Cannabis Business Workshop Being Held by County Next Monday

marijuana buds in a garden

Outdoor marijuana. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Press release from the County of Humboldt:

On Monday, Oct. 2 beginning at 5:30 pm, Supervisor Estelle Fennell and the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department will be hosting a public workshop on the proposed county’s Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance (CCLUO), and the associated Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR).

A sampling of the principal changes to county code being considered in the ordinance include:

  • Repeal of the current permit application deadline (Dec. 31, 2016) to allow for submittal of applications for commercial cannabis activities, including cultivation
  • Broadening the scope of the current regulations to encompass commercial cannabis activities for recreational users authorized under the recent passage of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA)
  • Providing for a greater diversity of areas where cannabis cultivation will be allowed to expand or occur
  • Developing performance standards for controlling odor and other impacts from cannabis activities
  • Special requirements/limitations for projects located within spheres of influence or community areas

This workshop is sponsored in part by the Humboldt County Growers Alliance. The draft ordinance being reviewed at the workshop and the DEIR is at the Garberville, Eureka and Willow Creek libraries, and on the county’s website.

In the matter of Proposed Amendments to Humboldt County Code Regulating Commercial Cannabis Activities

DATE:   Monday, Oct. 2, 5:30 – 8 pm

LOCATION:   Redwood Playhouse

286 Sprowl Creek Rd

Garberville, CA 95542

Cannabis EIR web page



  • May want to cover how supply and demand works ,or not

  • This 1/4 acre from a campground/ church rule is totally unfair and needs to be repealed.

    In other news, I think these meetings need to address social support systems for the county because lots of people are going to be out of work very soon. Hard times are coming.

    • If drug dealing is your only option for work then you have set yourself up for failure…
      Learn a skill and get a job or make one, just like all the other responsible and contributing members of society…

      • Very few cannabis growers are drug dealers.

        • They don’t sell their cannabis ?

          • Of course they do, just like most stores sell soda and coffee, and similarly to pharmaceutical companies selling drugs. The term “drug dealers” carries with it connotations that simply are not applicable to the vast majority of cannabis farmers. But you knew that.

        • Victor G. Flashman

          Uh, what? Apparently SOME growers are quite delusional…

      • this is a skill you can not just toss seeds in the ground and hope for the best…its not jack and the bean stalk proper prep know how and hard work go into these grow sites-legit ones. not all stripes are the same and to think you know all of lifes high ways and by ways is just fools thinking.
        muggin= learn a skill etc. this is skill and to get your own strain down to a science is a job-one that pays very well in the right situations. so stop hating cause your way is 9 to 5. work is work but like some people as ur self hate there work and they have to poop on anothers way of earning.

    • please clarify, this might mean my shit bag neighbors are growing illegally next to a church.

  • More cultivation, great. What a shit show. Prices at all time low. No place for flowers in the market place. Soon concentrates will be at an all time low as well. Where the hell do they think all of this cannabis is going? Humboldt will grab the money as the ship sinks.

  • its the end of the world as we know it, i feel fine

  • So I guess all of you consider yourself to be “commercial”growers? Your neighbors all are commercial growers? Low prices are because of commercial growers? Excuse me but I thought the law doesn’t become effective untill Jan ’18 . Low prices have been like they are for years. We’re there commercial growers five years ago? Or just greedy,who cares about the environment, growers. Hmmm yea brag some more you guys publish it in Rolling Stone. Get interviewed for the chronicle and laugh about the ineffective, supposedly, police force. Make sure you mention how cool and peaceful it is here, non violent pacifist abound. Just a bunch of trusting hippies. Oh wait.. you already did all that.

  • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

    Is it over yet? What’s a pound cost now? seen pounds for 600-800$ in 2010. No buyers? Seen that already before too. I guess the end is finally here.

  • No locals? Really?

    Y’all are nuts. 15 solid. Sorry if you only deal with lowlifes but the truth is there are a lot of good people in the us that wanna get stoned. Legally or otherwise. That won’t change until/if the govt decides to unclassify it as a sched 1, but who knows. Until our government institutions are dismantled and rebuilt, there will always be prohibitions and/or over regulation on things that promote freedom of thoight, things like pot and mushrooms for example. So I say stop supporting the lowlifes lowballer middlemen and go back to dealing with good people that wanna see everybody come up. Unfortunately, the county and official types all reside for the most part on the former camp. American capatalism at it’s best right here in fishbowl sohum.. where yuppie growers are so desperate for a buck they sell to anyone and then end up speeding through town and risking everyone’s safety. No discretion. No respect I tell ya. Say no to regulated weed and say no to yuppies and say no to murderous gangsters and we may be on to something… Watching the sheeple growers run around freaking out is hilarious.. where are all the true back to the Landers and old school growers and kind folk? Oh that’s right they don’t need to put themselves out in the public eye for attention and ego fulfillment. Perhaps that’s why the mateel is struggling and the town is struggling. I mean, even the baby boomer “homeless” street guys are complaining about everything.. it’s like yuppie takeover of even the hobo scene. The woman in charge of the town square information kiosk is a self proclaimed “greenrusher”.. anyone else see this going on? Heard some young 20 something’s born and raised by ex logger family talking about it too.. yuppie infiltration. Go check out Portland Maine, SF, Portland.. let’s have a back to lander homesteader gonna provide for my family off of my own land and provide for town with the excess revolution. Or just give us all your nice built up yuppie grows when ya gotta sell your 180 acres cuz the payments can’t be made cuz you got robbed at the best Western or whatever comes down the pike. Either be a rock in the river or be a stick and float on

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Q: What kind of pot makes you delusional?

    A: Every kind…

  • Canni buy a vowel?

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