Report From Garberville of a Man Carrying Firearm and Covered With Blood

Breaking news graphicA man covered in blood and carrying a firearm was reported to be on the first floor of the Humboldt House Inn in Garberville at approximately 5:15 p.m. According to information from a caller that the dispatcher is relaying to officers, the man is supposedly saying something like “You got me.”

Medical has been requested to stage-wait near but not at the scene. However,Β  another report states the man is now being taken to the Garberville Hospital.

UPDATE SUNDAY:Β Man Struck With Firearm and Thrown Over Balcony of Motel While Allegedly Attempting to Sell Marijuana



  • Too bad. SHCHD Emergency is a very bad place for a GSW!

    Hope for a helicopter to somewhere else, and soon…

  • Maybe the suspect from the ap shooting?

  • 200 bucks a night and you can watch cops live outside your door!

  • SHCHD is what we have and it is not their fault there was an alleged shooting in Garberville. Be thankful that we have a stage to triage when such things happen. Put yourself in the patients place. What would you say then. Oh I get it, you would be one of those people that yell at the nurses and act like a damn fool all the while they were trying to save your life. Ya, I have heard all the jokes, like, they bury their mistakes at Jerald Phelps. But no matter, there was an incident in Garberville, somebody is hurt and you have to criticize the hospital?

    • Yes ….I am very happy to have a local E.R.. Got me through several heart incidents.

      • And how long ago was that, Dave? Still want to take your “cardiac event” to SHCHD?

        Might be the last thing you do…

        • Grow a pair T…put a name with the drivel. I got better treatment and information than I got from a cardiologist up north. There are some very good docs working the E.R. rotation. Much better trained than the locals that used to be there. Treated in 2015 and 16. Much better now.

    • Right? Just be thankful that there’s a hospital there!

    • I agree. Without this hospital where would you all be? You could always move to a place that has a hospital to your liking.

    • Let us just be thankful that we have an E.R. in Garberville. It has saved many lives.

    • Locals had the chance to vote for a new state of the art hospital but you all voted against it. Now you want to complain about what we have…. you’re lucky we have anything!

      • I voted against it and I will only complain about it as long as they try to tax me for something that I feel is so inept that it should be closed. Before you ask, yes my opinion does come from personal experience at that establishment, my experience, my family’s experiences, and my friends experiences. I use the word establishment because I feel it is more appropriate than hospital in regards to what they do, hospital would be misleading to say the least.

        • Why should our taxes dollars go into building a hospital where when finished we hand the keys over to a for profit corporation with greedy shareholders?
          So Hum insanity at its finest.

        • Trillium Hummingbird

          Unfortunately, sometimes something is not better than nothing. SHCHD is a great example.

          Corrupt and incompetent is no way to dispense health care. I worked in your ER and was shocked every time I watched them treat a patient. I have worked in 15 other hospitals, and I would not step through the doors of Jerold Phelps.

          Howard Hospital is just down the road – real doctors and a clean ER, MRI and CT, a lab that is staffed 24/7 and has the last word in diagnostics and microbiology. Redwood Hospital has a modern ER, at least. Both of these can land a helicopter onsite.

          SHCHD is a filthy wreck operated by some very poor quality individuals. There is barely anything there at all to save anyone’s life.

          Save your own life, get yourself to somewhere else!

          Jerold Phelps Hospital is a great place to die from poor care dispensed by the inept and the untrained, or to be pronounced dead if you are dead. That’s about it. Their reputation is well documented, and the low regard many locals have for the hospital will not be altered by the “love it or leave” folks from Garberville.

          And SHCHD appears to be following a trend in modern healthcare by hiring aliens who have H1B work visas! Is this what you really want for your district hospital? A gang of thugs who will do anything at all to screw over their employees? Who refuse to hire well qualified locals over travelers and foreigners?

          The district has admitted that they can’t pass a parcel tax since the community does not support the hospital.

          The board of your “hospital” does not even seat elected members, preferring to “appoint” folks they like instead. The corruption here is amazing in that no one who lives here is complaining!

          How could ANYONE say that this facility is acceptable or desirable? It is, “what we have”, a very poor example of modern healthcare…

          Demand that the district be disbanded, and the operations be handed over to competent management. Or just close the damn thing!

  • Probably the shooter from alderpoint this afternoon

  • It takes a lot out of me. But do I complain? NO.

  • Any updates available yet?

  • The hospital saved my life when I had respiratory arrest from an anaphylactic shock allergic reaction a few years ago. That hosp is VITAL. I live next door to the HHI Best Western. I saw the Sheriff car lights and crime scene tape. Didn’t hear anything. It has been pretty quiet in the neighborhood this year. Unlike the last 5-6 years, at this time of year. Maybe its just getting a late start. I just walked by the scene when I took my dog out. They were putting away the crime scene tape. All clear was given.

  • We don’t even know if the blood is human. It could be. It could be self inflicted, it could be someones else blood, or it could be a local Hmong feasting on a stray dog or cat. Lets wait for more information.

    • Why the bring Hmong into this?

      • Hmong was thrown in as an attempt to be humourus, it did not work, most humor over the WEB will not work. as humor has a visual side that is probably more inportant. I am not the O.P. I am also White,, also the Hmong are really great people “example ” the Hmongs that grow and sell strawberries in Fortuna .

        • Now we know The Big Deal and Butthead are the same poster. Funny how it seems like the conservative posters here use so many psuedonyms to seem more numerous.

      • stupidity = racism

    • thebigdeal, I thought of hunting. The season just opened and some dress on the spot.

    • Hmoung dont eat dog and cats, but i would like to ask you a question. If your kids were hungery and you were starving would you ? It is so confusing to me to see comments like this. I have traveled the world seen people that litteraly starve to death. Here in this country we have so much, even our poorist of poor have access to at least 1 meal a day. In this country we are so jaded so full of ourselfs that we would rather kill strays and toss them out then see them as a food source. Ever watch surival shows ? Protien is protien. If we take a life of a non human reguardless of why we should attempt to make the most of that. It is unthinkable to so many but if you think with a true open mind you will see the reason and logic in these words

  • From my experances moving here from a city that had one of the best level 1 trama centers in the world , i can see where folks are coming from with their complaints. However i have also lived places where there was nothing. Yes it is small yes it is understaffed, but for the money they have and the resources avabile to them they seem to do a decent job. It is hard to get anyone to work here let alone someone to that will move here deal with all the crap around here and end up making less than 50 percent of what they could make elsewhere. Not to mention the cost of living here and the complete lack of social life actitivies. Sure there are outdoor actitivies , but honestly what hard working medicial professional has the time to do alot of that ? This area has many challenges and we should look more at what we have and if we want more look at how we can attract that. Certainly complaints and negitive comments all the time is not going to make anyone wish to come here to provide a service that they can make more with less shit from folks else where.

    • Having served on the board of directors at the healthcare district I can confirm all of what you say. Not just docs but all levels of healthcare providers are not standing in line to work in what they consider an underserved and overpriced environment.

  • Thanks, Antichrist — you echo my thoughts completely. SHCHD and its hospital could do a lot better, but it takes money, alas, a lot of money in this imperfect time and place, to get it done. It also takes commitment from the community. It’s shooting yourself (and your community) in the foot to bitch about how awful it is and then vote against paying additional taxes to improve it. (And once you’ve shot yourself in the foot, where do you go for help?) Also, Antichrist, you are right about how difficult it is to attract qualified, let alone superior, people to work and live in this community. So instead of merely pointing fingers of blame at others (although sometimes this must be done — so note the word “merely”) ask yourself what YOU can do to make the community a better place, such as volunteering for some task (not just political agitation, altho that’s important, too) that needs to be done. Just helping to clean the streets would be a start!
    I just returned from visiting a friend in Seattle, where there are many hospitals, clinics, and doctors of all kinds — and she spent a whole evening bitching about how incompetent her doctors are, how rude their staff is, how inadequate the hospitals are — etc. etc. etc. Fact is, we are all incredibly privileged compared to 95% of the world, and so we expect instant and perfect results every time.
    Sets a damn high bar for any institution.

    • Taxes pay for corporate monopolies, not health care.
      Before taxes, a dollar given to the doctor was a full dollar given.
      After taxes, a dollar given to the doctor was 20 cents given.
      This is why care decreased yet taxes skyrocketed.

      To get the health care back to caring, it needs to go back to being privatized. Same with education.
      When a teacher is given money directly, that teacher knows he better teach what the student is paying s/he to teach.
      When a doctor is given money directly, that doctor knows he better treat the patient with all the care s/he can give.

      When monopolies run either one, the only thing that matters is budget cuts.

      Taking back our communities, county by county, is the only sure way to receive full care.
      Taxation is theft. Plain and simple.

      • Disclaimer: Shak also believes cigarettes are good for you and that the government is trying to outlaw tomatoes.

      • And that is why single payer systems fail. There is no incentives to be better. But there is incentivies to see as many people as day as you can. Once aha passed it was about 6 months before my doctor quit his practice was absorbed by a large publicly traded health care company and he was being harassed for spending more then 10 minutes with his customers. He told me personally that he didnt feel right , because in 10 minutes he barly had time to form an opion as to what the health issuses were and not enough time to talk and find root causes. I asked him to refer me to someone that wasnt facing the same problems and he told me that he did not know of one. To me this is sad, you find a doctor that is kind caring and honestly trying to help people and they get run out because they arent hacks who just write scripts and refer tests. How is this any better ? How does this improve our health care system ? By making it easier for more hacks to.practice ? More scripts and half ass treatments just so that those that stuggled with affording care can live their lifes with the lates nikes large screen tv 20 inch wheels etc ? Or eat madsive amounts of sugar fast food do the drugs they want and never have to make the payments for what they do to themselves ? I want everyone to be able to afford good health care but single payer to me isnt the answer. To me the answer is in disbanding these large corperate health companies who only see dollars and cents. Who are more focused on shareholders and stock prices then healing the sick and wounded. Many doctors i have seen and spoken to wish they could charge less for uninsured. The problem i heard over and over again is that if they charged less gave a break to the struggling then, they would be forced to accept less from the insurance companies. They cant have 2 differant rates. Corperate greed is why our doctors are unsatified and our bills are so high not politics or who is paying. Corperations live and die on our health, be it making us sick with the crap they sell or how they make it, to making even more money off treating the illness they promote and creat. Wake up folks .

  • This my be a case of someone bringing a knife to a gunfight. NEVER bring a knife to a gunfight!

  • Are we getting a preview of what’s going to come when we vote in November for the usual hospital disctrict tax? If people like Trillium Humingbird are allowed to rant and rave in any of Kym’s pages without using their names and giving no time to prove them wrong I’ m out of the local blog business. It is not a filthy wreck and it really pisses me off that person speaks hiding behind a stupid name. I really hope I don’t see the players who ranted and raved endlessly when they tried to pass that last tax that people didn’t want. I don’t want to see those same arguments. This is personal, not only my husband but my Goddaughter who recently passed got the best care at the ER. They really made a difference in her care. vote for the usual tax….$125 a year to keep the doors open. Really, you have to think about that?

  • Time to upgrade this motel to a Best Western “Plus”

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