Comment on Crime After Public Safety Meeting


[Crop of a photo from an arrest earlier this year by Mark McKenna]

Press release:

[Humboldt County Community Corrections Partnership] Public Safety Meeting will be held at the Humboldt County Courthouse in the Jury Selection Room on the ground floor at the Courthouse on September 27 at 12:15 to 1:15.

The public will be allowed to comment on the crime situation in and around Humboldt County.



  • A one hour meeting? Sounds like they’re really serious!

    • I have attended these meetings before. I’m not going to comment right now, Because it would just be my opinion of what I think It would be nice if just the regular citizen attended these meetings to see how the county is spending our hard Earned tax dollars

  • That’s hopefully 1:15am, right?

    Also, holding a public meeting somewhere where you have to be unreasonably searched and have your possessions seized seems like they’re trying to make it annoying to attend…

  • It’s true that having such a meeting in the middle of a work day does cramp the ability to get ‘regular citizens’ to show up.

  • you just stepped into norcals largest dog an pony show, the citizens want one thing, an law enforcement wants another. if you tell them that you pay their wages they will toss you a nickle, an say we are even now.

  • I don’t think I could help improve the crime situation in humboldt, it’s seems to be thriving. It actual seems to be our most secure industry. For once the government seems to of got the right idea and realized that not getting involved allows a area to thrive…

  • Why hold a meeting in the middle of the day when people are working??? Do they really think the employers of Eureka are going to let people off to attend? This is an insult to people who live with the crime, every single day. Shame on city for being so shortsighted, and uncaring about what their citizens are experiencing. Pretty soon, Eureka will be the Detroit of the West Coast.

    • This is a regular general meeting of the Humboldt County Community Corrections Partnership. I’ve been asked to publicize it and it’s comment period. I’ve added that this is from the Humboldt County Community Corrections Partnership into the post.

  • In Humboldt, there is no crime deterrent . Criminals continue to get out within a day, a bails are set way too low. Our courts go whole heartedly after the family guy with a job, money and something to lose; but could care less about the homeless tweeker robbing people day after day. Sure our jail is always full, but that cannot continue to be the reason to let repeat offenders back into the streets to do the same things. As I’ve said before, our jail has a ‘No Vacancy’ sign on it, and criminals know it. At the rate crime is increasing, our jail has to substantially expand to make room and convictions have to carry harsher sentences; otherwise expect everything to continue and get worse. Also, try a bait car, a bicycle and tools in the back of a truck. Easy arrests with a strong message.

  • Simple. Lock up those who literally hurt another’s life, liberty or property.
    Release those who only hurt themselves through foolishness.
    You now have spare time on your hands to play poker with the staff.

  • Mr. fancy pants again.✌

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