One Arrested for Suspicion of DUI; One on Life Support After Incident North of Phillipsville Sunday Morning

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A young man’s life hangs in the balance and his girlfriend faces DUI charges after an incident on the Avenue early Sunday morning.

Chelsea Leanne Cookston was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence and a man was rushed to the hospital and is on life support after, about 1:15 a.m., he was reported down in the roadway on the Avenue of the Giants about a mile north of Phillipsville. According to Lt. Dennis Young of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, his department and the California Highway Patrol responded to the incident.ย  After the CHP arrived on the scene, the driver,ย Chelsea Cookston, was arrested for drunk driving.

Young said,ย the cause of the man’s life-threatening injuries is unknown at this time and the CHP and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office are conducting a joint investigation into the circumstances.



  • having been flown from pavement to life support,,,sober 34 years now,,,,,I pray for them both

  • When more busts start happening in the neighborhood…maybe someone will give him up. Any reward money yet ?

  • so sorry for all of them.

  • Is Humboldt County above average in DUI’s for an area with so few people?

    • Accidents yes. Sadly DUIs are everywhere. Even San Diego leaves us in the dust. But drunk driving is everywhere. Texting is catching up fast in terms of accident cause.
      Humboldt above ‘average’? Probably. Worst drivers ever.

      • Does anyone read the booked, so many DUI and drunk in public…because alcohol WAS the legal high! I admit alcohol affects me worse than anything, happy to NOT drink 29yrs.

        • shawn the fisherman

          Its not against the law to be drunk in public, Most abused law there is. Can only be arrested if a danger to your self or others.

      • I work in beverage sales and go to most local restaurants between 11 am and 3 pm. I’m always astonished how many people are drinking so early in the day, everyday.
        And I sell liquor for a living…..

    • 5th out of 58 counties in California in 2014 for alcohol caused car accidents, and think about how much higher that would be if all DUI accidents were reported and not abandoned until the driver sobered up. Ranked 2nd for hit and runs.

      • Curiouser and curiouser

        Is that per capita or just average? Asking because we have so many less people here than other counties and, if that is just ranked on the number of DUI’s, when you consider the number of people that is crazy. Almost a “health crisis” if you ask me.

  • Sober since 1990. It’s possible to not drink. Be safe!

  • I quit booze in 1983, if I hadn’t I would not be alive to write this text

  • Why are all u people telling us how long you’ve been sober? Nobody cares & it just sounds like u wanna hear yourself talk. And this kid didn’t get fucked up by a drunk driver from what I’ve heard.

    • Actually that is not true. I was just thinking how impressive it was that the posters, and so many of them, have shared their time sober. Maybe if this young woman is reading these comments, (and has a problem with alcohol) she will find strength knowing people have quit, and they believe it changed, and saved their lives. She maybe in a desperate place right now, and hearing others successes may help. And even if this is not helping the young lady, the rest of us can celebrate, less drunks driving around with the potential of harming people! It’s good news for everyone, congrats to all the people who posted

  • Nothing ever changes, generation after generation the same mistakes ad bad decisions repeated. No one seems to have the capacity to learn from others mistakes…..
    Yay your so cool have some more liquor, go fuck up your life and take a friends, yay your so cool……not.


    Ours is a booze -centric community. I love to know some of the long time sober folks. They are so present they actually remember your conversation .. not like the majority of the population in this community which is made up of alcohol dependent, alcohol abusing, or alcohol addicted idiots . My friend’s deadbeat dullard ex used to drink a six pack at our place alone and then drive with his kids in a totally arrogant move . Then i heard he fell in with a bartender and finally got a DUI . But I would bet that SOB is still drinking, and behind the wheel because the system and our lame ccommunity act like it’s no big deal . Statistic suggest most have driven drunk 80x’s before they get caught! I find that really disturbing.

    Ok people. Listen: One drink renders most people legally intoxicated . It takes an hour -not food or drink- to reduce that level . To think otherwise is ignorant and selfish . Like drunks are.

    • And yet ALL the fundraising events are centered around alcohol. Hospice, schools, fire departments…all of them. Sober graduation…for presumed minors, is the only alcohol free event ever.
      You promote it. You own it…

  • Gold stars all around for the sober and enlightened!!! “Hear ye, hear ye, those that drink are less than me!”
    Way to take a tragic event and make it about you. Have some empathy for these people. A strong cocktail can put u over the limit and it doesn’t sound like she was the cause of death.

    • Why shouldn’t a tragic event be cause to reflect on the benefits of not being intoxicated? That is the only good that can come from reporting it. It otherwise is only a curiosity about another meaningless, unnecessary ugliness.

  • Kym have got anymore info on this article

  • Thank you to all who have gone sober. My dad did 36 years ago and it saved our lives. 8 months after the breakup of our family but it is possible and courageous. He regrets a lot of things but sobriety is not one of them.

  • Drinking and driving don’t mix (not advocating drinking otherwise, anyway). Even moderate and responsible drinking can get us in such situations for the simple reason that alcohol just plays up with your judgment. Strength to you all who have gone sober and prayers for the victims!

  • It’s amusing that alcohol is permitted to be advertised on TV, in magazines, in almost all media while tobacco products are not. It would be interesting to see the numbers of people killed or maimed by drunk drivers versus those killed or maimed by smoking drivers. Hmmmm. I am related to multiple alcoholics – several who quit on their own. Also related to multiple smokers who also quit on their own. Seen both sides. I’ll take the smoker.

  • I heard this guy was beat up or murdered, not that there was an acident? Has there been any follow up investigation dieing under mysterious circumstances when there was no car wreck or crash does not make any sence?

  • Did they ever find out the cause? What happened exactly? I’m his twin sister and we still have no answers.

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