City Nixes Betty Chinn’s Day Use Center at ‘Runeberg Hall’

Google map of Runeberg Hall in Eureka

Google map of Runeberg Hall in Eureka

Press release from the City of Eureka:

On July 1, 2017 the City of Eureka Police Department requested proposals for a homeless day use facility as a six month pilot project. EPD noted that the City has a number of homeless individuals who sleep in tents, makeshift shelters, under buildings, and business doorways, and that those locations are unavailable during daytime hours. This has resulted in a congregation of individuals on sidewalks, public and private property, with their belongings and dogs. The concentrated congregation of these individuals have caused negative impacts to neighboring businesses and residents of the City. To address this issue, the City invited interested parties to submit proposals demonstrating the capacity to effectively operate and manage a day use center. Two proposals were submitted and the proposal from the Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation was deemed the most responsive. The Betty Chinn proposal was a 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday-Friday collaborative with the Town Church-formerly Runeberg Hall, at 1685 Union Street. The Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation program would provide lunch, indoor space for dogs and belongings, and provide an entry point for services to address homelessness.
On September 21, the City of Eureka held a public meeting at the proposed location to provide an overview of the project and to address neighborhood questions and concerns. Based upon the numerous concerns expressed by those in attendance at the meeting, the City of Eureka will not pursue a pilot project for a Homeless Day Use Center at this location. The City would welcome the use of an appropriate building or covered outdoor space to meet this on-going need and invites any interested individual, business, or organization to contact the City. The City of Eureka appreciates the efforts by the Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation in solving homelessness throughout our community and look forward to our continued partnership with Betty’s Blue Angel Village, and the Family Center.



  • Nice! Plenty of other good locations, closer to recycling facilities, greenbelts, night-use shelters, ect.

    • How about the dredge disposal site three miles offshore?

      • If you think it’s funny to fanasize about killing poor people, just remember there are plenty of people richer than you.

        • If you think enabling drug addicted criminals is a good idea then invite them to come do their thing at your house.

          I’m all about helping those get help that want it, but there needs to be distinction made between those with a desire to better their lives and those with a desire to do nothing but beg for a free lunch, shit on the sidewalk, blow their government handouts on drugs, destroy public property, and steal from hard working citizens until they finally go belly up from a drug overdose. Enough is enough. Where’s the compassion for those of us that are sick and tired of watching these lowlifes run amok all over town.

          • How many times do you have to read stories from people Betty has helped before you get it? The help comes, then the healing, then they deserve and earn the help. Housing first programs gained attention because the least deserving got better faster with housing than without it. Eat the rich. Feed the poor. Ask Christ if I’m right or wrong

          • Yeah, where I disagree with you vehemently is joking about murdering people on a public forum. You are a very poor advocate for your position.

            • Indeed, I probably am. However, there are many of us whose frustration has boiled past the point of political correctness. I’m glad that you at least recognized it as the joke that it was.

              • I knew it was a joke because that is the trademark of cowards. When confronted about their bullshit, they will retreat to , “Just trolling, why u so triggered?” making any kind of good faith conversation impossible.

                Here’s a quick rule of thumb: If you find yourself advocating for the murder of a class of people, joking or not, you’re the piece of shit, not them.

      • If you lead, I’ll bet they’ll follow.

  • Isn’t there already a site for them to hangout next to the mission? What happened to that?

  • There are very few communities that would welcome a facility like this but it is undeniable that something must be done. I believe we need to examine the lack of family values which in my opinion created this problem. All of these people have families that should be taking care of their sick, mentally ill or unlucky relatives. What about social security reform? How many people are on the street because they can’t work and have to wait years for social security? I know quite a few. Let us think of creative solutions because believe me problems have solutions.

    • Right answer Village. That’s a light industrial area with a ghetto around it. This is the hood with caltrans, dmv, and the back side of the carwash– in the worst part of eureka honestly. The neighborhood would be best served to have constructive solutions to accompany the troubles that are there. Fear will get us nowhere. Betty has a proven track record of getting things done.

  • Theres other places that don’t have homes around them. The city has plenty of empty lots!

  • Humboldtsocialserviceshidesabilitytorefer

    Did you know that Humboldt Social services WTW and CPS have referral forms on their desk tops to refer local homeless to Betty Kwan Chins family shelter. When you ask for a referral they pretend they have no idea what you are talking about or how to make the referrals. We went over your head and found the truth. If anybody needs a referral, this is how it is completed. Call them on their discriminate behavior.

  • Until we can provide proper day care for working families, I don’t feel that day care for people that refuse to help themselves should even be entertained.

  • I think betty has bum issues. We don’t need another bum hang out .the mission area has a fence up to control the bums .We would have to erect another fence at this proposed site just to control the bomb so think it’s a good idea that they put an x on that sorry betty, but we have enough bum problems we don’t need to add to the fact it’s like bum feast let’s go to Eureka Betty Chinn will take care of us all and then we can go s*** in her mess kit

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