Take a Visit to the Colorful, Crazy North Country Fair

Maggie Lally holds a very small umbrella during the start of the All Species Parade. [All photos by Mark McKenna]

Fairs and festivals create fun times for the Emerald Counties. The North Country Fair, which just completed its 44th year this last weekend, is a free festival. The All Species Parade is held on Saturday. Then bands, dancers, martial artists, etc. provided entertainment.

Thanks to The Same Old People for providing such a joyous community gathering.

A woman twirls her butterfly wings.

A group of people dressed as butterflies performed a synchronized dance at the front of the All Species Parade.

A dragon spreads her wings.

This pirate held up a peace sign as he walked with the parade.

Puppet man

Shane Listberger holds up a snack for his three-year-old son Jacob.

A young girl blows bubbles during the parade.

A very creepy crow passes by.

A woman in a Fox mask poses for a shot.

The log carriers.

Marvin Samuels hands off a beer at the Redwood Alliance beer booth.

Shallyn Wells checks out ceramic mugs at a vendor booth. Wells said it was her first time attending the North Country Fair.

A man is reflected in a mirror inside the Spirit Door Creations booth.

Hunter Gilliam sits at the back of his Spirit Door Creations booth. Gilliam specializes in ceremonial art including masks, rattles, and drums.

Brooke Gleason said this was the first year she had marched in the all species parade.

Katie Edgmon of Humboldt Spice Company handed out samples of their bloody mary mix.

Gorden Trump stands in his Sticks -n- Stones booth while a man views his art work. Trump’s work is loosely based on ÒIkebanaÓ, the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement.

A closer view of Gordon Trump’s work.

Joe Murphy throws up dual Peace signs at his booth near the Jacoby Storehouse.

Jesse Cohen and Ashley Beach were visiting from New Orleans and heard that there was a parade. Beach said, “We’re from New Orleans, we know about parades.” The duo pieced together some makeshift costumes to participate.

Linnea Anderson shows 2-year-old son Felix a kitten from the Companion Animal Foundation.

Families gathered on the Plaza Lawn to watch performers.

A group gets their chakras in alignment at the North Country Fair.

Spectators line the streets as the Samba Parade begins.

Maria Vanderhorst, second from right, leads Samba da Alegria as the parade heads around the Arcata Plaza.

Drew Bost plays a Chocalho during the parade.

Atsra Burke smiles with joy as the parade continues around the plaza.

Lisa Cardenas, center, has performed in the Samba Parade multiple times.

Bystanders snap photos of the Samba Parade.

Keeping the beat with a smile even in the heat.

Following the beat of their own drums.

Members of Humboldt Capoeira perform during the Samba Parade on Sunday. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music.

H.A. Pearson, right, who owns the Bodega Clothing store in Eureka’s Old Town, talks with Gina Tuzzi in her booth at the North Country Fair.

Cooper Willor, 6, of Bayside dips has hand in wax at Marianne Keller’s, left, booth at the North Country Fair on Sunday.

Tina Ball has been painting faces at the North Country Fair for seven years.

Hudson Nagan smiles as he takes a look at himself after Tina Ball painted his face.

The final group in the All Species Parade was very colorful.



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