Humboldt County Road Crews Patching Salmon Creek and Thomas Roads

County Workers on country road

County crews putting grader patches in the Salmon Creek area through Friday and again on Monday and Tuesday. [Photo provided by Shanna Archibold]

Humboldt County road crews are working in the Salmon Creek area through the beginning of next week. They are putting what Denton Carrick, foreman, calls “grader patches” on rough areas.

He said the plan was to work on Thomas Road today and maybe tomorrow and then move to Sunnyside (the part of Salmon Creek road that heads west past Thomas Road.) The crews will then work their way down from there towards 101.

“Expect delays because we have to put hot mix down and wait,” Carrick explained. The crew is also shorthanded.

Expect the crew to be there until 5 this evening.



  • “Patching” MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Finally

  • So does this mean that they are done in Alderpoint , Zenia, Blocksburg,area….. ?The narrows below the last cattle guard coming into Alder point are TERRIBLE,,, and dangerous as all hell.. what does it take someone to get killed….The road to the Alderpoint dump has 3 HUGE holes in it…Big enough to break an axle…..The road to the firecamp has a hole that takes up an entire lane…… Big enough to loose a road grader in… Been there since JANUARY….WTF?

    • Well last time they tried patching alderpoint Road I believe they got shot at.

      • That was what was said at the time they abandoned working on Alderpoint Road when some MORON was supposedly at least shooting at their trucks & such!!! Kym reported on it as did LoCO, at the time!!!

      • Tom Matson's #: (707) 445-7491

        I hella doubt it. maybe an old ‘yota backfire. I bet the county road in front of Tom Matson’s house is in good shape.Nobody shot at a road crew in the Mattole, and large stretches are dilapidated. there’s been a 1/2 mile of really bad road re paved, plus 10 years of defered maintenance done in the redwoods. I think part of the problem is County staff underestimate the traffic out in the boonies, because so many people driving the back roads are registered to vote where their second home is, like Eureka, or Ferndale. Honeydew residents get shorted on asphalt, because their street addresses are all listed as Petrolia, or whithorn, or a P.O. in Redway/Redcrest. Supervisors think there’s only twenty people living out here. Ferndale just had their second snooty car show, the ‘Concourse on Main’ the flyer promoted their proximity to the coastal drive on Mattole roads. What a bad idea; to take your Phaeton, or Rolls out that tank trap! The County is throwing away tourist dollar opportunities, at the same time complaining that everyones going to weed. Each individual driving citizen is paying thousands per year on front end damage, while the County saves a buck on asphalt. At least one tourist per month this summer broke a rim on Mattole road. One couple were stranded for 30 hours after the tow truck broke down on the way out! Then they still had to hitchhike out, cuz the truck couldn’t take them.

  • That is complete B.S….. Marty let the roads fall so far behind i doubt that that they will ever be able to catch up.

    • Tom Matson's #: (707) 445-7491

      Not Marty. His boss. Local road guys must be frustrated. It seems they only get a couple yards of asphalt a year to patch. We only pay 2% of our property taxes to roads, while over %7 goes to debt from the (defunct) “redevelopment” agency. HUH? WTF! time to redevelop our road infrastructure.

  • Patch job again and again! The county will patch your entire life up if you let them.

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