Details of Eureka Man Molesting 5-Year-Old in 2010 Used in Trial Which Resulted in his Classification as a “Sexually Violent Predator”

Press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney:

District Attorney DA HumboldtFollowing a court trial, Judge Timothy P. Cissna this morning found 32-year-old David Boardman to be a sexually violent predator under California Welfare and Institutions Code section 6600. Drs. William Damon and Christina O’Sullivan, the two experts called to testify by Deputy District Attorney (DDA) Stacey Eads, both concluded if Mr. Boardman were released into the community he would be likely to engage in sexually violent predatory behavior as a result of Pedophilic Disorder. DDA Eads also presented additional evidence, including details of Mr. Boardman’s molestation of a 5-year-old girl after he lured her into his Eureka apartment on July 10, 2010.

Mr. Boardman has remained in custody since his arrest for the 2010 molestation. As a result of Judge Cissna’s decision today, Mr. Boardman will be transported to Coalinga State Hospital, a locked facility primarily devoted to treating sexually violent predators. He would be released from that hospital only if his condition changes such that he no longer met the definition of a sexually violent predator or if a less-restrictive alternative that adequately protected the community were identified. Had Mr. Boardman not been classified as a sexually violent predator today, he would have been released from custody.



  • I hope that place is 1000 times worse than prison.

    • It is worse then prison. I heard stories of it from a friend of a family member who went there. The guy said there is a bunch of buttfucking, rapist and everyone is a violent predator. With no release date dude is doing life. But not much sympathy for raping a 5 year old..

    • heh heh,
      Coalinga State Hospital has been the facility that CDC has had an extreme
      Valley Fever | Coccidioidomycosis problem for about the past 30 years or so..

      ie its ground zero for valley fever along with Corcoran state prison(nearby)
      most folk in central California avoid even driving through that area as its caught from fungal spores in dry dusty areas…..(that entire area) (besides the roads through the area suck and gas is few and far between)

      maybe they will make him a gardener or ditch digger for recreation
      charlie manson is right over in Corcoran state prison
      (lovely neighbors, mind the instantly lethal 8000V HV confinement fence)


  • I sincerely hope this man finds a type of pleasure in life that leaves no more victims behind. Chances are that kids life will now take a distinctly different path as a result of this incident. Hope she learns some healthy ways to cope with it. You can never undo a thing like that once it has happened it is forever. The only thing you can control how you let it define you going forward.

  • it took seven years in county jail to bring this man to trial? whats up with that? seriously.

  • I don’t want this man tortured or abused. But when can we change some laws and put people like this to death quickly and humanely. I sure don’t want my tax money used keeping him fed and entertained for many years to come! And we have a major overpopulation problem that is killing the planet and all of us. This is an easy place to start- let us kill child molesters and save our limited resources for decent people who are suffering. Is that too friggin’ much to ask?!!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I’m for capital punishment for child rapist types.
    Even Jesus said it’s better to tie a stone to your leg and cast yourself in the ocean than harm a single hair on a child’s head.

  • Animals like this nasty vile monster do not get better, this is a permanent mental state that will continue to ruin lives if he is allowed back with actual people. If he was a man of color he would have already seen the judge, jury and executioner…

    • Adamsavage nice racist comment you said

      • Obviously your white.

        • My first reaction was to say ‘obviously you’re not’ but then I realized there are a whole lot of white people ready to follow the party line too because predigested, unthinking blanket hate is easy, self gratifying and they never expect that their own little white bodies will ever have to pay the price for their ugliness.

          Hateful speech is ground up baby food of those who never grow up enough to develop empathy, much less the thinking ability to mentally digest complications.

  • He should never be let out, drunk drivers and perverts do not pay the price.

  • Check meganslaw. Picture should be provided

  • Well Kym at least you know how I feel about Pedophiles. But you don’t want to know how I really feel because I go into a really dark place.

  • And wood chippers….. You know so he can chip wood at the hospital.

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