Cannabis, Water Rates, and Measure Z Money: Garberville Sanitary District Board’s Latest Meeting

Garberville water district

Garberville Sanitary District water treatment facility [Photo by Kelley Lincoln]

Press release from the Garberville Sanitary District:

The Governing Board of the Garberville Sanitary District met on September 19th to conduct District business and provided is the summary of what was discussed.

As with many throughout Humboldt County and California, we are adapting to the increase in commercial cannabis farms and manufacturing businesses that request treated District water for their operation. The GSD Board is diligently working to accommodate customers who are developing commercial agricultural businesses within District boundaries but understand the priority of our District is to provide residential water for human consumption.

We have been working on an Ordinance which will address the higher water demand, while developing a process to educate the public, prepare for drought conditions and ensure responsible stewardship of the water we divert, treat and provide our customers.

Proposals being discussed are: (1) separate agricultural water meters which can be locked off during drought or low river conditions. (2) GSD will develop and provide a water use and conservation pamphlet that will address environmental precautions, efficient growing practices and water use demands. (3) GSD may require a check list be filled out for type of agricultural crop, water use projections, water catchment and drainage plan and what size crop to be grown.

The District received confirmation that we will receive $60,000 from Measure Z and are working through the required process to replace 8 fire hydrants that are failing or do not work. We want to thank the Humboldt County Supervisors for approving the funding necessary to replace these fire hydrants and provide much needed fire protection.

The GSD Board wants to share with the public our water rates compared to other Districts in Southern Humboldt and neighboring communities. Based on our research these rates are accurate but may include additional factors which we are unaware.


Base Rate–Residential

1st Tier

2nd Tier

3rd Tier

4th Tier

5th Tier

6th Tier

Tiered (CFT) Rates are in 100 cft or 748 gallons

Garberville SD


Town $60.22

Meadows $67.22





No Additional Tiers

Redway CSD








Phillipsville CSD








Miranda CSD



Myers Flat CSD







$19.06 + $24.55=$43




Zone #1-$75.63

Zone #2-$181.93



Rio Dell CSD






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