16-Year-Old in Hospital After Allegedly Assaulted

Jacob Stebbins

On Thursday around 7 p.m., a 16-year-old Myers Flat boy, Jacob Stebbins, was allegedly assaulted with a baseball bat [Note: law enforcement is telling us this was much smaller than a full sized bat]. The boy was working at his afterschool job at the Myers Flat store when he was allegedly attacked. According to his aunt, Sara Buhler, the boy
was hit in the head with a baseball bat and suffered a compression skull fracture. He was rushed to the E.R. in Garberville where he suffered grand mal seizures, was unresponsive, and needed to be intubated. He was then flown to UC Davis and placed in the ICU.


  • Did they catch the person that did this???? There’s no comment about who did it or why if he was arrested for attempted murder. I’m just saying if somebody is attacked with a baseball bat Now he’s unresponsive with grandmal seizures and has to to be flown out of the area, That seems to be attempted murder to me. What the hell is wrong with these people in this county these days? People are sick and I’m getting so tired of reading this horrible news reports of these awful sickening people around here.

    • It’s just as bad elsewhere, but our community is a bit smaller and most of us know at the least someone who knows someone everywhere. Plus with social media reporting every single issue at hand, it seems overwhelming these days

    • Its called banana crank. I good ol bad batch of meth…. all the stories on this site are mostly based on banana crank….Godspeed in your recovery young man

    • They know but didnt arrest him . The kid that did it is underage but they are trying to press him with adult charges

  • Holy crap, that’s terrible. Hope he makes a full recovery. So was the store robbed too? Was it someone with a grudge against the kid, or was it just some tweaker or future narco recipient coming off a high? Sad for the boy and his family.

    • Kid had a grudge

      • Who had a grudge? Over what?

        • The kid who beat him has bullied him along with others for the past 2 years. The group he hangs out with said they just don’t like him or his face.

          • Now we know who’s making up lies Rage(Demon-Devil) you’re a cold hearted liar the school and everyone knows who the bully was there is a very big difference in size the wittle guy bullied the big guy get real everyone who saw WILL testify and the truth will come out please everyone pray for all involved and pray for Rage as well to get some heart

            • Alright, folks, it’s understandable that you each want to defend your relatives but this is best not tried on a website. Please stop attacking each other’s kids.

  • I haven’t seen a police press release or report of this

  • Prayers for you tonight, hang in there young man 🙏

  • Weed, the drug of peace.

    Peaceful growers and all the attendant peaceful druggies and hangers-on. All peaceful and loving, like 1960’s flower children.

    No one suffers because of this peaceful society you have all created here. No murder, no mayhem, no assault, no illegals camping with rifles in the hills, no grow dozers spewing black diesel smoke down the street, no influx of SoCal gangsters trying to make a quick score, no thousands of itinerant drug industry workers, no criminals looking to hide out among other criminals in a culture where crime is all-pervasive.

    And especially, not a single news website whose entire income is derived from drug trade advertisements.

    Just lots of peaceful locals and their beautiful, loving children.


    • What’s the variety that enhances sarcasm?

    • I think maybe you should try some; it might give your tormented mind a little peace.

    • No locals? Really?

      Umm look around America. This is just a fish bowl here. Move away then and find a better life if you want. Or create beauty if your own life and don’t be a drag too like the news

      • America was great before the baby boomers took over. Complete imbeciles.

        • America had a more rational system of progressive taxation back then, but worse rates of violent crime.

        • Every generation has its greatness and its specific problems they brought to it. I can tell you the history of each, and every generation deplores the generation ahead of it for certain reasons. I think even Socrates touched on that issue thousands of years ago in anicent Greece.

          Yeah, the baby boomers got themselves into weed and other drugs, civil rights, environment, and free love; the generation before it built businesses and got pilled on prescription drugs, ‘Mother’s Little Helper’ and alcohol.

          Today people bemoan the current generation, saying they’re too narcissistic, too wired in, willing to give up their personal face-to-face relationships for virtual reality ones. But they’re also the kids who played with robotic Legos, know computer wizardry backwards and forwards, and are going to build some of the most impressive engineering and medical devices at such an astonishing rate as we’ve never seen before.

          America is still great. So are other countries and their youths and their generations. None are ‘complete imbeciles’ except those who fail doing what is good and bringing necessary changes to the fore for the good of everyone.

        • Complete shit show

          Just imagine what it will be like when the mellenials are in charge.

    • Weed this is not weed related [edit]

    • sounds like you’re ready to stop reading news websites and ending your contributions to the drug trade advertisers and well on your way to starting your own blog about your own private nirvana, eh stormy?
      good luck in your endeavors.
      see ya.

    • The Unpleasant Truth

      So much TRUTH and FACT buried in this sarcasm. Those raking in profit (or even just paying the bills and enjoying some personal use) are generally too biased, myopic and defensive to see or admit these truths, but greed weed as the system stands today in Humboldt is steeped in violence, environmental rape, and selfishness.

      Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I long for the old ma and pa outlaw days where this crisis wasn’t in our faces every day. Humboldt is being raped and pillaged by pot profiteers, mostly non-locals, and the sharks who’ve come here to steal from them.

    • What the hell does this crime have to do with pot?!? Fucking asshole. Go back to your bottle, troll.

      • Well, some think Republicans, police, Trump, conservatives, liberals, too much taxes or not enough taxes, the poor, the rich, etc ad infinitum are responsible for everything. Why not pot. No one knows and no one, even those involved, will ever know because knowing would mean that something must be done. And all seem to be equally happy with the most convenient ideas that fit their wants. And permits them to live as they want without actually being required to do anything about the bad that comes from their choices.

        My favorite whipping boy is the news media. But here I am anyway. Life’s a bitch.

      • You can’t be serious. Do you live in a bubble?

      • Well said.

    • We’re you there? If not how do you know it was weed related?

  • Myers flat is a tweeker shit hole.

  • I’m praying for this young man to make a full recovery. Our world is going absolutely bat shit crazy. I wish folks would take a deep breath step back and think what their doing.

  • From fund raiser website-“Jake regained consciousness, is breathing on his own, and received surgery this morning. So far things look good and we continue to pray for his complete recovery.”

  • This has nothing to do with pot. It was a minor who hit him supposedly over a girl that sat on his lap. The trolls will all suffer in loneliness for the things they allege . He’s a kid for Christ sake quit being such an a$$.

  • Doesnt sound like weed had anything to do with this. Very gad to hear he’s doing better. My family sends him and his family our blessings.Hang in there be strong!

  • I hope he makes a full recovery. It sounds like a serious injury.

  • This had nothing to do with pot or drugs. This is an extremely tragic situation. Too many unsupervised minors on Myers Flat. This 100% could have been prevented. I hope my son’s friend makes a speedy recovery.

  • Hey all you haters and people who need to bring pot or anything else into a thread about a young man being beaten,next time you write,fine yourself 5 bucks a word and send it to this familys fund.
    What a waste of energy you are, your complaining about the younger generation while sitting at your keyboard being nasty and complaining??? Where do you think those younger folks learned it?

    • Very Very well said.

    • Thank you. Im tired of people using other’s tragedies as a platform to spew ridiculous, uninformed, hateful, biased non-relevant rants. All that should be added here is compassion and / support for this horrific incident. He is a child. I hope he recovers.

  • Wendy Davis Windsor

    Time for security cameras at the store? Hope for a full recovery for the victim. Tragic.

  • I hope he recovers fully and that the criminal is caught and sentenced.
    In the meantime, there are programs that might be able to help you get by.
    (another awful program that promotes violence for payout, but is needed in cases like yours, when the community is too broke from paying the man).

  • Living in Paradise

    The police know who bashed Jacob’s head in with a bat. And Myers Flat is not a tweaker sht hole. I’ve lived here for over 12 yrs, and we have good people and Good families living here! So STFU all you haters. My prayers are with Jacob and his family 💙

  • This is a very tragic situation I am praying for jacob and his family! As I am now praying for my 14 year old nephew who has the rest of his life ahead of him as well he has been bullied for the past 3 years 😢 Very tragic that it had to end up like this he shouldn’t have used a weapon but was scared to death of this boy🙏he didn’t just start beating him he was pushed and punched in the face before fighting back then trying to leave and got his bike thrown in the road with the boy coming back at him coming from the lady that works at the store!😢 [edit] our whole family will continue praying for him but please pray for my nephew to as he was protecting himself and his little cousins 😢😢 people please talk to your children about bulling as this about bulling

    • Your lying. I know it. You know it. I hope your Jessie gets what’s coming to him.

      • You’re lame you know it that’s the truth pracilla told the police what happened Jacob has pushed jesse around the whole time he has lived out there I hope you get what’s coming to you bad mf karma

        • Bully everyone around to get what they want I doubt that would fly so no who ever you are you can leave the kids out of it were you there or are you just listening to rumours lies and all the small town gossip? we are all praying for jacob and his family so should you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Unfortunately, bold-faced lies like the ones above will be deemed untrue and irrelevant in a court of law. Not only will this criminal be removed from our society but his parents will be in need of legal representation themselves. They should be held responsible for their child’s cowardice act and financially responsible for this innocent victim’s medical expenses. While it was kind of this attempted murderer’s aunt to give an admission of guilt. She should know that only the truth can be proven in court. Making up false stories won’t help one bit.

      • False story’s no no no (prosecutor) OK He knows he will have consequences that I don’t wish on anyone ok! Don’t forget he is a kid and you don’t have to be bad mouthing the family we are all praying for everyone involved and I’m going to pray for you your soul sounds dark just pray! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • DoeS your 14 year old nephew have a broken skull! Bullying is wrong. Absolutely. Your nephew did have the strength to yield a wooden object that is smaller than a baseball bat with the force to break a skull. Your defending him with the fact that it was smaller than a bat actually makes his actions look worse. That means he welded it with even more force necessary (than with a bat) to break a skull.
      A punch sucks. Yea. Both my sons have been punched multiple times. I was livid. Cracking a skull is tremendous force. Throwing a bike in the road…it is a object. I am so grafeful my sons never yielded an object on someone, even after a punch.
      You added as an edit your prayers for the family. An afterthought. This kid could die. Your nephew has the rest of his life, yes. He needs therapy NOW. Every week. As a victim of bullying and as someone who SEVERELY hurt someone.
      I pray his family gets him help. If not he is screwed. I will pray for him and his family too. With all sincerity.

      • No he got lucky his skull is not caved in he has bruises loose teeth and a busted lip ! And honestly the truth will come out in the meantime pray for everyone involved

    • Honestly Jacob is an idiot for pushing Jesse when he’s yielding a bat. I know Jacob was bullying jesse but if someone pulls a weapon on you that can kill you, you should have the mental capacity to walk away. Jesse absolutely should and will pay for what he did but Jacob isn’t all that innocent himself. He asked for it.

  • You guys that all have negative comments to make are nuts either shut up or go make a difference in your community or leave places are not shitty it’s the people that live there are and the ones that complain but are not willing to help change things I’m sick.of it all hello folks there are no good places to be any more everyone has ruined it .

  • Now what the community do to stop bullying? We’re the adults in both boys lives aware of the animosity? The school?

    Sad and horrible to see both lives damaged.

    The boy who did the hitting with the wood shop class project will face the investigation and if the allegations against the victim are true, then the community will need to come to grips with the harsh reality of actions having severe consequences.

    For the victim will face an incredible journey of healing, his family will face the heart breaking journey og bringing their son to a place of restoration. He will face a journey none of would wish upon another.

    The boy who hit him will also face an arduous path.

    Hopefully once the investigation is complete the facts will be laid bare for the community and healing can happen for the whole community.

    If the charges of bullying are true, then please as a community address this.

  • this is sad for both familys Blame goes to both familys for not sitting down and getting to the bottom of the bulling when it first started (maybe years ago).
    At 14 years kids just react, that is what their brains do they aren’t developed enough to see down the road.
    That is why the parents should have gotten together to solve their childrens actions in a constructive way teaching their kids how to solve / handle problems BEFORE they get out of hand. There are lessons here everyone!!

    • The bulling had been addressed so had the fact about the 12 year old little girls the mother was talked to when he had a twelve year old little girl sneak out and stay out all night I agree the police should have been called a few times but people don’t want to be called a snitch or the parent says she will handle it and that was believed well I should have called myself!

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