Miranda Area Ripoff, With Three Trucks and 10 People, Foiled by Worker

Harvest marijuana iconA worker at a Miranda area marijuana grow chased off around 10 men as they attempted to steal plants from a greenhouse on Saturday morning. According to the grower, the incident may have begun earlier in the night, about 1 a.m., at a neighbor’s place up the hill. The dogs were barking and the neighbors went out and found a guy with his hands in the air, the grower explained.

“Save, Save me,” the guy reportedly told the neighbors because he was afraid of the dogs. The guy was wearing a hoodie, thick gloves and carrying a flashlight that was turned off and a backpack with only shorts in it, he said. The neighbors escorted the man to his car, a blue Chevy Colorado, which was parked between the growers and his neighbors.

Then, about 6 a.m., the grower’s worker woke up and heard voices. “The trailer he was staying in was only about 6 feet from the greenhouse,” the grower explained. The worker looked out and saw about 10 men beginning to cut down the plants in the greenhouse.

According to the grower, the worker broke out a window and fired his shotgun about five feet from the men closest to him.

“They were scrambling, knocking each other over, trying to get out of there,” the grower said his worker told him. The grower shot again. One of the guys hollered to another asking if he’d been shot. “No, I’m just stuck in the berry bushes,” he reportedly said.

The worker reported again fired into the ground. But this time, one of the guys fired back. The worker then reportedly fired into the back end of a red diesel pickup possibly with Oregon plates that was fleeing the scene. He believes he hit it. Two other vehicles also fled the scene. The attempted thieves reportedly left behind old sheets that were spread out apparently to put the cut cannabis into and make it easy to carry off.

The grower asked in disbelief, “Who brings 10 people to a ripoff? There isn’t enough to share.”





  • There is too much. Which attracts ripoffs.
    We really need to reassess why we live here.
    This is depressing

  • I feel bad for the neighbors who don’t grow, that have to put up with this racket. Sohum used to be a special place. The industry sure destroyed that and turned it into a greedy country ghetto.

    • So Hum is a beautiful place with great people. It also has some big growers that attract ripoffs and despoil the environment. It’s you choice what to focus on.

      • There’s always been big grows and crime, sohum has never been a perfect utopia. But my point is the crimes and greed are growing faster than the plants in the greenhouse. Can’t I have the entire picture in focus, or am I supposed to be seeing things with blurred background?

        • If their’s pot growing, someone is gonna get shot. In northern Humboldt where I grew up there was a word of advise that made the rounds. ” If you see a rolled up carpet in the woods, don’t go near it”. Nothing’s changed in fifty years.

        • The scale has changed. I have been here nearly 50 years. “Big” used to have a different meaning.

      • It absolutely is NOT a matter of what a person chooses to “focus” on when the are has such a terrible reputation and has gone from Paradise to a total Asshole Magnet. I feel sorry for the good old locals just trying to get by.

        • Me too. I agree. This permitted grow was just “enough to get by”. To pay taxes and land payments. Nothing extra. Screw these tweekers who try to take what doesn’t belong to them. Free ride. Rip offs. Do some more meth. Be responsible for yourself.

    • How long have you lived here? This has been going on my whole life and I’m 40. Before marijuana this was a bootleg mecca.

    • Not only so hum..north east county up 299 is a mess…Humboldt’s going down as a whole…

    • When was that? There’s been a marijuana industry in so-hum as long as i can remember. Except the thieves bsck then flew choppers.

  • If only you could eliminate the smell..it’s like a magnet..stinky stuff out there.. Careful not to get caught up in those berry bushes or shot. Not to safe out in the hills about now..

  • If it was a red Ford diesel with Oregon plates it’s prob the same tard that ran over someone on Harris st a couple weeks back. Real piece of work.

  • If it was an illegal grow then they were just trying to steal contraband. If it was then that worker better hope he doesn’t get arrested for attempted murder.

  • I have opinions which may not be popular…
    Here goes:

    We brought this on ourselves.

    We bragged and danced and publicized our growing. For 30 years the Mateel has drawn hordes of easy living idiot urbanites (talk to the Med crews at Reggae about this) out here with Reggae events that celebrate the pot growing (more song and dance, eh?) until Humboldt and the Emerald Triangle is on the world map as Pot Central. The result was Outsiders and City Folks saying, “Hey! That looks like a fun and easy way to make a living!”
    But if you do it RIGHT, with respect for the land, the plant and your neighbors it’s a LOT of HARD work. Year after year. You don’t get rich, you make the bills if you’re lucky. And then you have to cheat on your taxes to make it look like you earned legal money.

    The less honest ones figure they can make their living from people who have already done the work…

    And the Cannabis Culture attracts the low lifes, tweakers and bottom feeders looking for a cheap high reasoning it MUST be cheap up here, there’s so much of it…
    And that no one will miss – or mind much – if they help themselves. What can we DO, they rationalize – call the cops?

    I’m old enough to remember the Social Decay that took over the Haight Ashbury. Pretty much the same patterns. Multiple sorts of predators, some with an appetite for Power and Dominance/Control, some just wanting to OWN everything, others just in it for what they can get before they leave. And the White Powder people move in – there goes the neighborhood!
    I’ve done my share to make this mess, I’m no less guilty than any other 30 plus year resident of the region except for this – I never grew “big”. It was always “Mom and Pop” sized grows I was part of – but I had a family.

  • A crime is a crime is a crime
    I don’t know if this is a legal grow, that isn’t important. The point is with all this crime, what is one more? If weed is a little crime , why not a big crime, or an even bigger crime , or even murder?
    Good people don’t commit any crime!

    It is good nobody died, it isn’t worth it.

    • I don’t know about this line that you are drawing…”Good people don’t commit any crime”

      I’ve broken the speed limit, jaywalked, and probably a few other small crimes in the last month. I’m not proud of them and I should definitely strive to do better but…I may be prejudiced but I think as a whole I fall on the good people side of life.

      • Love you Kym Kemp.

      • Not with Lawenforcent

        This is hilarious, they came to help harvest early.
        This is just the start, there will be more of these occurences , a lot more.
        Since when are cannabis growers allowed to keep firearms next to the grows?
        This must be an unpermitted grow on a parcel thats not in compliance, why else risk having the entire process cancelled on yourself.
        Where exactly was this property and whats the owners name?

        • There is no law against having firearms around a legal grow. However, if the grow is illegal and there are environmental violations, then look out! The grow is a felony, and there is a sentencing increase (charmingly called an “enhancement”) for have a firearm while committing a felony. Have the fire arm in your hand, or holster, and you are “personally armed” while committing a felony. Bigger enhancement. Bottom line: get the environmental problem solved, then the worst you are doing is committing a misdemeanor no matter how many plants you’ve got. Get 1602 permit for the water you are diverting from the stream, get a discharge permit from the Water Quality Board. Won’t that put you on a list? Do you think you’re not on a list. Go to the Humboldt county Planning Department web site, click on the GIS and enter your address and see what you can see from the air. They don’t need a list, they could bust forever from the aerial photos. If you grow for the black market with disregard for the environment regs you are apt to get into big, big trouble if you get into trouble at all. Take it from a lawyer who defends pot crimes, my fee will be a lot smaller if you only have the weed to worry about

          • Didn’t a firearm ban on grow sites restriction get voted in as part of the legalization laws? You should check on that…

          • thank Ed. water abuse does seem to be the worst crime. fish and wild life seem to. a tricky bunch though. not sure if there on automatic to bring in as many charges as possible. i don’t trust em

          • Careful of that. It’s a huge enhancement for Federal, which remains decidedly federally illegal.

      • Bob and Patti Harris

        Yes you do Kym. You are in the “good people” category. 👨‍👨‍👧

      • Did you say ‘I don’t believe in speed limits, therefore I will drive as fast as I want any time I want’ or ‘ I don’t believe in crosswalks, so I will cross in the middle of traffic any time it saves me a few steps.’ ?

        There’s a world of difference between being opportunistic and irresponsible on impulse and therefore committing a crime or even suffering the arrogance of thinking they are a better judge of what’s safe and what’s not and advocating widespread disregard of the law and deliberately setting out to consistantly break the law for personal profit. The first is a defect that is human. Doing it for money is calculating and cold.

        I think a person can have a good heart and not be perfect. But a person who puts profits in front of respect for the law has already chosen what is important to them. And it is rare indeed for someone who choses money first not to make the same choice anytime over any law in the end. They could always find a similar rationale for it.

        • Growers I know are in the business for a lot of reasons. (Though, lately, money seems to corral the largest number.) I don’t think you can pinhole all growers into greedy jerks.

          • Only the jerky greedy ones. Environmentally destructive water-usurping mega growers included. JMO.

            Where, oh where, Kym has the kindness and compassion of so many people gone? Some seem quick to speculate, criticize, and condemn, besides casting blanket generalizations. I long for civil discourse. I imagine it’s one of your dreams, too.

            • I dream that people will take the time to try and exchange ideas and facts not slurs and insults.

              • Facts are hard to get a handle on. By reading on this site I would swear that a lot of growers selling marijuana are having it stolen instead. And with violence.

                That means to me that 1) people are offering an illegal (at the moment certainly and it will probably not be marketable legally later either) product for sale with the intent of making substantially more money than conventional produce can bring by doing so and 2) that they know, or should know by now, that their product attracts people who are even less law abiding and they risk violence by doing so.

                That’s a choice made for money and solely for money. I did not call people who do that jerks. It was read into what I said, which is that simply pot growers have put money at the top of their priorities. That they use the money for other priorities is irrelevant. I’m sure that is true for all ill gotten gains.

                I know for some reason that fact is unacceptable to some. But just because a fact does not support a beloved construct does not mean it is not a fact. A pretty obvious one and one worth thinking on further.

        • if kym told of her fast, easy life of criminal discretion’s and followed that up with all the reasons none of those criminal acts committed were someone or something else’s fault she would be a nice specimen displaying sociopathic thinking. inability to take responsibility for her actions.

          just imgaine::::
          the new sociopathic kym was speeding down the highway in her redheaded blackbelt ’69 candy apple red camaro, with cherry bombs & oversized tires – and here comes those thin blue line boys.

          she flips her “nitro” switch and leaves ’em in the dust.
          well, they are not gonna give up and finally an hour and 162 miles later they spike strip her steed, she gets cuffed-n-stuffed and it’s allll over but but the cryin’…

          she would adamantly deny any culpability and claim that it was not her fault she didn’t stop, it was the cops fault.
          those cops chasing her gave her no choice but to attempt to elope like a gazelle for her own safety. she knows if the cops didn’t chase their prey their prey wouldn’t run.
          if they stopped chasing her she wouldn’t have stopped runnin’ and just keep in trucking. duh!

          makes me curious about the upcoming trial of ms. kitchen and how she presents herself. especially what her side of the story will sound like.

          btw, the story i just told j’all was a 100% true story all the way. the driver never did admit he was wrong to speed and then elope. he went to jail. he has no scruples whatsoever.

    • The big crime is the big illegal grows.

      • And using firearms to protect it.

      • totally disagree! The real problem is all these greenhouses in peoples back yard. Parcels that cannot be permitted. Total disregard for families and terrible example for young people. Our sheriff department and planning department are to blame. Our neighborhoods are just like Trinity Pines. Gonna get worse because the sheriff won’t do anything.

        • You mean your neighbor growing money for her kids’ school shoes and piano lessons? That’s such a big crime? Better she should get it from the welfare department because her $10/hr job isn’t enough to cover her costs for rent and utilities?

    • There is a book called 3 strikes, it argues that every americian commits 3 felonies a year without even realising that they do. So before you state that you arent a criminal you might want to take a closet look at the laws and yourself. You might not think you are doing anything wrong , but this book will open your eyes.

  • So if you live in a decent neighborhood and go on vacation and get robbed should your neighbors hate you for having nice things. Can’t believe the hate on people that have bad things happen to them for growing pot. Obviously keeping it illegal is what made it worth stealing. Hasn’t become full legal yet and the prices already dropped in California.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Should not have shot that 3rd time as they were fleeing.
    Tomorrow’s story: Oregon resident airlifted for gunshot in back.

    So if one of them hits a tree driving away and a passenger dies,who gets tried for murder?

    • You come onto private property with a gun intent on burglary. Someone pops off some warning shots and you shoot back. You deserve to bleed out on the side of the freeway.

  • Curlybill…..what is the crime is the fact the Federal Government has kept this illegal while lying to us like we don’t know the truth. This is all on the Feds, nobody should be in jail for using or growing this weed. It’s ridiculous. If the Feds had not kept it a schedule 1 drug there would never have been all these problems.

    • Good call bunny.
      Where would you go in gville to score a sack? My guy is out of town and im,in sohum partying im gonna need some medicine to help me sleep tonight

    • I need to agree with you but if you start crossing one line in escalation you could continue until you end up committing murder. It gets scary.

  • Friend of the bunny

    Hey its me again bunny, hangin in town hope you come through brother!

    • Check out craigslist! You can get all the Schwag you could possibly dream of 24/7… delivered to your Garberville hotel room.

  • Getting ripped off is an inherent risk of drug dealing and always has been.
    Probably going to happen to someone else tomorrow.
    No surprise or sympathy for this one and nothing of interest here, move along.

  • Pathetic that people think it’s ok to steal irregardless whether it is a legal grow or not. Obviously the thieves came with a gun so intent to harm or kill was also on the agenda. So according to some of the comments, if you grow weed, expect to get ripped off? That’s like saying to the victim “you were hanging out partying so expect to get raped” Hope these thieves get caught and prosecuted.

  • My sister heard the usual shouting next door when the greed grower next door thanked his help by not paying them and threatening them with a shallow grave if they didn’t leave. I don’t know how he gets help harvesting every year because every year it is the same scene. He is the same guy who told my sister that she shouldn’t complain that he was growing over her property line because ‘They don’t find the bodies in these hills’

  • It will all be over before you know it ,market is getting flooded fast, price is just starting to plummet to the bottom, 20 bucks a pound anyone lol

  • Does Garberville get a huge influx of trimigants like Willow Creek?

  • Give that worker a bonus please. Great job holding down the fort! Fuck a thief or 10 of them!

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