Today Is National Voter Registration Day

vote FeatureToday is National Voter Registration Day. Are you registered to vote in California? You can check your status here.

National Voter Registration Day has been held the fourth Tuesday of September since 2012. It was created to encourage eligible voters from all political affiliations to participate in the election process.

We hope you take 30 seconds to see if you are registered. This site even allows you to check the status of your last vote-by-mail or provisional ballot.



  • Please use the actual California lookup instead of some third party provider who might even be Cambridge Analytica in a different web-skin.

    Humboldt or (707) 445-7678

    HUM only wants the last four of your Social & your Birthdate, unlike that first phishing site that wants enough to open a credit card or swat your house.

    And in any case, be really super careful about where you leave your personal information on the internet.

  • You might want to translate this one into espanol.

  • Read the terms of service……non profit…ah scammers come to mind.
    Better switch to pollyP suggested site.

    • I had linked to the wrong url. I’ve switched over to the .gov one from the State of California now.

      • Thanks Kym!! You do so much hard work keeping this all working!!

        • Funny. I voted and now I’m being called conglaberating with white supremacy and neo-nazis. Lol

          • Dude, nobody knows anything about you other than you have literally labeled yourself a nazi for some reason. Hillary voters got labled nazis. Trump voters got labled nazis. Obama voters, Bush voters, Reagan voters, EVERYONE’S been labeled a nazi by someone else. It’s not something you have to constantly own.

            • Obama and Hillary voters are Nazi’s…..said no one…..ever.

              • I’m not sure about the voters but I do remember this: (and no, I don’t think the Week is an awesome source but I only have so much time to grab a link. I’m trying to water my flowers. The crime weekend we had left them all limp.)

              • Rollin21, the chant that was always there, is now more pronounced.
                Now everyone and anyone who does not support the anti-american groups are now classified as the enemy.
                Amber Cummings (Based Tranny) has proven this.
                Ryoga Vee, a Democrat, has proven this.
                Many others have proven this, through diligent live streams.
                The persistent chants now consist of total anarchy so that those who push total anarchy can take control of the power that the ignorant have turned over to the powers that be.
                This is what happens when we are agreeable to giving others power.
                The constitution, as you know, prohibits any forms of government to control the individual.

                Repealing the 17th and 16th amendments and so forth, is the furthest from their minds. They love the corrupt amendments. They thrive on them. They want to give all the unconstitutional amendments more power, so they have full control of all power over everyone.

                Government has no constitutional authority in healthcare, marriage, education, agriculture, air, water, property, food, and they know it.
                So they rile the people up by crying over what controls the government has slacked on, backed away from. They want that power back.

                Peace can only be restored to the individual when the individual’s peace is secured. The constitution secures that peace. The politics unravel it, destroy it, crush it, twist it, demonize it, hate it…

                Those who are against the individual, are against the smallest minority of all.
                November is the beginning of the campaign to terrify the individual’s into leaving the country.
                With the backing of Politicians who wish to control the every dollar of every wallet, make sure you have back up power paks for your videos.

        • Thank you for catching the error. (My favorite part of this is when we all work together to make the community a better place.)

  • Don’t bother! The system is entirely corrupt. American Democracy is a farce. With the time and energy wasted in registering and voting you can better affect positive change by going out into public and committing a random act of kindness. You are all serfs and this “voting” is an empty gesture of your willing compliance to your peasant status. Do not be fooled! They do not care what you want and only use the polls to fashion a better propaganda program to lull you back into submission.

  • Voter registration is a form of poll tax. It is nothing but an encumbrance designed to weed out the “undesirables”. The state knows who I am. The state knows where I am. LexisNexis knows every fucking thing I have ever done. I should be able to show up at any polling place and vote using my state ID. This shit and gerrymandering have killed democracy.

  • State id card?Ha! what a farce! All those illegal aliens who Govcommie Brown gave them now allows them to go register as “legal citizens” and vote. This makes me puke knowing the socialist program is moving forward in numbers to cancel all conservative constitutionalist votes. Time for a purge in Sacramento, and flush the -hit down the Sacramento toilet.

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