[UPDATE]12th Street Eastbound Lane Blocked in Fortuna After Traffic Collision

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA traffic collision on 12th Street in Fortuna has blocked the eastbound lane. The westbound lane is open to one-way traffic control. There are no injuries.

UPDATE: Traffic opening back up.



  • Teenagers in a car rear ended a truck…

  • I got rear ended years ago on 12th St!!! The guy in front of me came to a sudden stop, I hit the skids & stopped, unfortunately the pregnant wench behind me did not!!!

    • Dan, that’s pretty harsh wouldn’t ya say? Unfortunate pregnant woman sounds way more understanding, as it was the dumbass in front of you that caused such accident. Just sayin bud

      • Gazoo. No, the person in front did not cause the accident. Your suppose to be 10 feet for every 10 miles per hour that you are traveling. Thus giving you time to stop if you are paying attention. The person behind Dan should not have been so close that she couldn’t stop. And yes, unfortunate pregnant women sounds way better. I would bet his name calling would have something to do with the interaction between them after the accident. Just a guess. I wish people could be nice after accidents, after all they are accidents. Nobody wakes up and says, I think I will cause an accident today.

    • wow. Seek help dude.

  • 12st runs north to south!. Did we do a global axis shift?

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