Fugitive in Oregon Shooting Who Had Been Hiding in the Shelter Cove Area Arrested

Charles Jackson

Charles Jackson

Klamath County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man who had been “hiding out” in a house on Redwood Road in Shelter Cove this last month, according to a resident of that area, Todd Nuse. Charles (Charlie) Jackson  was arrested for charges stemming from a June 21 shooting in Oregon. The arrest occurred this last Tuesday near Fort Klamath, Oregon.

According to Nuse, “Charlie” had been staying in the Shelter Cove area “through the last month.”

Jackson (age 35) allegedly had been involved in a domestic dispute with his 17-year-old girlfriend last June when the shooting occurred near Agency Lake. According to People Crime, Jackson allegedly assaulted the teenager by

…punching her in the head and face and strangling her three times.

Police allege Jackson barred…the teen, who he’d considered his girlfriend since she was 15, from leaving the bedroom they shared…

According to court records, Jackson previously threatened to “skin her alive in the woods” if she reported the alleged abuse.

On June 21, allegedly following an hour of confinement, the teen managed to escape through a window, fleeing to a neighbor’s home for safety.

As the girl was dialing 911, the neighbor, who is 84, went to confront Jackson outside his home. Police allege that [Jackson] threatened to shoot his girlfriend before pulling a gun from his truck and firing several bullets at the neighbor and the teen. One struck the man in the leg…

[See note at bottom]

According to the Oregon State Police:

[Tuesday] at 7:05pm, Charles Jackson was taken into custody and charged with crimes stemming from the June 2017 assaults. Charles Jackson was located, once again, with the same 17-year-old female victim. They were found hiding in a dark and wet campsite near the Cherry Creek Trailhead off Westside Road – between Rocky Point and Fort Klamath, OR.

Jackson was in possession of a rifle and a stolen car when arrested by a tactical team comprised of members from the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office (Special Response Team), and the United States Marshall Service-Fugitive Task Force. In addition, key in the successful operation were spotters and an aircraft provided by Emergency Airlift.

The United States Marshall’s Service and the Basin Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team (BINET) were instrumental in helping track and locate the suspect over the past several months.


Note: We quoted an article by People Crime that incorrectly identified Charlie Jackson as being a registered sex offender in Nevada. We apologize for the error.



  • 👏👏👏 get that piece of shit out of here!!

  • An 84-year-old man stands up for the young girl and takes a bullet to the leg. I’d like to have him as my good neighbor.

  • How many dirtbags like this find refuge in Humboldt? Seems like the place is crawling with them.

    • Yes crawling all over the place time to say ALOHA….

      • Man do you have a point! I have lived here for the largest part of my life close to 40+ years. It keeps getting worse, the shitty drivers that just have to do 80 mph driving anywhere to the fucking tweekers and thief’s and junkies. I have three more months of chemotherapy and plan to leave as soon as I’m done with the chemo to a Paradise with no street crawling pieces of shit. ALOHA INDEED…

        • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

          If I read this correctly, this POS had already gotten himself out of here prior to being apprehended in Oregon.

  • How old is this scum bag?

  • 35 and she is seventeen, so he was 33 dating, molesting, beating, abusing a 15 year old and as a registered sex offender.

  • There is no sex offender conviction for this guy, it is an older guy with the same name, that’s kinda obvious given his age in 1994 this guy would of been 12 or 13!! Can’t always believe news reports!

  • Cool , now get the rest of the tweeker scum out of the cove please .

  • Sergeant Jesse Taylor, why were the residents of Shelter Cove not notified about this? I saw the post on Facebook , but nothing in the news from the HCSO. Why? Why do we have violent fugitive sex offenders hiding in our community and the don’t residents know about it? This system is beyond broken. If the people have to police their own community, don’t expect us to treat you like professionals. We deserve to be protected from this kind of thing by letting the public know when there is a predator on the loose.

    • You have to take care of you and your family. Instead of bitching on a newsboard

    • If violent fugitive sex offenders are “hiding” then nobody knows about it. Thats the “fugitive” part. That’s why they didn’t tell you.

    • You live in southern Humboldt. You should know at all times you are living in an area with higher than average homicide, suicide, DUI, alcoholism, domestic violence and child molestation rates. You shouldn’t have to be told each time they catch another person taking advantage of the fact that it’s easy to get away with crime in your area, pay attention to your areas stats. Look at the number of unsolved crimes and stats on unreported crimes in your area, it’s ripe with keep your mouth shut mentality and criminals flock to that.

      • Yep. Its like trying to kill starfish out here I say… u chop a starfish in half and eventually u have 2 starfish. Tweekers that get “removed” from here are only replaced by two more tweeker rip offs. Welcome to SoHum!

  • He wasn’t even hiding. He has family in the Cove, and all sorts of so called law enforcement knew this! Lazy, fucking chicken shit donut eaters. Three goddamn months!

  • Where are his ears?

  • You dipshits missed my point. In the first world, where we have law enforcement and a judicial system and the internet and electricity, its common to give the public a B.O.L.O. when there is a known violent fugitive hiding in the area. This has nothing to do with me being incapable of taking care of my own family. This has nothing to do with naivety. My household is well armed just like almost every other house in Shelter Cove. We all saw this mugshot on Facebook weeks ago, thanks to well informed local people who give a shit. The point I am making is the Sherriffs Dept. Should warn people when a violent fugitive is on the lamb. They should release a mugshot to the press. That’s common first world protocol. Has nothing to do with me being unprepared or not knowing where I am. I had my eyes peeled for the last two weeks looking for this guy, but not everyone is part of the Shelter Cove Lookout. Not everyone was aware this koom was creeping around our neighborhood. Does that mean they deserve whatever is coming to them ? No. Everyone has the right to be informed when a violent predator is on the lamb in their neighborhood. It doesn’t take much effort on anyone’s part to write up a short B.O.L.O.

    • When anyone is “on the lamb,” you know you’ve got a deviant on your hands. I’d want a violent fugitive off my lamb ASAP.
      Joking! The expression you want is “on the lam.”

    • Wow, I miss Humboldt even less which I didn’t know was possible. I’m happy not to live among people that call strangers dipshits as if I’m not your equal, have fun loving amongst violent criminals and child molesters, you seem like the kind of sweety that fits right in:) Since you desire a warning so much you are now warned THERE ARE ALWAYS VIOLENT PEOPLE HIDING FROM REALLY BAD CRIMES IN ALL NEIGHBORHOODS IN SOUTHERN HUMBOLDT!!!!! THERE ARE EVEN PEOPLE THAT THEY SUSPECT OF MURDER BUT CANT PROVE, ONE IS SUSPECTED OF THREE MURDERS and he WALKS FREE IN THE COVE, TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT FROM UNDER YOUR ROCK!!!!!!

      • When you belittle another on your own regard, simply because someone is asking the sherriff office to do their job, you become the dipshit. We all know that this is a self policed area. We all know where we are. We all know the crime stats. We all have horror story’s of our own. Thanks for reiterating that again. I am the father of a precious little girl. If there is a known predator hiding in my neighborhood and the HCSO knows about it and doesn’t offer the general public a mugshot /B.O.L.O they are not doing their job. Has nothing to do with anything other than that. When you assume that someone is less aware than you because they expect their public servants to protect and serve as they are paid to do, you become less than equal.

  • Tweekers are here to stay! Get real! Humboldt is the best place on earth for tweekers, elsewhere you actually get locked up for lengthy periods of time, not in scumboldt! Lock your shit up, they will be up all night while you sleep.
    Anything not nailed down will get taken

  • I hope the victim fully recovers from this ordeal. It sounds like she has been through a lot . Sending love.

  • Nice job, Anthonius–the new sheriff in town.

  • The guy with the sex offender charge is his father………Apple didn’t far from that tree. And the cops 100% knew he was here and did absolutley nothing.

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