it all day. (Get a scanner)

  • Maybe they are going back to the Honeydew site that they raided and got thousands of pounds some weeks. According to witnesses, LEO didn’t even finish emptying one of many hoops, buried the pot in a hole dug with the properties excavator, the owners reclaimed the pot from the hole and sold it. This may sound like an unsubstantiated rumor, but it is not. Not only is Humco not keeping up with the 70+ Mendo county busts, they don’t even do a thorough job when they bust…. sometimes.

  • Hopefully they make a pass thru Honeydew Campground and run all the trimmigrants out, which most are prob illegals.

  • I remember eating lunch at the Petrolia store deli a few years ago around and another guy joined me at the table. Camp had just spent a week or more in that area and this fellow was telling me about following the staging areas with a cooler of beer and a lawn chair in his truck. He claimed he drank his beer under the nearest tree while the CAMPers sweated their asses off in the hot sun. When his neighbors complained about the law he allegedly told em this was their price support program at work so get over it. “Then they got my place and the neighbors all laughed at me”. He did seem to have a good appreciation of the irony because he sure laughed telling the story. So did I!

    Was it you C.H.U.M.P.ster?

  • The real story here is: Fish & Wildlife are the new CAMP. Don’t need no warrants. And they really care about the environment. When was the last time they used 30 vehicles to raid a bad logging op?

  • Still no idea who got busted ? Kym no word yet ?

  • The situation with HCSO busting people is like war. It’s good for their bottom dollar and they have fun. I have a simple solution. The county could get up to date ariel photos. They can cross reference the parcel number to see if there is an application on file. If not, a cease and desist letter along with a bill can be sent to the property owner giving hem so many days to remove the crop. Then the county checks with the newest image to see if the crop has been removed. If the crop remains, then enforcement action should take place and a bill for such action to be given to property owner. If the bill goes unpaid, the property owner forfeits the property. See how easy that was? You know most, if not all would chop the crop knowing he HCSO is on their way and property owners leasing would be more strict.

    • You don’t think they already know that ?

      • Who knows what??? Yes HCSO and the county know this. Thats why a stated its like war to them. They make money from doing it the old way. My point is they could do much more with less money.

        • They’re going to have to do something , that’s for sure. They’re so slow they are probably in the negative numbers. For every grow they take out, 4 more are created .
          Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.

    • They could have done this years ago, before this scam “legalization”. they could have knocked back the greenrush with some letters and a few busts. But they refused to do that. Don’t forget that Mendocino County had a chipper 2 years before Humboldt. Humboldt has willfully and stubbornly refused to do anything about the blow-up of industrial grows in plain sight and the influx of organized crime organizations into our neighborhoods. My guess is that when they finally use your suggested strategy they send them to any remaining small mom-n-pops to shut them down out of fear of losing their homes to huge civil fines. $1000/day for violation by growing unpermitted 6 plants is what Tehama is charging! And civil fines are near impossible to fight- you have no rights as in a criminal proceeding! Our county “leaders” seem to love the biggest and greediest and ugliest ie, wealthiest criminals while neglecting or exploiting the thousands of still-remaining small family growers. It’s disgusting what has happened here. People – the old school rebellious independently- spirited people- should be outraged!

    • That assumes the plants themselves, not related damage, are the sole issue. And that someone, already fully aware they are currently and deliberately violating the law, will suddenly respectfully comply.

      Even if they have an application, it doesn’t mean they are compliant with anything.

      • “We have become aware that some people who have applied for permits are growing much more than the amount of their permits. And that they have made little to no progress in meeting the terms of their permits.” The county actually said that a month ago. No shit, Sherlock! That was most people’s plan, talked about all over the county last winter in every circle I encountered. I maintain that the county agents, especially the sheriff are willfully and stubbornly refusing to see what is right in front of their faces. This is a very corrupt situation. It could be easily blown wide-open by any decent journalistic investigation asking the obvious questions and following the money trail.

        • It is a farce! … the Greedrush certainly aint limited to the hills. State and county bureaucracies, existent and being created, are trying to de-profitize legal growing through overtaxing and over-regulating. I fantasize about affixing an art installation in county building bathrooms, a box with extra strength sanitary wipes advertising for “Really Greasy Palms”….
          A history of the ever changing law enforcement practices of the drug wars in this county would make for interesting reading. Maybe Ed Denson should write it. Ed? It’s all so surreal.
          One chipper? They can only afford one chipper? Is that the most efficient way to destroy pot?
          Mendocino 74+ busts, Humboldt county ?
          Curious and curiouser…

      • Permits or not, corporate, “dope yuppy” legalization is a club and you arent in it…. not very gangsta, and by that i mean coooooool. Cronyism…busts, lol, fresno is. Laughing all the way to the weed-friendly bank, and still people bit#/ about salmonoids.

  • And we still don’t know who got busted or maybe there really wasn’t a raid and it just looked like there was a raid that they were just Faking It

  • No updates yet kym? I want to hear the plant count

  • If everyone who chooses to grow ..would just have a worm composter and after harvesting put all your dirt in it and let the red wriggler compost worms go at it you will in 6months have rich black dirt for next season. Add your leftovers except citrus and meat products and salad dressings & sprinkle bokashi over it to keep the smell down. Stop buying dirt and make your own for a change. It’s one way to clean up
    Your neighborhood wherever you live.

  • , thank you Kim you should write a story about how tight-lipped they are about giving out information on who got busted you would think they’d keep tight-lipped on who they might bust but certainly not who they have busted. It’s probably Mexicans because they like you grow on BLM or national parks. Hopefully you can get it up get it for us on Monday

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