Sheriff’s Office Gives Details About Yesterday’s Marijuana Robbery

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Humboldt COunty Sheriff's OfficeOn 09-24-17 a local Garberville man met with two males at the Sherwood Forest Motel to complete the sale of a large amount of marijuana. The victim’s friend had met the two suspects in Arcata and had set up the transaction. While in the motel room one of the suspects pulled a handgun out and took the marijuana. The victim and his friend had their hands zip tied behind their back and the suspects left the scene with the marijuana. The victim was able to quickly get free and chased the suspects from the motel in his vehicle. The suspects turned southbound on Redwood Drive and entered the turnaround at the south end of town. The victim drove the wrong way onto the northbound off ramp to Garberville and the vehicles collided head on. The suspect vehicle then took off headed northbound on Redwood Drive with the victim again chasing them. Witnesses state the vehicles were traveling between 80-100 mph on Redwood Drive through downtown Garberville. The suspects continued northbound onto Highway 101 as the victim pulled up beside them. The passenger pointed the handgun at the victim who dove down in his seat. At this point it is unclear what happened but the victim thinks he may have clipped the suspect vehicle. Both vehicles ended up crashing and becoming disabled. The victim last saw the suspects running westbound from Highway 101 carrying two large duffel bags. The Sheriff’s Office, CHP and a Fortuna PD K-9 searched the area but were unable to locate the suspects.

The suspects are described as African American, 5’ 7” to 6’ 0” tall, 225 to 250 pounds, in their 30s, both wearing all black. Witnesses have described the suspects as “stocky”.

Through ongoing investigation video surveillance was located of the suspects at a local establishment.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking for the help of the public locating these suspects. They should be considered armed and dangerous. It appears the suspects are from out of the area and will most likely be looking for transportation out of the area. If the suspects are seen call 911 immediately and do not attempt to make contact with them.

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  • The ‘victim’ needs to be arrested for felony narcotics trafficking and attempted murder for putting the lives of many at risk for his stupid act of vigilantly justice hurling his 6000 pound vehicle down the road.
    Make a poster boy out of this ignorant fool. Drug dealer gets ripped off and takes it out on the community. Weak.

    • To Take Responsibility

      ÖComments like yours are the problem; people like yourself and your comment gives thieves and criminals the green light to go about robbing cannabis farmers. It does not matter what was stolen, weed, jewelry or wine.. the fact is a their ripped these people off, it does not matter what, Cannabis Farms are now legal, that means equal protection under the law, if someone robs my farm, whether it is my wine grapes or my cannabis, That means a criminal has stolen MY PROPERTY! IT MATTERS NOT WHAT PROPERTY, SOMEONE CAME AND STOLE FROM ME! Being that alcohol is no longer prohibited, and my own cannabis plants are LEGAL, when someone steals from cannabis farmers or wine grape growers, we all have the right to make a police report, and the police have an obligation to take that report, provide safety, and follow up and investigate. This is the difference, CANNABIS FARMERS ARE NO LONGER CRIMINALS, AND WHEN CRIMINALS TARGET CANNABIS FARMS, WE CALL THE POLICE AND SHERIFF! Get used to it, cannabis farmers are tired of being treated second best and having our property jeopardized by theives and hoodlums, comments like your’s are uncalled for, theives beware, you will be caught, arrested and prosecuted in a court of law, a farmer is a farmer, cannabis or grapes, and a thief is a thief, whether they steal cannabis or bottles of wine….. people who think otherwise are emboldening the criminals and condoning the ripoff.

      • This wasn’t a legal transaction, the only person that condoned this rip off was ‘the victim’, they didn’t come and steal from him, he obliged to be ripped off. This victim got himself into this situation, no one came guns blazing through his door. Maybe next time he’ll take a sheriffs deputy with him for protection.
        You use a broad brush when saying ‘cannabis farmers are no longer criminals’, no, none of them ever divert streams, partake in illegal logging, grading, illegal pesticide use, fuel spills, etc. Im sure you’ll sleep well tonight because your cannabis is legal and you’ll dream of gumdrops, unicorns and rainbows


        He CHOSE to drive extremely recklessly THROUGH TOWN and WRONG WAY!

        Comments like yours are condoning behaviour that endangers ALL

        • We gotta feel sorry him FWW, he suffers from SGS~Selfish Grower Syndrome with a slight case of arrested development. We must pray for these growers, they been treated like criminals and second class citizens for far too long.

      • I agree with you. I also believe that our law enforcement needs to be retrained into what their job is. I can’t stand it when I see on reality tv, that cops are dressing up like the military and most if not all,never served. They want everyone to believe what they are doing is for the best for the public. If they did the core job that they were hired for, then these crimes would stop. If you want to play military then enlist. Other wise do your job.

      • FYI. This was not a legal sale of pot. There was obviously no intent to pay taxes through an apparently unlicenced purchaser. Sorry, you can’t make up the laws as you go. The more the liberal laws get in relation to pot growing just drives down the price of pot. Might be time to find another source of income.

      • Farms not motels. So you selling to black black market out of state as well? Good thing theres an ip adress attached to your comment smart guy.Getting robbed doesnt put you above the law and certainly doesnt grant you right to endanger the rest of the general public. Maybe you should have someone explain to you the law and legalities you ignorant fool!

    • Tie me up and steal from me at gun point trust me I’ll come at you guns blazing I don’t care who you are or what you say!!

    • Marijuana is NOT a narcotic!

  • OK I understand now I did not realize there were two separate incidents is regarding these two suspects. But still the victims I got in the car accident pathetic. Stop trying to make it like you’re an innocent victim that did nothing wrong

  • All 4 of these assholes need to be in jail 100mph through the middle of town in the middle of the day wtf! They should put them in the same cell, winner gets 39years loser gets 40.

  • All sounds like desperation to make a sale , very close to the end of an era, the value of an average home in Humboldt will drop by 40 percent ,

  • One thing I might have missed is where specifically they fled on foot.

  • there goes the neighborhood

  • Two guys on the run out in the forest! Boy that must be really spooky!

  • HCSO : The grower here needs to sit in a jail cell while contemplating his many violations of laws while trafficking in cannabis, endangering the public’s safety, and wasting the time of the HCSO to investigate his stupid drug crime.

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    What I don’t understand is how these perpetrators got away. I would rather believe that they managed to call a chum to get them than think they carjacked the next passing motorist. That’s a horrible thought!

    The victim is much worse off with pending charges relating to his high-speed chase through Garberville and damage to his vehicle than he is due to his loss of cannabis. I understand how one would be enraged having been robbed and bound, and the adrenaline rush of pursuit. But once that passes, all that remains is the shame of foolishness and regrets, and the fear of further consequences.

  • Give this a victim a medal . Took action into his own hands.

  • The victim already had a bad day. Doesn’t need more bad shit to happen to him. He was just trying to survive like so many of us. Fuck those black guys. I hope they get bad karma down the road. Shot would be good.

    • Why is it any different than saying that thieves and bank robbers are just trying to survive with their crimes?

      • Thieves and bank robbers take things that don’t belong to them. Pot growers voluntarily sell to people who want pot. One is a violent aggression, the other a voluntary transaction between consenting adults; that is the difference.

      • Malum in se versus malum prohibitum.

      • It’s not illegal , didn’t you get the memo back in 1996? Bank robbery is and theft of Cannabis is a crime.

    • ‘A bad day’??? What if he ran over a family member or friend? I’m sure his day started out fine but his selfish greed and ignorance put him in a situation that he chose to be in. Bad day? He should be sitting in the ‘Humboldt Hilton’ awaiting a court date.

  • I wonder how many lbs they got away with must of been alot if they Wher running like that Christ must be good weed this year peaple are going crazy shooting at each other crashing cars robbing each other my God when weed prices were $4000 $5000 back in the old days I never heard of this I guess them theaves are not talking no more ha ha

  • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

    Yeh, sure are going crazy for those worthless pounds… do we get to tell the trolls “told ya so” yet?

  • The dumb preying on the dumb. Natural selection.

  • Seems that the majority of commenters – or maybe I should say anti-marijuana folks are missing the big picture here. THIEVES are a threat to society. Thieves are comprised of folks on the fringe of society who, rather than work in any compacity, feel entitled to take from others. If it’s not marijuana then it will be your car, motorcycles, lawn mowers, and laptops – basically anything you cannot lock down 24/7. Do you honestly believe that if marijuana did not exist that the thieves would go away? Theives must be prosecuted because they represent a huge threat to society. Trust me. It won’t be long before THE THIEVES figure out it might be easier and less risky to target non-growers that appear to be prospering. I for one am glad that growers have had enough of the THUGS that feel they can take from others. As a community we must have zero tolerance for thieving to protect our communities because there will always something of value that a THIEF will be targeting. Separate your anti-marijuana views long enough to see the big picture folks.

    • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

      Thieves are a threat to society and so are vigilantes also a threat to society. Many police associations will lay off active vehicular pursuit in populated areas so as to not endanger the locals. The victim of the cannabis theft and his friend should consider themselves fortunate that no innocent bystanders became collateral damage as a result of his recklessness.

      IOW, the thieves should be caught and prosecuted but so should the victim be prosecuted for his subsequent actions.


    Piece of Shit !
    Driving wrong way up an offramp?!
    100 mph in town?

    Putting the ENTIRE COMMUNITY at risk for your couple of grand. Scum!

    HCSO: please recognize that the “victim” is also a criminal,needing prosecution.

    Also,if you’re going to call cops after a bad drug deal,do it before high-speed crimes.

  • These thieving, bastard scumbags have no where to go. A couple of dogs and some cops could bring these fuckers to justice before they kill somebody. Had the cops had a gun pointed at one of their own, every resource in the world would have been poured into catching them and rest assured, they would be caught. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
    The cops will pour thousands of fucking dollars into cutting down an illegal grow, all the while collecting overtime. Where the fuck are their priorities? They don’t give a shit about you! Do you see why statists suck? Of course you don’t. These violent scumbags are going to continue this shit, especially when they don’t get caught. Mark my words, people are going to die while our “hero’s” are pouring resources into civil forfeiture and other meaningless shit. Fuck you guys. Land of the free, yaay.

  • There’s no crime without a victim…no injured bystanders in town means no crime was committed…admitting to it was the right thing to do… Police response in sohum is horrid, even the thieves know this…which is why they act like no one would dare stop them…I would have done the same thing probably if I were in the situation…luckily I have a job with pay stubs so I don’t have to deal directly with any of this BS…It’s still a nice town, always will be, and will always be dealing with an open highway where literally anyone can show up any time. If you don’t like vigilante justice, join the cops or sit down and read a book.

  • They were in redway today and the cops know it

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