Kristi Gochoel: Born From the Stars

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Kristi GochoelKristi Gochoel
October 1941-August 2017


Kristi was born from the stars and landed in a community that helped her heal and showed her love.

“We touched each other in meaningful ways. It was a beautiful experience of love. Thank you all.”

Her family would like to share a recent poem of Kristi’s as she continues to lead us on a path of love and light:

“Weep weep calls
a toad from the water’s edge
and I do.
If grief can be a doorway
to love then
Let us all weep for
the world we are
breaking apart, so we
can love it back to
wholeness again.”

There will be a celebration of Kristi on Saturday, October 21st, 2 PM at Beginnings Octagon. Appetizers and desserts are welcome to attend.

If you would like to help Kristi’s longtime partner, Barbara, during this time of emotional and financial transition, you can donate to Barbara Penny account # 1443 at the Community Credit Union of Southern Humboldt, or online at GoFundMe.



  • What an incredible poem. Safe journey sister

  • She was the best of us. A heart wide and embracing. Here’s hoping those who she helped on their way on ahead are waiting on the far side of the bridge to greet and hold her. I’ll miss you Kristi.. a great soul.

  • My mom told me the other day and was so sad! Kristi was one of a kind and helped me get through one of the toughest times of my young life. My brother passed away as I was entering high school and my mom had me talk to Kristi to work out my issues. What an incredible gift she had to listen and really hear what your were saying. I can never thank her enough, she was such a huge calming presence to me and our community that we carved out of the hills. I will never forget you and I will make sure my kids know who you are and what you meant to all of us. Much Love goes out to her entire family. Safe travels my friend and we will meet again!

    • Thank you for sharing that. Love being passed on makes the world seem a little less dark.

      • Kristi walks with the Angels. Around 1980, my back was so out that I could only crawl on my hands&a knees. Kristi came to my semi-ghetto trailer and taught me to connect my Golden Cord of Divine Life deep into Mother Earth. Next thing I know, I was up walking like no injury had ever happened! And no relapse either! Like Jesus would spontaneously heal the lame- I got up off the floor & walked forth! This is the honest truth. She helped me & my family a few more times throughout the decades. I truly loved her!

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