Former Humboldt County Correctional Officer Back in the Jail on Charges of Molesting Children

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office released the mugshot of Cory Fisher, the former correctional officer at the county jail who is being charged with multiple counts including the sexual and physical abuse of minors over a period of years. Fisher resigned in August and left the area.

On September 15, he was arrested in San Bernardino County and later extradited to Humboldt County.  Now he is in jail awaiting trial for the following crimes:

Oral Copulation of a minor 10 years old or younger
Sodomy with a child 10 years old or younger
Lewd acts with a child under 14 years old
Lewd acts with a child 15 years old or older
Continuous sex with a minor under 14 years old

If you have any information in the case, please contact Eureka Police Det. Ron Harpham at 707-441- 4305.



  • Hope this monster dies in there.

  • There are no survivors of child abuse, it lives long after the fact.

  • shawn the fisherman

    What really upsets me? Those people who say this kind of thing is a victim less crime. That whole movement needs shoved in a deep hole and filled in. Poor kids! Jeez talk about stealing someones child hood.

    • Its not just child hood. These victims a lot of time repeat the actions that were inflicted on them. Making this crime passed on generation after generation. Besides being a ugly ass fat pig cop,this guy was most likley sodomised and molasted as a child passing on his torture to other youth. Yes sad all around. The only way to break the cycle is knowing your a child molester and getting serious therapy or killing yourself. Choose the later

    • Nobody says that

    • WHo has ever said child molestation is a victim-less crime?

      • Nobody, that’s how big media works. They make up a phony argument, and pretend like its happening all over the USA. Remember the Starbucks happy holidays sensationalism? That was made up, and many more are too. This white supremacist movement? A few HUNDRED rednecks show up in Charlottesville and know its a national movement. It’s not. The media is getting out of control, and their power of influence is scary.

        • Let us be very clear–Shawn the Fisherman, however, estimable he is, is not THE MEDIA. Shawn is the one who said that some people say that child molesting is a victimless crime. THE MEDIA, as you are using it, Dracos, is not saying that.

          For one thing, there is no conglomerate called THE MEDIA.

          News organizations, political sites, blogs, etc. have a vast number of viewpoints. Fox News, Breitbart, Mother Jones, and the New York Times all have vastly different stories represented in them. Charlottesville, for example, was represented completely differently by Mother Jones than it was by Breitbart.

          For another thing, one single commenter is not some vast machine that you have imagined exists.

          I think you conflated a bunch of very different things (a comment on a blog with an imaginary conspiracy of media moguls) and it is giving you a sense of fear that is unrealistic.

          • But breitbart, mother jones, the ny times etc etc all copped a dime on the story and DID in fact play the “two sides to every story” game. How many other stories about how many other relevant issues could they relate instead of hinging their bankroll on the same topical issue. To deny a collective “media” is really naive, you know what is meant by the term and it fuels conversation on your own blog every day.

            • Really? There is no difference between this story? and this?

              Mother Jones very clearly blames Police and defends civil rights protestors and while Breitbart also leans towards Police Fault it clearly blamed the violence on both sides.
              Let’s just compare Mother Jones’s Paragraph:
              “But the white supremacists who flooded into the city’s Emancipation Park—a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee sits in the center of the park—had spent months openly planning for war. The Daily Stormer, a popular neo-Nazi website, encouraged rally attendees to bring shields, pepper spray, and fascist flags and flagpoles. A prominent racist podcast told its listeners to come carrying guns. “Bring whatever you need, that you feel you need for your self defense. Do what you need to do for security of your own person,” said Mike “Enoch” Peinovich on The Right Stuff podcast.”

              And Breitbart: “The governor repeatedly emphasized the violence of “nazis” but made no reference to violence by any left-wing group, despite being asked repeatedly about what role such groups may have played in Saturday’s melee. The implication was clear that the violence was an unavoidable result of far-right white identity political groups being allowed to hold a rally.”

              Those are very different viewpoints.

              And, of course, national news groups covered that story, it was an important and it was going to interest a lot of readers. Nonetheless, the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Vogue magazine likely didn’t. They are important media sources also.

              • You missed the point. Corporate controlled media conglomerates define what is and isn’t “news” to suit their interests. You fall in line on your blog (local media) when you make their story your topic. How many presidential candidates can you name from the past election? How many AREN’T republicans or democrats? Case closed.

                • Jill Stern, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Martin O’Malley, Jindal, Rick Perry, Gary Johnson–That was kind of fun. There were a heck of a lot more than that.

                  I agree that there is some driving of the narrative by large media organizations. BUT if readers aren’t interested…then it is unlikely that most of the media is going to tell those stories. Readers are the prize. If the stories that media organizations tell aren’t compelling enough, then they look for others. Look at Sanders. He got very little media attention at first but people were interested and so media started following his story.

                  Blaming media because there isn’t more coverage of non-mainstream party candidates is roughly like blaming announcers for not covering knitting. Yes, media could try and force people to care about candidates that have little chance of winning, but they’d rather tell stories that people want to read.

          • You’re running an asylum here.

          • He’s so bad I can’t even comment.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            That’s right, Kym! “A few hundred rednecks”? So that means we just ignore it? Dracos has been drinking the Fox-Republican kool-aid for too long. Trump and his supporters do and say exactly what he says and does. You can’t have it both ways and you can’t blamed the media for reporting the insanity. Like would-be dictators everywhere, Trump is incensed by dissent and has no concept of American culture and Constitutional guarantees of free speech and non-violent dissent.

            You can bet if a neo-Nazi, KKK wizard, white nationalist or neo-Confederate had been run down and klled, we would never hear the end if it from right-wing media and their fan base.

      • shawn the fisherman

        I think they call them selves “Return of the Kings” Im not positive I just googled it. They are very repulsive they advocate rape to be legal on private property. Really demented group!

        • I just gave “Return of Kings” a cursory look. I`ve known guys like this; fortunately they`re in the minority. For whatever reason, they have real issues with women; seem to have some unexplained hatred. I realized a lot of promiscuous types/womanizers are closet homos who are terrified that they`re actually homo. Sad bunch. Of course there are women who hate men also. Makes one want to hang out with cast iron machinery

  • A cop and a child molester, have fun where you are going!

  • I’m not going to respond Kym. I shouldn’t even open the ones that make me so angry. They just leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. My fault.

  • This is the guy who referred to a girl as really “hot” — “she`s 12 years old but she has a body like an 8 year old”

  • Simmer down your pitchforks, guys. He’ll either get his day in court or use his belt as a parachute.

  • What a shame… he hasn’t killed himself yet.

  • His profile on facebook is shocking.
    My wife tells me she can see in his childs eyes that Something isnt right.
    If this pedophile was comfortable enough to sodomize someone elses children, then what would he have done to his own?

  • How you handle things that make you angry Kym will really help me. Usually I go for a ride in my car and just scream at the top of my lungs.

  • There is something definitely wrong with this person.yuck😭

  • So, what do I think?

    Sometimes the court of public opinion and public shaming serves a lost and forgotten purpose. Think of some rich folks like the Menendez brothers and Patty Hearst getting off relatively scot-free back in the day, OJ and the ill-fitting glove defense in criminal court, and the famous Bill Cosby skating for years without accountability. So, yeah, there’s a purpose when justice fall short.

    Given that and as far as Cory Fisher goes, he’ll get his day in court for his justice. Witnesses will testify, the DA will prosecute, the jury and judge will decide. Until that time he’s virtually unemployable now, likely lost any family left, and still has a trial to go through. He’ll suffer the consequences between now and then. The chips will fall where they may.

    As far as the above comments go concerning the media, thank goodness we have the media and yes– a free press, the 4th estate as it’s importantly called– where the reader can decide independently based on the intelligent choices of what they read and taking in a wide variety of sources and materials and opinions. The importance of our free media throughout our history cannot be understated or underestimated. We older folks all remember Watergate, and Bernstein and Woodward’s superior investigative reporting of that, when it seemed the entire government was lying and colluding to cover it all up as if nothing happened.

    Some say the media is fake, fake news, a hoax, etc., especially lately in today’s news. Be careful of that wide-sweeping assertion. When trained, credentialed, highly-educated investigative reporters working for the New York Times and Washington Post, two of the greatest newspapers in the world, write their stories, triple-checked for veracity, facts, and sources, certain people call it ‘Fake News!’ and would rather you look the other way. This would be laughable on its face if it wasn’t so downright ignorant and dangerous in its scope.

    And on that happy note, a friend told me yesterday she likes this site best for local news stuff because it’s not sensational or exaggerated as others are, and Kym keeps a good and level head of sensibility about her.

    Just sayin’. Sorry so long. Carry on.

  • It makes me sick, thinking I have to breathe the same air as this pos!!

  • Disturbing that law enforcement even hired him

    First I will give a watch at your own risk Warning .Find A documentary That Was Shown on HBO Called Just Melvin . I believe That’s What it’s called . A local documentary about a family of molesters . When we Saw It it blew our minds and was disturbing . It was shown on a Sunday night right after a sopranos episode years ago .It was so disturbing but we could not stop watching it it was from Humboldt and real

  • Send him down here. We have a whole special floor for child molesters.

  • There is no cure for a monster like this. And now a days when they go to prison they get to go on a special prison yard so that other convicts can’t kill them
    And then they get released and repeat the same sick shit
    I don’t understand how anyone could ever say that these kind of people should be able to live there’s over 300 registered sex offenders in every zip code in the Los Angeles area alone and the even sicker ones are the ones that aren’t registered and are lurking in our homes as our children play
    Anyone that is sick as this punk should die so that they could never do this again.
    I have a brother who was sentenced 8 years for killing two men for molesting and video taping it.
    I was just young and my brother was 17 at the time and when we seen the video tape my brother took the law into his own hands and killed the 2 molesters and instead of getting an award he was tried as an adult received 2 strikes and 8 years
    The system sucks that’s my opinion.

  • What a sick f. Hope he rots. Those poor babies… any he came in contact with.

  • Cant fix them,they dont change,why waste every ones time and money trying to put in court system,then to pay to house him in jail.Put him down.Put all of them down.No muss no fuss! Next

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