Victim of Yesterday’s Robbery in SoHum Gives Details

Yesterday, two men allegedly stole marijuana at gunpoint and while fleeing crashed. They then headed west from 101 into the woods and law enforcement is still on the lookout for them. The alleged victim of the crime spoke to us and explained his side of the story.

Two suspects at a bar

The two suspects [Image provided by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and suspects identified by the victim]

He was introduced to the two suspects by a friend who had known them for a year.  “They are from Atlanta, Georgia,” the victim explained. He met them in the parking lot of a Garberville motel. He left and came back later with marijuana pounds.

About 4:30 p.m., he entered their room “They pulled a gun on me and grabbed my 215 marijuana,” he said. They then zip-tied his hands behind his back and took off.

As soon as they left the room, he managed to get free. “I broke the zip-ties and chased after them,” he said. The victim said as he raced through town in his new-to-him pickup, he honked his horn to alert people that he was coming fast.

“When I got to the south end of town, I tried to block [the suspects] in and they rammed me [with their car],” he explained. Afterwards, he continued to chase them north on Hwy 101.

He said that he kept close to them. “I was dialing 911,” he said, when “they pulled a gun and pointed it at me…I dove in my seat. I laid down and think I swerved and hit them….I spun out and totaled my truck.”

A silver sedan believed to be a rental vehicle and a pickup were involved in a crash

A silver sedan believed to be a rental vehicle and a pickup were involved in a crash following a chase. [Photo by Kate Carlson]

The suspects’ vehicle was also inoperable and the victim said he saw the two flee the car headed west while carrying two duffle bags.

Soon after, officers arrived. “The officers were really nice to me,” the robbery victim said. “They were truly concerned. I had my 215 and explained it to them.”

The victim is hopeful that the suspects’ insurance might be responsible for some of the financial cost of losing his vehicle. “I just bought the truck,” he said. “I might be able to get their insurance to pay for it because [the suspects] pulled a gun on me and that caused the accident.”


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  • Thank goodness the robbers used sub par zip ties.
    The ones law enforcement uses are better than the ones at the local stores used for electrical and plant ties.

  • I drove by this wondering what the fuck happened

  • When the bad guys rented the room at the motel what info did they sign in with? When I rent a car the rental company photo copy’s my driver’s license.

  • Great story bro you should write a novel. Hertz insurance will cover your pickup truck no sweat, they shouldn’t have rented a car to those bad guys

    • No insurance covers crimes committed in their vehicles. He will have to sue to get anything back. It’s not legal to sell 215 pot to strangers from Georgia, so it’s a crime..

  • Well your buddy had know them for a year. Then just go to their house and get your 215 marijuana back. Or do you mean your buddy has been illegally selling drugs to these two guys he hardly know for a year

  • Some people are ridiculous. You want to play Black Market (no pun intended) but your only plan against theft is to call law enforcement? And then when playing cowboy through town doesn’t work you hope insurance companies will bail out your brand new truck probably bought with “215” money? Grow up gringo it’s a man’s world whether you like it or not.

    • No locals? Really?

      Yea that’s some wimpy green rusher shit. Leave so hum if you can’t hang. Calling the cops for this nonsense os rediculous, and the news websites clearly make it out like even if you are still living in he black market the cops are here for you. quick, someone call John Hardin

      • This isn’t a part of a monolithic news organization. This is me, Kym. If you don’t like something I do, please specifically point out where I do it wrong. I’ll look at it honestly as I can and make changes if I agree. The news media is really a number of different sites with a number of different perspectives. We all get better if we aren’t lumped in with others but constructive criticism is given specifically to the organization involved.

      • Just the 1st 20 lb.s

        Well it’s still good to call CHP if you and your new buddy’s cars are spread out all over the highway. People love to talk tough, but ts better to lose your weed, and the rip offs to get poison oak, than to get a murder rap, shooting two people on main st., [edit]

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Ummmmm, what a load of bullshit!

    Ya, the deal went bad. “215” is really supposed to be sold to random guys from Atlanta, that you met in the parking lot?

    How many ways did your drug deal endanger the public?

    You are a very stupid person, a terrible drug dealer, and thinking that you are Mannix, or Superthug, will get you killed, and may get innocent non-drug dealers hurt too!

    I am amazed that you weren’t shot by your assailants.

    Thanks for taking even more time from law enforcement personnel to investigate your sordid little stupid-ass drug deal. I am sure the officers were laughing their asses off later.

    I strongly recommend that EVERYONE stay away from Garberville until the insanity calms down.

    Find a way to deal safely, deal with people you know, and know when to fold your hand! Wrecking your truck on the 101 is just incredibly dumb, and shows that you do not care at all about your own safety, or anyone elses. The sheriff should arrest you for reckless endangerment, reckless driving, dealing pot in a public place, and, give me a minute, I will think of some more… Also, it is not some insurance company’s responsibility to control events during a stupidly performed drug rip-off in Garberville! I hope the car rental company sues you for the damages!


    Thanks to the stupid drug dealers for bringing violent gangs and armed crime to Humboldt County. Obviously, certain groups of people have recognized that Humboldt contains some very dumb growers that are a pushover for stealing lots of weed.



    • I just have to ask….Boycotting Garberville’s legal businesses will accomplish what? I cannot understand your logic there.

      • Legal Garberville Biz Owner

        Using this logic, I guess everyone should boycott legal Eureka businesses also. There’s a lot of meth there. Wt*? The hate towards Southern Humboldt is just that, hate. We’re hardworking individuals who want a safe community. No different then you.

        • I don’t agree. You should want a safe environment, should demand laws be enforced, should be absolutely outraged that your town has been turned over to drug dealing idiots of every ilk.

          Your love for cash, should be moderated by a desire to live in a decent place. You are lying to yourself and everyone else. Demand that your town have law enforcement in adequate numbers, and your fellow cash loving business persons exhibit some concern over what is happening in your town and their establishments.

          • Dude it’s a town, not an individual. Can Garberville residents put a gate on the freeway off ramps? The whole comment is both prejudiced against an ( inanimate) area, and un realistic. There are all kinds of examples of rural residents demanding something from County Government, and getting ignored. Our County Government has been shifting the wealth created by weed money, largely from rural properties, to urban areas. Look at how Measure U, the road sales tax was presented. The problems are in rural areas, the majority of the money went to the minority of roads. Plus the urban areas that were going to get County money already had a mechanism to pay for their city roads. If people in Trinidad had just one pothole of the thousands on our rural roads, they’d be outraged.
            Property tax revenue from rural areas have been growing at twice the avererage over the last couple years. About 6.5%, the average being around 3.5%

      • He’s a modern day Nelson Mandela, can’t you tell?
        The angry white version

        • Or the white Louis Farrahkan?

        • Trillium Hummingbird

          Wow, mixed metaphors, Emily…

          I think it’s pretty clear that there is only one law in Garberville – CASH!

          I hearby refuse to spend ANY money at all in Garberville or Redway. I will not buy anything from any “legal” business until the merchants of Garberville band together, find some way to enforce common law, mitigate the ridiculous amount of drug crime occurring in their towns, and learn to make a living without depending on money laundering and raw cash.

          Cash is the reason for everything that is wrong in Garberville, from the hospital to Ray’s market. The entire economy of Garberville is one big money laundry, and no one who does business there has any interest in changing anything.

          Garberville has gone from wild west to absolute chaos! I suggest that a large force of Sherrif/CHP be stationed there 24/7 to run a checkpoint at either end of the town, in order to sniff drivers and loads, check paperwork on vehicles, and generally harass the society of stone-crazy drug dealers who frequent the area, in order to protect public safety, and disrupt public drug dealing. If the people who own the motels there cared about anything other than the cash which they undoubtedly do not report as income, they would be a little more cautious about the safety of their “guests”.

          Kym, you are an educated woman. I am sure you are aware of most of what I have just written.

          A boycott might get the town of Garberville to change. Well maybe a little…

          AND, what part of selling “pounds” is legal? You can call pot whatever you want, but 215 was created by the attorneys of drug dealers and dispensaries so that the growers could wiggle around current laws. It is pretty much up to local law enforcement to enforce whatever laws they want to, according to their means and manpower. Screaming “215” does not make anything legal!

          Law enforcement agencies may be hobbled by their inabilities to staff, and may choose to ignore certain crimes, but the entire mission of LEO’s should be to maintain order and ensure the public is safe. If this can’t be accomplished, Martial Law needs to be declared. In the case of Garberville, what we may need is the National Guard, and probably right now!

          • First, let’s be clear. About 80% of the inhabitants of SoHum are estimated to be involved directly in the marijuana industry. The vast majority of purchases from businesses in SoHum are by local residents. Are you actually suggesting that the people who are the most responsible for marijuana, boycott those who have legal businesses? C’mon, you are educated. You know that doesn’t even come close to making sense.

            • Trillium Hummingbird

              I think it is pretty generally accepted that having a business in SoHum means you will have a large cash income.

              This is a completely different aspect of the problem, which is, there is no impetus to control the drug dealing, since the business-people get much of their income in cash, which has a tendency to disappear from the accounting, into the pocket of the owner… Who has just joined the black market!

              If you let your town cross over completely to the black market and utter chaos, then fine, do business only with drug dealers and crazies.

              My money, earned in truly legal fashion, at a real job where I have to show up clean and sober, will not be spent in SoHum, until there is an attempt by the towns to mitigate, or at least marginally disrupt the drug dealing in public. Allowing the sort of thing that has occurred at this motel this week WILL destroy your town, and bring down the forces of law enforcement in a manner that probably no one desires.

              I intend to contact the Governor’s office and ask for public safety to be protected, both in Garberville and on the Highways of this State. I hope people will join me in being outraged by the incredible breaches of law and general order in the lawless little towns of SoHum.

              • I would certainly join you in wanting the marijuana robberies to stop. However, I don’t think that a boycott of legitimate businesses is the way to achieve it. I’m struggling for a way to say this diplomatically because I think you are sincerely and justly outraged by the crimes but, you are writing your comment on a very homegrown legitimate Southern Humboldt business as you call for a boycott. There is irony there that is difficult for me to overlook.

                Calling for more money to be spent on law enforcement. That might work. Calling for less money to be spent in legitimate businesses? Seems like you’re punishing the thing you want.

                • Legitimate businesspeople should be the most outraged, but the continuous degeneration of SoHum indicates that they are as apathetic as everyone else, as long as the cash flows…

                  Folks permanently located in the area must realize that they are losing the battle for what they love. What do law abiding citizens have for leverage, when criminals rule? Am I left to just move away, when the economics are finally changing?

                  If you run a town, should you run amok?

                  Demand accountability! Demand public safety be protected! I don’t give a damn if your pot is stolen, since you are profiting from greed and crime, but I do care if you drive crazily, get in a public gun fight, or endanger everyone in the environment while conducting your illegal business in public!

                  There is no manner in which defending the actions of the persons involved here is sensible!

                  If the town of Garberville intends to permit this sort of thing going forward, what else can I do besides stay away and spend my money elsewhere?

                  I can call for others to join me, and I do! Also I encourage every thinking person to complain to the Sherriff and the Governor’s office about the insanity occurring every day in SoHum and Humboldt in general.

                • If you are really calling for a boycott, then start with something you use–this website.

                  Not that I want you to leave but I make a large part of my ad money from businesses that benefit from marijuana, I like the culture, I want to legitimize it, I’m proud to know growers and consider them, on a whole as good people. I’m grateful for the many institutions that benefited from cannabis money from Hospice to the Feet First Dancers.

                  Like many of the other legitimate businesses in SoHum, I profit from the money marijuana brings into the community. I’m willing to call out the bad actors but I’m not willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

                  I think I’m a great example of all that you deplore in the legitimate businesses of SoHum. If you are going to be consistent in your stance, then you ought to begin the boycott here.

                • Trillium Hummingbird

                  That is a very sweet way to tell me, thanks!

                  Actually there is a large difference here, but I don’t have the energy to list the ways!

                  You work your ass off to provide an essential service. If you sell an ad, well THAT’S an HONEST business. The money may result from drug sales, ultimately, but you still came about the money in a respectable manner.

                  I actually have a background in news reporting, from paperboy to copy camera and offset pressman. It is a noble field, and the manner which you conduct your operation is fully respectable, and necessary.

                  I am sure it is tedious, sometimes exciting, and often exasperating.

                  I also like to think that an incendiary remark, an opposing point of view, a bit of humor and an occasional compliment add something to the discussion, and value to the media matrix.

                  I believe that the well known “local characters” may actually increase involvement, interaction, and readership, so actually we contribute to the monetization of your site and contribute to your income!

                  I hope so, anyway. I regard RHBB as a high-value site, one that is WAY above the level of some others I won’t name…

                  Anyway, I appreciate what you are saying, but I will respectfully decline!

                  Thanks for your service, Kym, I think you do a great job!

                • I commend this guy ( grower). The reason for these robberies are because “they” think we are easy marks and a lot time we are. In that case if we lay on our backs and let these theives take advantage of us then they will come in groves. The man in China creek and this guy stood up and left these robbers dumbfounded and they will tell there other low life thugs that so hum is NOT an easy target. Lay off the guy. There is a silver lining to this dark cloud. This won’t be the last hold up for the year. I say fight back! F@&k those Nigerians

              • another biz owner in Gville!

                I have a biz in Gville and over 70% of sales are on credit & debit cards. I grow no pot and provide for my family & donate food all the time to the senior center. I donate $ to what causes I can. Why do you think the whole bunch of Apple’s are bad because a few are bad? Humboldt House Inn & 2 other hotels in Gville, only accept credit cards to rent a room. The restaurants make over half in credit cards sales from tourists, who don’t listen to your hurtful poppycock, about a town you obviously know nothing about. Why are you willing to try and hurt honest folks, trying to make an honest living between this chaos. There were and are still people who love this area for it’s seclusion & beauty & less idiots like you who have no clue what you are talking about!

                • Trillium Hummingbird

                  Lets see… 70%, 50%, Credit cards only…

                  Well, did you read above where I said “lying to yourself, lying to the public”?

                  If the above is true, what are the names of the businesses and their tax ID numbers please…

          • If you have a problem with cash, you have issues and nothing you say can be taken seriously.

          • Doubt they will miss your money that you think is so important. The merchants of Sohum are not responsible for the crime here, the growers are. It is not the merchants responsibility to rid the place of people you don’t like. Just go shop somewhere else like I do and quit threatening people. I’m hoping in a few years that this shit show will be getting over and we can return to some semblance of normality.

          • Why do I get the feeling you live somewhere else and were not planning to spend money here anyway?
            Maybe the people of Eureka need to boycott their businesses and all drive to Redding to get gas and food.
            Would make as much sense as what you wrote.

          • LOL maybe we can set up a safe exchange area for 215 approved buy and exchange….

          • Well this is marijuana town, it has been for some time. I think it’s better to try to sift out the bad parts; like the tweakers, ‘other’ drug addicts, greed growers who don’t care about the community (Eastern Europeans), and other negative parts of the community, and make it a nice weed friendly place that can attract tourists and good normal farm workers. Your anti marijuana rants are a non starter, my friend.

            • Trillium Hummingbird

              Aw, Emily, you little Hippie!

              Marijuana towns are all over Northern California, mostly in “dead mill” towns. I don’t care about pot, that much, since I have no use for it, but I do care about insanity, public craziness, and having your and my safety endangered.

              I sincerely doubt that there is a “safe” environment to deal drugs, since drugs draw addicts, and addicts are opportunists and have below normal impulse control, and terribly poor moral structure.

              Your typical addict does not care who is harmed by his aberrations, and could probably hurt anyone at any time! If YOU think this dealer’s sort of behavior is acceptable, then you have sold out, and you are suspect!

              Hitting home yet, Em?

              Anyhow, Garberville has no cohesion, there is no THERE there. It’s just an assortment of buildings along the freeway. Trying to establish order here would take a large force of armed men, and I don’t expect them to arrive soon…

              So, I made up my mind about Garberville long ago. I just stay away, spend my funds elsewhere, and, although you might see me at Chataqua or the Farmer’s market, I would never go to Garberville for any other reason or at any other time, since very little that is good EVER happens there!

      • The cover story on the local paper is whether or not to close the only public gathering space in town.

        Why? Fear. It’s rather unappealing.

        You know what the kids love to call each other in the schools here? “Hippies”. I think it’s some kind of derogatory slang about the kind of folks that started KMUD, RRHC, MCC, ROTR, FOER, etc. Inclusionary type folks with more sense of community than the impunity of their kids. The folks who are now 60-80 yrs old and already put in their work building community. The work I put in feeds those on the street. The ones the new/redux fence around the only gathering space is for. Fences. Walls. Try to keep up…

        Aesops Fable: The reason the Country Mouse preferred his home to that of the City Mouse was because the country offered a safe space free from fierce competition for his housing and food.

        SoHum, with it’s Dukes of Hazard shootouts from AP to the GV Motel has become Harlem in the Hills.

        Except Harlem has jazz clubs and good restaurants affordable food and apparel and public gathering spaces that remain.

        Deep Ellum ain’t what it used to be.

    • I finally moved away! I love SoHum, but it’s so far off the hook this year my regrets about leaving my home are assuaged. Dope and Parties dope and parties dope and parties…monoculture is boring.

      Off to plant garlic in my town’s COMMUNITY GARDEN.

      Too bad Garbageville never had one…

      • Blessings on you, gardener of what really matters.

      • No locals? Really?

        Whoa you are so amazing. I’m playing garlic too! In sohum

        • Respond in reflection rather than anger and you’re point might be received. At least legible. No guarantees.

          I feel much the same as “spam” although I’m not sure how you didn’t know we have an exceptional community garden(!) Just not a single space to sit in the entire town. It makes me equally pained, I see many names I know on this thread and love them all. All visionaries in one way or another. Revolutionaries!

          But a town this size with fences and walls and walls and fences… I didn’t vote for Drumpf. I don’t think many of you did. I hope I’m not that off the mark! When people at work ask me if it’s safe to walk through town… or remark on the extreme expense of everything… I’m at a loss.

          I love the underdog. But s/he don’t stand (or have a place to sit) a chance.
          Seems the well established names I know are happy with their own sofa to sit on.

          I want more from my Revolutionaries.

      • another biz owner in Gville!

        We do have a community garden. Just received a full bag the other day. Guess you were too busy focusing on the negative before you moved?

        • There IS NO COMMUNITY GARDEN. None.

          Calling the so-called ‘Community Park’ garden a public access “Community Garden” where plots for gardening are available is stating falsehoods. I went down to the so-called ‘Community Garden’ when the new lessees first took over…when I asked where was the “Community Garden”, the guy made a sweeping gesture encompassing his fields, farmed by HIM and his FAMILY, a BUSINESS. When John and Lisa leased the “Community Garden” they made spots available; in the weeds and boggy spots where it didn’t impact their commercial business. The myth of the so-called “Community Park” really needs to be explored and fact checked.

          I lived in Garberville. Nope, there is no ‘pubic’ green space…other than the cemetery. So nice to now live in a small town that is truly ‘community’ oriented, and not catering to one group of people.

          • Ever think your mannerisms played into how you were treated? If you sound like you type in person, I’d walk the other way. Don’t have time for drama Mama’s! Thank you for moving away! Time to go mack down on this community fruit I also received.

            • Did *you* grow it, or did you BUY it from the so-called “Community Garden”? Right.

              My ‘mannerisms’–the crime of not participating in the marijuana culture and finding myself stuck living in G[edit]ville…trying to live the ‘simple’ life I attempted to provide for myself and family. Thank the goddess the kids got the hell out, too, and are fulfilling their potential as human *beings* instead of stuck in a intellectual/cultural vortex of dysfunction.

              SoHum is physically beautiful, but the people suck.

              There is so much more to life than 300 dollar jeans and grow-dozers…and the next big boogie.

    • Sounds like Trivial Humbug is having a bad day. Must be shitty living in his world.If you really think G’ville merchants are all getting rich you’re even dumber than you sound.

      • Trillium Hummingbird

        Thanks Dave. I love the way you run your town and your hospital. There is no defense for your attitude, no sense in the arguments offered by local businesses.

        Garberville, located at the heart of crazy-land. Operated by guys like you…

        Never said you got rich, said you got what you got in cash and off the ledger whenever possible.

      • Dave Kirby, you need to watch how you use the name “Humbug”, some “Humbug”(s) were celebrated in Southern Humboldt, long before this black market underground economy…

    • Victim blaming is dispicable. Cannabis has been demonized and felonized since Anslinger decided to to use it as ruse to target black, brown, and hippies. Big pharma expends billions to keep it from the ill and USA military trafficks the Afganistan poppies to perpetuate heroine and opioid addiction here & around the world. Do you blame the survivor of rape for getting raped? Do you blame refugees from fleeing from war too? How is targeting businesses and having no empathy for victims of brutality and oppression help in anyway, ever? Practice Empathy.Grow a heart ❤️✌️

      • Oh no people in this town loooove to victim blame! Turning away, minimizing, siding with the abuser, telling the victim they deserved the trauma, I’ve seen all that and worse. From folks who you’d like to believe know better . They don’t. Until they fall victim.

  • My 215 pot?? Not going to fly, lock this idiot up for reckless endangerment, conspiracy. He’s nothing but a drug trafficker. Get a warrant, search his property, impound anything’s got left. The state needs to put a travel warning up on the reader boards passing through Humboldt County. Danger idiots selling drugs you may want to choose an alternate route.

  • While it does seem that this guy was indeed stolen from, nothing gives him the right to fly down main street Garberville at freeway speeds, to run the stop sign, and to drive on the wrong side of the road in his effort to intercept the thieves. It’s nothing short of a miracle that this guy didn’t kill someone; totally reckless. FYI, the phone is faster than the car.

  • Hey I have some friends who want to buy your 215 marijauna. They’ll meet you on 5th St eureka their number is 911

  • What a shit show! The guy that got robbed must be a frickn idiot. “215”? Did he really say that? That might get him in more trouble. Did the buyers have a valid 215? Were they CA residents? Was he reporting the sale to the BOE? Is he filing taxes with the BOE? Does he have a resell permit? Does the cannabis belong to a collective? Crazy how he admitted he knew they were from Atlanta. The cops could turn this around and bust the victim. He should have just said I got robbed instead of some bullshit 215 story.

    On the flip side of this guy being a total moron and endangering the lives of other people, maybe this will send a message that its not that easy to rip people off.

    • Not your real brother

      …hey yo, this fool sounds like “trimmy jimmy” from craigslist. Everybody knew he was gunna git got. Karma is King! Love Daddy.

  • OK I’m confused. Which story about this person being thrown off the first floor balcony? And then someone being in the lobby covered with blood holding a gun? This guy is an idiot…why does he think he has to mention his 215 marijuana so that it all sounds legitimate?? No, he was clearly not selling weed to a dispensary…Hey poor “victim” you made me sick reading your story, glad you weren’t killed but you iniated the whole thing and you should be arrested on multiple charges. Your no better than the dudes that robbed you.

  • Just call it pot. Saying 215 pot is a joke.

    They don’t have 215 in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Sorry you got robbed – good job on almost getting them. Too bad they didn’t slam into a redwood. Death by tree would have been appropriately ironic.

  • I would definitely stay clear of the Best Western Plus (!!) Not too much plus about that activity.

  • HCSO created the shit show we see happening in Humboldt these days by letting 12,000 illegal grows to proliferate over the past 5-10 years. HCSO then will save the day when you get ripped off.
    You can’t make this shit up.

    • 100% hsco culpability. I’m all for legal pot, but you need some form of enforcement to have a legitimate deterrent for this type of activity.
      So far only like five grows that are huge and hit you over the head obvious have seen any enforcement actions this year. Everywhere else is a free for all.


    Charge that f’n grower!

  • And wait didn’t this “victim” get thrown off the first floor balconey? Was that his initial story? And now he gets himself untied and drives after them? God what an idiot

    • You have confused two robberies–which probably had the same robbers. The first victim was thrown off the balcony. The second chased the robbers. You can follow the story from the beginning by reading the links at the bottom.

  • Do I hear handcuffs? Or house keys?

    Kym did they catch them?

  • hang out in the parking lot of the best western-you can watch many transactions taking place-meth-heroin-hookers-weed–locals-employees-travelers–Trillium-you make some good points but I do not think ALL businesses should be punished, I know at least three store owners that work very hard at keeping their businesses a safe place to visit.The HHI is not one of them.Perhaps Garberville can start a warning page like the Cove has. It has helped us keep updated on the “criminal” family and “casing” of our homes.

  • Selling. his 215 marijuana to an out of state party is a felony. He needs to be arrested and booked.
    What a phony So Hum bs story to cover up his ignorantance. Sad, so sad.

  • Cannabis is generally good.

    Stealing is generally bad.

    But come on kid! You lost your “215 marijuana” but were meeting people in a hotel parking lot from Atlanta?! BECAUSE PROPOSITION 215 MEANS A SHIT TON IN ATLANTA!

    Come on kid. Take your lumps. You got robbed and now claim some medical defense? You’re an embarrassment and get what you ask for.

  • Your new truck bought with illegal drug money.

  • While the robbed did behave in an irresponsible manner throughout this ordeal, I would place armed robbers far above a small time pot dealer on the crime severity scale. It is good news that the sheriff’s department sees it the same way.

  • What a Joke! The supposed victim is nothing more than a criminal thug himself. His medical marijuana? Give us a break! Do you really think that we are that stupid? The thug victim and people like him bring these people into our community to do drug deals at shady hotels and cry victim when their criminal activity is less than satisfactory. The thug victim chased after armed individuals to get his medicinal medicine? Again! How stupid do you think we are? The victim thug brought this all on himself. He also drove recklessly in a small town with many pedestrians and was ramming his vehicle into their vehicle with no concern for the children and pedestrians of that community. He could care less if he a child got shot from a stray bullet from his business partners guns or if either of them spun out running over a pedestrian. All he cares about is getting his drugs and drug money back. It seems that these articles are continuously written in defense of criminals in a very subjective manner.


    Insurance will cover your “new to me truck”? Because you were driving recklessly,chasing someone when they pointed a gun?
    Hahaha. Stupid grower justification.
    You should be charged on so many things. SO MANY!!!!

  • GarvervilleResident

    Did you read your 215 prescription before you signed it? There are words that form sentences you might want to try to comprehend, they are legally binding.
    Where exactly do they say its ok for you to sell your medicine in that sort of quantity to out of state non 215 card holders? The pot grown in California isn’t allowed to cross state lines therefore you certainly are involved in more than one conspiracy. Then you decide to take the law into your own hands and chase the suspects through small town america honking your horn causing a crash? As if honking your horn makes that legal? You also signed your drivers license binding you to rules and regs. To me it sounds like your not to smart at all endangering others lives over your illegal drug deal gone wrong. To top it off you call 911 and tell them about your crime and the wreckless driving that your doing? These are public roadways, you are lucky no one else got wrapped up in your shady business to be left hurt. And i guarantee your not feeling one bit responsible for the mess you just created, and want the insurance to pay for damage you caused illegally. I have no idea how kym is siding with you after all her posts and articles on county compliance. This is exactly what this entire community is tired of dealing with! It really shows what hypocrisy is going on and how small minded people are. We are watching this closely, get ready for criminal charges. This sort of activity is no longer tolerated. You cant use a 215 for illegal deals, that is not its purpose.The sheriff is under scrutiny and you can bet your butt hes not going to look lawless himself over your pot deal gone bad. You are out of your mind and apparently have no idea how to deal with bad situations but to endanger the rest of your community. people that have nothing to do with your shady deals. Im dissapointed in kym as well voicing anything on your behalf. Reporting the news is what she does best, and should stick to just that, as personal opinion can earn you minus points in your own small community.
    Explain to us again how you think someone else should pay for your damages , you are the cause of this mess pal.

  • I really don’t understand why this guy wasn’t cited by chp for reckless operation, at least. Or assault with deadly weapon, his vehicle. The fact that this asshole thought it was reasonable to put everyone at risk with his reckless driving, over some pounds, is beyond selfish. It’s a felony. The weed deal wasn’t legal. Who cares if you’re 215, you can’t sell it on the black market. As long as law enforcement enables greedheads like this, it will only get worse. Stolen pounds. A high speed chase through Garberville. Two totaled vehicles. Two armed thugs on the loose. No arrests. No citations. Great job, law enforcement! You make us feel so safe! Humboldt House has always been full of felons. The cop shop is a one minute walk away. Put down the donuts!

  • Typical Millenial grower. Y’know, usually goes around saying, “Fuck the POLICE”. Up intil he gets robbed, then he calls them. This dude is an overall [edit], surprised he didn’t get shot. 215 marijuana, and “new to me” truck. Dude, take your lb’s and leave town, we don’t want you around.

  • What moron.
    Nothing about your emphasis on “215 marijuana” makes it legal to sell your dope on the street to hoodlums from Atlanta. You deserve to be in jail too. It’s hard to believe that the cops around here make absolutely no attempt to enforce the law. WTF?

  • This guy sounds like a complete idiot!

  • Need a live web cam in garberville, this shit is worth watching, too funny , like watching people risk their lives for a load of wood lmao

  • Really. I couldn’t write a story about Garberville that would be less absurd than living near it…

    I want this guy arrested. His disregard for everything sensible is disturbing; he is a threat to the safety of everyone else.

  • Just wondering where being thrown to the first floor of the motel happened was that this incident or a different one?

  • The town has let this get this bad! Everyone there must be to stoned, or to dumb to run the town! Lmao, back in my partying days it was bad, now it’s worse, everyone on the hill is growing, n yes, the owners turn a blind eye cause of the money they make. So who is really to blame? @ Kym, are u stoned or one that turns a blind eye also? I’m with u Trillium cause I know what goes on in Garberville!

    • I rarely smoke or drink recreationally. I don’t see how legitimate business owners are to blame. Are they supposed to refuse to do business with people who offer cash? That is legal tender and currently, I believe illegal to refuse it. Are they supposed to refuse to do business with legal marijuana businesses? That doesn’t make sense. They are legal. How are businesses supposed to know which of their customers have illegal marijuana money? Almost assuredly a good chunk of them do, but, even if you accept that all illegal growers are the ones responsible for the crime and not the government for waging an inefficient, racist drug war, the business owner can not discern which people receive illegal funds.

      • Shop keepers can refuse cash just as they can refuse any service for any reason. Legal tender generally means that government currency is always acceptable to offset a government obligation or legal debt. That said, just try paying your utility bills in pennies and it’s a 50-50 chance it won’t be taken.

        • Business should never accept payment

          They should refuse the cash. What if it was from a Mexican, paid by a gypo logging outfit, for setting chokers on a tree that was too close to a riparian exclusion zone. That would be illegal. What if the cash was from an El Salvadoran, working at a dairy that pumped septic tank trucks out onto it’s fields?…or used a little more antibiotic than allowed?

  • To all you people saying calling the cops is stupid or ridiulous… the cops want to know if there are people out committing robberies even if its illegal marijuana sales. They still want to know in order to catch them and warn the community.

  • Next time call the sheriff first and explain what you are about to do, that way they can be there if something goes wrong! 😂

  • We travel often, we stop in all the small towns to intake their beauty and also suport small business, we have the choice to bring premade sandwiches and bags of chips with our sodas, but we choose to spend a little time a little money to suport them and get to know the different areas. Nothing wrong with spreading a little love and taking a little with us. We live in a slice of heaven people have no idea… stay safe Humco

  • Boycott Humboldt? What's da deal?

    I heard the Cannabis Distributers were boycotting Humboldt Cannabis due to cheaper cannabis being grown in Sonoma and Mendocino , Is there any truth to this Garberville Humboldt Cannabis Boycott? Is the going rate for outdoor REALLY starting out at $500 pp? I heard of boxes going for 35 k? What’s the deal?

    • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

      Did you use chemicals while growing?
      Have you flushed before picking?
      Is yours hand trimmed or machined?
      Did you take the time to dry and cure properly or is it barn dried?
      Is it packaged properly or are you turkey bagging it?
      All off these play a factor in price determination

  • How is this “victim” not in jail, or at the very least arrested?

    • The cops are in under no obligation to arrest this guy immediately. He cooperated with them and the potentially dangerous vehicular manuevers he performed in attempting to affect a citizen’s arrest may have only ammounted to infractions. It’s no different than using a gun to halt a fleeing felon, except in his choice of potentially lethal weapon.

  • Believe or not, there are other things just as important, or even more so, than the cannabis issues. Both the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrators are very, very, very, very, very lucky that no one other than themselves was killed or injured as a result of their reckless disregard for safety — not to mention the good luck of anyone driving on 101 around that time.

  • I SAW ONE OF THE GUYS LAST NIGHT!!! on foot no headlamp no travelors pack. He was walking in the middle of the road between honeydew and ettersburg only carrying sports bags!!! It was so scary!! Didnt know what to do…….. everyone be safe!!!!!! He unfortantely was a black man in a track suite and a towel on his head.

    • Did you report it to law enforcement?

      • No!!! I wasnt sure what to do! Maybe i should of but i would of been a hypocrite! I figured i let fate take care of it.

        • You can report it. As of midnight last night, man as i described, walking towards ettersburg junctuon area. Looking tired and scared. I passed him twice and it gave me the creeeeps. Who walks in the middle of the road eith duffle bags…. then i saw this….. now i know it was justified to be scared snd not to just judge another black man. I dont wanna add to the rascit bullshit of this community. He unfortuantely was black.

    • well.. when we talked i told you what i’d do.. too late for that but i’d pass it on to one of those claiming friend as below -OMFG- let homey decide. don’t like rippers and that obviously includes cops..

  • Also, i know the victim. Great guy just trying to make a living. An active member of the community just trying to make a living now that legalization (corpratization) is “weeding” small farmers out. If you dont live in the hills here, you dont know antyhing about this culture that helps your economy thrive. My friend was desperate to get back what was stolen from him (aside from money) and these assholes were desperate too. Being desperate makes you do stupid things. Now the poor suckers that got away are walking through the woods of so hum. Be safe everyone

  • How’s big guy get thrown off a balcony
    Viva La Jums!

  • What part of selling 50 units is medical? [edit] Quit hiding behind a 215 you don’t even deserve it.

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