$4000 Reward for Missing Dog

missing mini Pinscher post dog

There’s a $4000 reward for this missing mini Pinscher, Mimi. Please call (510) 206-2728 if you have any information.



  • Missing since a month ago & they’re just now advertising for help in finding the pooch??? Sounds like too little too late, this dog has hopefully been found by someone!!! Otherwise the dog is likely history by now!!! Best of luck on finding it but it seems you waited a bit too long!!! Just my $.02 worth YMMV!!!

    • “Bonanza King Resort is a 10 acre vacation paradise located along Coffee Creek in Trinity Country and positioned in over 525,000 acres of pristine wilderness in Northern California”

      My guess is they posted many posters in THAT area before reaching in to another county.

      • Thank you Liz. You are correct in guessing that we have reached out to many social media sources including door to door, animal shelters, vet hospitals and local law enforcement since Mimi disappeared. This dog has been sighted since 8/25. Last update was a couple of weeks ago two adults and a child in fifth wheel may have picked her up in Coffee Creek area. Owner is desperately reaching out to other sources.

      • We have. Multiple times, stopped every person, spoke with all rangers, sheriffs, CalTrans, EVERYONE EVERYWHERE….knocked on doors, schools, churches, stores, Following up on every possible lead/sighting.

    • Well that was helpful. I would assume they are hoping someone found the dog and adopted it. Hence the large reward.

    • They have posted in other areas. They are expanding out in hopes that folks further out have seen Mimi.

    • Dan Fuller why say what you said. it didnt help. just makes people feel bad. [edit]

  • Some Coyotes snack…

  • Kyms site will find her.

  • A dog this high bred and clipped will surely have a chip, although I see no tags on the Show Collar. I hope it is recovered through a local Shelter, and the 4K donated to it.

    • She is spayed, and yes in fact if a shelter recovers her the reward will go to them. If a private person finds her, the reward will go to them–cash–no questions asked

  • IMHO: Lots of Mountain Lions in that area.
    I do hope they find the dog… but… at this point, kind of a long shot.

  • I saw a loose dog at 3 Corners on Myrtle that matched the description. It ran north from there. I’m not sure of the day but less than a week ago.

    • I rcvd a call from a wonderful woman yesterday stating what you said—I immediately contacted the store–spoke with people there and sent over flyers

  • That’s a really good looking dog, sure hope it’s found.

  • If the pooch was close to its home there is a good chance it would wonder back home. Being gone this long is not good. Hooefully if someone took it they bring it back. Coyotes and other preditators are a possibility. I would really look into the motor home. It they were hmongs its a good chance the poor pooch was treated as other wild game.

  • I am her owner, I have been frantically emailing, posting, calling, faxing, hand delivering flyers in a 100+mile radius etc. So to the kind gentleman who posted too little too late….please know facts before you share your seemingly insensitive $0.2 cents. We cant know EVERY website of every venue to post. I immediately contacted everyone/everything I and others could think of and find. As I learn of more places I share the info. I have been contacting all tv, and radio news to share her story but due to the fires at that time they said her story wasnt as pressing and now that is has been 30 days the news media says its not current enough. Her disappearance has caused heart condition flare ups and Blood Pressure skyrocketing thus many emergency room visits from the stress/anxiety of her disappearance. YES we need to get her back obviously preferably alive but even if we had answers instead of not knowing. She disappeared 300 miles away from home while on a family vacation. The resort owner is refusing to allow us to search on the premises without paying over $400.00 access fee—to walk the property! EXTORTION. I and friends/family who have gone up there multiple times to search have searched through the fecal matter of bears, cougars, wolves etc to see if by chance that is what happened…Ive tried to get details on the 5th wheel but the person who saw it didnt get a license plate or model, as they didnt realize it was her until they got home and saw my posts on the internet. Please keep eyes out….and before we cast judgement on someone for something, please know the facts of the situation…this is not something that is being taken lightly.
    Thank you for everyone who is sharing, networking, your kindness is beyond what words can express.

    • Sorry about you loosing your dog. I understand that very well. The resort owner not allowing you access to the property seems not only wrong, but suspicious and possibly illegal. Loosing something while being legally on someone’s property should give you some sort of right to search.

      I suggest a boycott of this resort. Keep to the facts and let the owner pay in lost future revenue. Spread the word, and many will not come.

      • I agree, I spoke with the Sheriff and legally the resort owner can do this as he owns it. Morally the Sheriff was none too happy. Per the law, the only way the Sheriff can, demamd me ability to search is if the dog is seen again on the property.. then his denial will be harboring stolen property.

      • It’s ‘Lose’. Loose has an entirely different meaning.

        Dan isn’t the only one bothered by casual spelling. It’s sadly become acceptable.

    • I have even watched Yelp and contacted guests who posted their reviews of their stays there, from the time of her disappearance and after; and asked if they possibly saw her. All have replied with unfortunately no..

  • You are obviously a very caring concerned dog owner. I once lost my dog for 9 days during the worst storm of the year. Covered 5 counties searching for her. Thank God she came home. I hope this story ends as happy as mine. Best of luck. U are doing all u can. Screw that resort and shame on them. Hopefully u have a microchip in case someone tries to take him to the vet.

  • Lost my dog in a foreign country that is known to eat canines. He busted through a fence during a nye fireworks display and was gone for over 24 hours. I for sure thought he was gone but he showed up the next day…..he must have pissed a trail in the jungle to follow home. Hope your buddy makes it home too

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