EPD and City of Eureka Hosting Public Meeting Tomorrow to Discuss Proposal Received by Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department:

EPD Eureka Police Department BlurThe City of Eureka and Eureka Police Department will host a public meeting on Thursday, September 21, 6:30 p.m. at 1685 Union Street, Eureka, CA to discuss a proposal received by the Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation to operate a Homeless Community Center at 1685 Union Street, Eureka, CA.

This public meeting is to discuss a proposal to initiate a six month pilot project, anticipated to launch October 2017,  to operate a community day center for disadvantaged and homeless people in the community. In addition, the center will serve as an entryway that allows individuals to access a wide range of services and support.



  • Sharpen your pencil

    Just what we need, the bums to take over another place used by productive citizens……

  • Bumboldt capital of the world

  • Anyone who has a house in the area must be horrified. As it is, I have stopped going to the Public Library or shopping at the Co-op as running the gauntlet of demands for money while leaping pile of human excrement has become too offputting. The Bayshore Mall is an only when I have to, not to mention driving Broadway is to be avoided.

    Sheesh, if not for Amazon…

  • 80% of the people in the street are there because of their own decisions and doings, or lack thereof. NO, to hand outs and yes to a work program. In fact, all assistance to bums, should be stopped completely, with the exception of a work program. If there is a need for housing such derelicts, then it should be well out of city limits. Betty Chinn is a good woman, but the foundation is profiting, off the poorest in the community. They are not volunteers, they are paid great salaries, to do the very minimum.

    • And…homeless children? Veterans of wars? Mentally ill? Foster Children who aged out of the system? People who had large unexpected medical bills? People who work low-income jobs fulltime but have trouble finding housing?

  • And you got those exact statistics, on who’s homeless of their choice or not, because you are a homeless advocate and have walked and surveyed the streets yourself?

  • Uh-oh.. All I want to know, is are you Kind?

  • We do not need private organizations providing this public service.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    See ya’ there!
    Worked so hard to get out of that ‘hood. Sad to see it will get worse now.
    That’s way too close to the school they just finally repaired. Bums sprawl like crazy. So many alleys to lurk in around there. Betty should buy security cameras for everyone within a mile of her experiments.
    Whatever the closest retail store is,will be getting robbed blind. Homes,cars…

    Betty,build a WORK CAMP on the edges. Not a loiter spot next to family apartments and schools.

    Wanna be their mommy? Then you will he responsible for your “litter”.

  • The more you cater to bums the more they will come to bumboldt county.

    • most don’t come here, most are from here, most stem form several generations of poverty, some have mental illness, some are evicted drug addicts, some have been evicted via the COE’s pissing match with Floyd. I recommend you talk to some, most of their attitude is a front and some are actually nice.

  • There’s lots of suffering going on everywhere. I’ll be working to help relieve a little by not judging and lending a hand. Thank you Betty!

  • The issues are more than having people gather in one place. Is EPD going to do their part patrol the general west side neighbourhood? Will EPD come and move the sleepy out of my covered doorway and out from my yard? Will there be something constructive to do there during the day? drug, alcohol, life counseling from DHSS ? There has to be reasons the people want to gather there, other than someone said go there. and more and more ….

  • Can the City of Eureka look into doing a homeless ban in the city limits?! I have a business and tenants on the West Side on 3rd Street that gets broken into or vandalized fences twice a week from homeless. When caught, I see the same persons back on the streets 2 days later. Absolutely no patrols in this area past dark, as I have physically posted up and watched many of nights for my tenants.

  • Please go voice your opinion. I own a house and work nearby, if this happens there will be enough poop for everyone’s microwave. It seems like Betty should be able to be sued for ruining property values if Squires can be.

  • Most people are one or two months away from losing everything. The job market here stinks compared to the rent prices , there is little to zero help , as far as mental health to help people depressed that they couldnt make it and lost everything they owned. Often time when folks are down and out they do turn to drugs, as it is something that numbs the pain of failure. I love how folks want theae folks kicked even harder when they are down. Trying to ban them etc. Why not try giving them hope instead of making their problems worse ? Hope is one powerful emotion, it changes lives. But for many being able to judge and look down on others for their failures on their high horses helps them cope with being total d bags themselves. So the cycle repeats its self. Remember those on the hoghest horses far the hardest.

    • I don’t know where you live, but if these people were crapping in your yard, throwing dirty needles and booze bottles on your sidewalk and robbing you weekly, you might feel differently. These aren’t people that are just between jobs and need a hand getting back on their feet.

    • http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2011/06/29/drug-addiction-usually-starts-before-18/

      Most addicts do not become addicts because of bad times. They are non starters as far work applies, being addicted to something as adolescents.

      ” 75% of high school students have used addictive substances with 1 in 5 of them meeting the medical criteria for addiction.”

      In bad times, the excuse is bad times for not working. In good times, silence but still not working.

  • There were many at that verbally said the concept of a homeless day center was right but the location was bad. So the next step is to find that location.

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