Multiple People Injured During Accident Last Friday Near Zenia

Crash with injured on Zenia Road

Crash [Photo provided by Brittany Scott]

An accident occurred last Friday on the Ruth Zenia Road. Please note that though there was a report of a possible fight at the time of the accident, the CHP reports that there was no actual physical altercation.

Press release from the Trinity River California Highway Patrol:

CHP Traffic accident report

P-1 (Carrington) was driving his 1999 Toyota Tacoma n/b on Ruth Zenia Rd 5.3 miles south of Van Duzen Rd, and entering a blind left hand curve in the road, at approximately 30 mph. P-2 (Bernard) was approaching the same curve from the opposite direction, at approximately 25 mph. As V-1 entered the curve, P-1 intentionally drove to the left of the double yellow lines in an attempt to “cut the corner”. V-1 immediately came upon V-2 in the lane ahead and the two vehicles hit head on.

P-1, and his passengers sustained various injuries. P-1’s injuries were minor, whereas, passenger Stillwell received major injuries and was flown to Mercy Medical Center. Passenger Wilson was transported by ambulance to St Joseph Hospital with moderate injuries. Neither passenger in the Toyota Tacoma were wearing seatbelts. P-1 (Bernard) was not injured in the collision.

P-1 (Carrington) was arrested at the scene for suspicion of DUI. He was transported to Trinity Hospital in Weaverville for medical clearance and was then subsequently booked into the Trinity County Jail for Felony DUI causing injuries.

According to the victim’s wife,

The accident happened around 4:00 pm, two vehicles appeared to be racing around a blind turn, the Toyota being one of them who entered the oncoming lane to race and/or pass his friend in an dark colored SUV (still not identified). My husband was coming around the blind turn headed towards Zenia to go hunting with his family for the weekend with both of our dogs in the bed of the truck. He had little to no time to react as the oncoming Toyota was going around 45 mph and my husband was going about 25 mph. He couldn’t go into the other lane since the dark SUV was in their correct lane along side the Toyota, there was no where for him to turn and no time to even react. The Toyota hit my husband head on, completely in his lane. After the collision my husband witnessed a man get out of the drivers side and another male get out of the backseat. A female was then let out of the dark SUV who yanked her “friend” a young girl out of the passenger side who was unconscious and now laid on the pavement. The SUV then fled the scene. The male and female were yelling at the male driver (now identified as “Harley” out of Ruth Ca) and calling him names. My husband went to get water to splash on her face trying to wake her until medical personnel arrived but as he tried to help her the male driver kept telling him “I wasn’t driving, you didn’t see me driving.” My husband ignored them all fighting, because they were very intoxicated, so he could help this young unconscious girl. Another person came up on the crash who was in the fire department who took medical over from my husband and he went to start some sort of traffic control so the young unconscious woman wouldn’t be hit laying in the road. Medics and the Fire department came to the scene and took the unconscious woman and the man who was in the back seat to the hospital. The woman ended up being flown to Mercy Medical in Redding and the male was taken to St. Joseph’s in Fortuna. None of the occupants of this vehicle were wearing seat belts and they were all severely intoxicated. Broken beer bottles and boxes of beer layer on the street alongside the unconscious woman. There was no fight between parties as my husband, despite having a severe concussion and hurt back, stayed very calm. The  “fighting” was between the same party as they were yelling at the male who was driving recklessly. The male tried to get the young girl who jumped out of the dark SUV to take the blame for driving. Upon police getting there it was clear that the non-op Toyota which had no insurance or registration etc. only had three seats and the woman from the SUV didn’t have a single scratch on her. My husband was not allowed to leave the scene until the chp showed up to get his statement despite telling the Trinity Sheriff that my husband needed to go to the hospital. The chp did not show up until about 8:00 pm. Once on scene he arrested the male driver, who was already on felony probation, for a felony DUI. He was severely under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. I then drove my husband to St. Joseph’s in Fortuna where he was diagnosed with a sprained neck and back and a severe concussion.

Earlier Chapter: Car Crash Near Zenia; One Medevacked to Redding



  • Good thing it wasn’t a motorcycle he ran into…

  • Wow! So lucky to be alive…

  • So sorry to hear this. I hope justice is served.

  • Lock Em Up and Lose the Key

    As Carrington entered the curve, he intentionally drove to the left of the double yellow lines in an attempt to “cut the corner”. V-1 immediately came upon V-2 in the lane ahead and the two vehicles hit head on.

    What a complete idiot, driving drunk with passengers, racing and crossing over the double yellow line, trying to get someone else to take the blame, driving a non-op truck without insurance…… hope they throw the book at this wreck less idiot who may have injured his friends d for life, caused two other injuries [edit] Could Carrington be any more of a loser and drunk? Now both trucks totaled no insurance on person in icu and Carrington in jail headed to prison….. good going you stupid jackass! Hope theu keep this guy in prison where he belongs, idiot drunk redneck!

  • Never had a DUI in his life get your facts straight .sorry this happened and Austin the passenger was wearing a seat belt .this is Harley’s first DUI most of what is written is not true let’s get the facts true before posting thank you

    • I think the fact of the matter is that they were all intoxicated and driving… I don’t care what their names are and if it’s his first or not!

    • How about taking some accountability for his actions? Your son was in the wrong and could have killed people. Glad everyone was ok.

    • BAD JOB Sticking Up for the Loser

      You don’t need to stick up for this dangerous loser, he has been a drunk most of his life, [edit] he got drunk and hurt two people! You are doing your boy no favors by sticking up for his incompetent drunken behavior or his choice to drive drunk again even though he was on felony dui probation! Why was he acting like such a dumb ass and driving on the wrong side of the road speeding? Why couldn’t he stop, because he was speeding and his drunk reflexes were slow…. why is this girl in the ICU and airflow to Redding? It is because Carrington did not give a fuck about this young woman or anybody else, he was too drunk and busy “showing off how fast his cool yota was”….[edit]…. look at the drunk idiot smoking his cigarette in the picture, what a clown act with his dark aura and drugged out dressed in black druggie look….
      [edit]…. he hurt innocent people in his drunken rampage with his foolish ego …. You are no better sticking up for your loser boy, people like you will give him no help by saying “It”s OK Carrington, you didn’t mean to”, be a real friend and teacher and say “Jesus Christ you fucking loser idiot, what the fuck were you thinking, you damn near killed everybody including your friends, now you are going to prison, you need to learn and nobody can bail you out because it is a violation of probation hold”…….

    • Only his first dui, you say that like it is a good thing.

    • So youre saying the CHP police report is wrong??? Id say thats where the facts come from so what are you talking about?
      Sounds like youre a relative of the driver who obviously lies and doesnt take responsibilty for his actions. Trying to get a girl to take the blame? While her friend lays unconscious in the road no less???

      Fact is, theyre all responsible as they let their friend drive drunk and got into the vehicle knowing how f’d up he was. I hope they all have to pay for the other truck and hospital bills for that driver. And for the chp costs. Coddling young people for things like this is ridiculous, they just do it again a msg needs to be sent so i hope these 3 are used as an example.

      Thank you to the other driver for helping&keeping your cool! & to his wife for writing this, i would hold the chp to task for not letting him go to the hospital and getting his report there! I hope your husband heals quickly and with ease.

    • Thelma, this is information presented by law enforcement and as approved by a witness and victim. Law enforcement and witnesses can get things wrong but that’s what trials are for. This just presents what is believed to have occurred by CHP and one victim. If someone who was there believes something else happened, I will present their point of view if they contact me.

      • Hi Kim, is there a reason why my posts never showed up? Not super familiar with this section of your site,,,Are there some posted guidelines of comment material that I need to be made aware of?

        • I do have some rules. You can’t insult other commenters. No accusing someone of a crime unless there is substantial evidence such as an arrest for the crime. No racial, gender, religious, or political insults–Repuglican, chink, and bitch, etc. will get deleted or edited out. Those are the basics.

      • Kim I’m upset of course my son did wrong terribly wrong but he has never had a speeding ticket let alone a DUI until Friday .it was a terrible thing and these comments if a drinking problem yes in the last year but posting his second DUI and drinking problem really upsets me how people can get on here and litterly lie is so wrong and slandering I think is against the law .he will do his time for being on felony probation but he again has never ever had a ticket oh wait my bad garberville gave him a warning for tinted windows but no tickets ever so ppl should speak the truth and not assume or not comment at all again I’m really sorry it happened but will not be treated like shit because something my son did wrong alot of your comments are uncalled for this is not a gossip sight is it

    • The picture tells it all. For what ever fucked up reason he was on the WRONG side of the fucking yellow line. This happened to my buddy 2 years ago and the pictures are worth a thousand excuses. He is liable for everyone’s injuries. He is liable for all of the property damage. If he doesn’t have insurance he is doomed. Crossing that center line on a curve is the one thing you do not do. Ever.

    • Everything that is posted is said in the police report! And the woman said he was already on felony probation and was now booked for felony DUI which is correct so obviously you need to get your facts straight before you post! It says Austin wasn’t wearing a seatbelt in the damn report, read lady! Not that it even matters who was wearing what you should be more worried about who your son almost killed!

    • His 1st DUI? Oh, well we should just let him off with a stern warning then?
      He was DRUNK and tried to kill innocent people. Clear enough?

    • Yeah the fact is he was driving drunk, recklessly, and being very moronic over all. Fact is, he should stay in jail where he belongs since he is so willing to jeopardize the lives of others. Thelma, dont stick up for loser trash, let it take itself out with the rest of the garbage.


      Really?! You’re gonna use your real name and to defend this POS,with :it’s his first dui? [edit]

  • Blind corner and he cut it geeze not the sharpest tool in the shed!!!

  • So sad prayers to all involved even Harley people are so quick to judge and write crap they know nothing about. Thelma Carrington hope Harley recovers and gets better right along with all involved. Kids make bad choices and alcohol and driving don’t mix. These kids didn’t think twice because they are kids no one thinks it will happen to them it happens way to often and they definitely don’t deserve to have new talk shit about stuff that they don’t have all facts about if you were not involved don’t believe everythin g you hear. Good medicine prayers to everyone.

    • Harley Goin to Prison

      Sorry, 24 is hardly a “kid”…. many 24 year Olds have already served time in the Military or graduated from college and on the career path. You are doing drunk Harley driver Carrington no favors by condoning his behavior, he is not going to juvee because he is an adult, not a kid! He is old enough at 16 to know better than drink and drive, Harley is just fine because drunk drivers are rarely hurt, the kill and maim others but their drunk state of relaxation means they are rarely injured! He deserves to pay the ultimate price for his careless wreck less behavior and that price he will pay in prison. You do nobody any favor by sticking up for this losers actions.
      It is not “OK because they are kids”….. it is not OK and we will make sure the judge realizes this during the sentencing phase of his prosecution.

      • Thank you!!!
        People need to stop being enablers to young people. 24??

        Jaqiette, no ones quick to judge, the chp report says it all, so what are people judging thats not true??? Is he one of those 24 yr old males who still lives at home&still has the maturity level of a 15yr old, is that why you say hes a kid?
        Its sad for everyone involved that he decided to do this, but he is legally an adult and will face the same rules as anyone else over 18.

        Obviously its not safe to have these young people driving or out in society, and i hope he is held to task and made an example of!!

      • I had the same reaction only stronger to the “These kids didn’t think twice because they are kids…”

        I don’t have all the facts about it, but being an ex-paramedic in Humboldt County, and a former fire fighter for many years at scene of too many vehicle accidents involving DUI, I gotta go with the police report, even though it was not completely accurate (the other vehicle driver did have not obvious injuries, but injuries never the less).

        The driver, Harley, is 24 years old, and seriously injured a 27 year old female passenger and his 22 year old male passenger, and was subsequently booked for a felony DUI causing injuries.

        Let’s pass on whether or not the vehicle he was driving was a non-op no insurance, and whether or not this is the first DUI for Harley or not.

        When does a ‘kid’ become an adult?

        I’m an old guy – 78 years old much to my surprise, and it would be easy to call a 24 year old a kid. But I don’t. A 24 year old is a young adult.
        I’m biased – when I was 24, I had my MBA, had finished two years of active duty in the army, was in my first professional job in personnel with a large California corporation, a first time brand new father, and the executive officer of the Ranger Training company for the 49th Infantry Division, California National Guard. I also drove a registered vehicle with insurance and all that stuff, and did not consider myself a ‘kid’. Neither did my wife, my parents, or the people I worked with in a corporate environment and the army. And I never drove drunk – not even close.

        To try to give a 24 year old driver a pass because he is just a kid is total enabling bullshit. He’s not a kid – he is a young adult facing a felony DUI causing injuries. It may also involve driving a non-op vehicle with no insurance and previous convictions. But even if this is a first offense, and he has a valid license and he was driving a legal vehicle; being a ‘kid’ ain’t admissible in court as a defense.

        I drive on these county roads too, and to think – this wasn’t even Saturday night – it was 4 o’clock on a Friday afternoon. I really hope this not-a-kid gets taken off our roads for awhile to think about the responsibilities that go with being an adult.

      • Double-ditto here.

      • I am his mother I don’t condone what he did I my self am very up set I could bail him on 5000 but that would be saying it’s OK what he did and it isn’t OK he will pay the price and y’all can now just shut the hell up if you didn’t know him at all just shut the hell up maybe you will meet him there lol

      • Take some responsibility

        The 3 little ones he has at home are kids! He’s a parent! Not a kid! & now, instead of being a father & raising his kids he’s going to jail, because it was more important for him to go out, party & have a good time than to show an ounce of responsibility! His babies are the real victims here! So so sad!
        Even if a completely upstanding person were to have made this kind of a mistake they would be expected to pay the consequences! This guy is a career criminal! He’s committed more crime in his life than contributions to the world & his family!
        If all he did was drink & drive & cause an accident that would be one thing! There is a long list of things he did WRONG resulting in this whole big mess! Drinking & driving, driving recklessly with others in the vehicle, speeding, driving in to the oncoming lane, no insurance, no license, driving a non-operational vehicle, trying to get someone else to take responsibility for his actions….. The list goes on!
        LOCK HIM UP!

        • Right? The kids get chaos. Since he will be saddled with fines and court and fees and classes and jail time and likely a civil lawsuit as well chewing up his assets and time for next multiple years he will be too broke and busy to properly take care of those kids , during their crucial formative (0-5) years , may I?

    • Jaquetta,
      As you always have, you lead with your compassion and forgiveness. Some people have a religious devotion to the idea of revenge. Many of them call it justice. It satisfies their emotional needs so, it must be effective. My observations tell me that that the past cannot be fixed by additional harm. Wrong ideas of compassion and forgiveness produce less unhappiness than correct ideas of judgement and revenge. Of course well refined compassion might produce even greater healing and happiness.
      Keep working with your compassion, Jesse. It’ll take you far.

  • Everyone around here think a DUI is NBD

    Thelma Carrington [edit]

    ..”Only his first DUI” (with INJURIES).. as if that’s ok.

    • Hell no not OK at all.I’m not protecting my kid he knows he fucked up and is ready to step up and do his time .it’s just so many comments that are not true at all so I’m gonna get defensive not an alcoholic working a job raising 3 little kids on his own and made a terrible decision.he will suffer as well as his 6 ,4, and 3 year old children other than drinking and driving on that day he is a good kid and a damn good father so all nasty comments can just stop

      • From One Mom To Another

        A damn good father would have been home with his kids or working to provide for his kids at 4pm on a Friday not drinking and driving recklessly! And you may think he’s a good guy but a lot of people in our Ruth/Zenia/AP communities have had very negative encounters with him and have had him say/do things that warrant people saying negative things. I don’t think people should be calling him names but they are allowed to share stories about him and what they know of him. At some point you and your family are going to need to come back to reality and realize that your boy needs help before he does something he can’t come back from! It’s sad our justice system probably won’t give him the time he needs and deserves behind bars but sooner or later it will all catch up to him. I pray for the real victims in this case which are his kids and the other person driving to spend time hunting and doing something positive and legal with their time! Hoping everyone recovers from their injuries even Harley but also that Harley gets the time he deserves from not just this DUI but all he has done!

  • My heart weeps for the SoHum of today, such an asshole magnet while good local folks try to live decent lives. Too many good people are collateral damage to some of the most f’ed up, damaged people our society produces.
    I see people on Facebook who left in the 60s and 70s and still think it’s the idyllic place it was then. I don’t have the heart to tell them what it’s really like now.

    • Its not that bad. The worlds nuts everywhere and its starting to really trickle in here.
      Venture out to other places and you’ll see, we’ve still got a lot of good, like a fire fighter rolling up on this scene. How many places do you think that happens, where there are trained volunteer firefighters in almost every watershed?

      Look at texas and florida, the news headlines are these stories of people helping each other like its some amazing thing. It made me realize that we’ve already got that down, when things happen people here help each other, usually without question. I take it for granted for sure!
      Was it 15 years ago that so hum went through a few years of heartbreak with so many young local teens being killed in car/atv accidents? That was tough.

  • Sorry that V1 had his day, car, and health, wrecked by a complete jackass.

  • I am glad those beautiful dogs seem to be okay. They could’ve been really messed up also. It’s super sad that the injured people had to lay in the road and wait for hours to be transported. Maybe these two drunk drivers will see their actions more clearly once they sober up….but with their enablers chiming in that they are just “kids”, it’s doubtful. It’s so hard to understand how people think that being really drunk is supposed to be so cool. Being cool is to be one of the folks that are there to help out when things happen. Being cool is being sober and reliable, making your parents and children proud of you. It’s not a mystery to see these realities. It’s plain, everyday common sense.

    • Super big ditto.

      We love our pets and always hope they turn out OK. I like most every person but sometimes I like animals and pets more..

    • I’d like to add that the driver with the dogs in the white dodge was not drinking and driving he was sober and was the victim, just so you know! There was only one drunk driver/person in the report.

  • I don’t condone what Harley did here. He made a stupid choice and people were hurt. I thank God everyone is alive, and pray for the young girl who was flown to Redding. Some of you might know Harley. Some of you may not like him and or think poorly of him, and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. He might not be the most upstanding citizen around, but he saved my boyfriend’s life when he was shot a month and a half ago while camping with friends and family at Ruth lake. If it wasn’t for Harley, my boyfriend and the father of my children would be dead. I am thankful everyday for Harley. He was at the right place at the right time that night. He might had fucked up here, but he is also my family’s hero. I’m sorry that this accident happened. It could easily have been prevented had they not been drinking and driving. Seeing this just makes me sad, and my heart hurts for everyone involved.

  • Karma. That kids had a chip on his shoulders and he’s got more karma coming.

    • Hahaha hahaha hillbilly know who you are you making me lmao all the kids are fine thank God they are all alive .I myself feel hatred toward him right now 5000$ bail you don’t see mama running to bail his stupid ass out do you get a life your always on here running your mouth just get a life

  • I hope the victim and victim’s family are well and in as good as spirits as possible, considering this needless trauma.

    I hope the driver gets the rehabilitation, punishment, and the serious wake-up call he deserves.

    I hope whoever’s enabling and denying the serious and dangerous behavior take a good honest look at themselves and ask who they are helping.

    • I am his mother I don’t condone what he did I my self am very up set I could bail him on 5000 but that would be saying it’s OK what he did and it isn’t OK he will pay the price and y’all can now just shut the hell up if you didn’t know him at all just shut the fuck up

      • I bet Marci Kitchen thinks the same thing. Also, I doubt spouting off on public forums is what your son’s lawyer would want you to do.

        The victims’ lawyers probably don’t mind, though!

      • Your his Mom. No disrespect, but what kind of Mom talks like this.

  • Not sticking up for him at all but not a piece of shit by far mind your bizz and get a life please

  • How dare you all start pointing fingers and attacking Harleys mother I grew up with him mistakes happen and if any of you act like you haven’t done something stupid in your life then your all a bunch of hypocrites it’s sickening the amount of lies people will believe and spread get over your high and mighty selves Thelma your a wonderful mother and grandmother unfortunate things happen.

    • DUI IS NOT A STUPID MISTAKE. Wake up. One drink leaves most adults legally “over the limit.”

      One drink-one hour.

      People are fucking dumb to think it’s cool to drive after any booze let alone several/many. It is so dangerous. But cheerleaders for drunkenness like you call it a silly boo-boo and actually take offense at people reacting negatively to the Thelma injecting herself into the discussion seemingly defending the driver .. people are sick and tired of the endless litany of drunken collisions and random reckless events. Seriously. Some don’t think it’s normal or an “unfortunate thing ” that “happens” but actually take offense at having our lives put in danger by dummies that can’t count to one.

      One drink= wait one hour.

      To do anything else is willful aggression and not as you so cutely minimize it a “stupid mistake.”

      Dropping your phone in a puddle is a stupid mistake..

      There is so much complacency and complicity in this community around driving intoxicated!! THAT is what is sickening.

  • Thelma, Yes it is very, very hard to see one’s adult child make really, really horrid choices which impact the self, their family and folks they harm.

    Kudos for not posting bail.

    Yes that is a hard decision.

    All the truthful details will come out at his trial. He now has the most wonderful golden opportunity to take a harsh look at the state of his life.

    He can choose to man up and take responsibility for his foolish choice to drive impaired with out being legally insured and he can make a plan to walk a road of sobriety and clean living, make restitution to those he harmed or not.

    His actions did grave harm.

    A poster above wrote of his helping save a life not long ago.

    Others wrote of his young family.

    Looks like he has kin and family who care deeply for him. Those are blessings to him.

    Helping him “see” that he truly messed up means that you and his friends can stand by him as he deals with the consequences of his actions and not enable him.

    He alone will stand infront of his jury and judge.

    Restitution means that he may be paying fines and court settlements for the financial costs his victims have incurred.

    Please understand the sorrow and rage some responders here have over this.

    As a sister of a brother who was killed in an impaired driver wreck, I can feel the pain my nieces and nephews and other family members suffered over losing their daddy, son, brother and husband at the actions of the other driver.

    It is not an easy path of sorrow, knowing that the other driver did not care enough to drive sober and alert. Being uninsured our family paid not only the price of losing Jim,but were also financially devastated by the medical bills and funeral costs.

    Your son is blessed in that no one died.

    So please Thelma, help with the grandkids and get help, to help your son.

  • People sit in their armchairs and judge others. God will judge us all.

    • God sits in his armchair and judges everyone. Then he randomly gives people cancer.

      • Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Everything that we do and is done to us has consequences. Cancer is the result of man’s actions on this planet and on our bodies. Don’t blame God for our actions.

        • “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”

          Is that a bible quote?

          • This isn’t even relevant, get off here with that bs. People were seriously injured and your bad mouthing God and the Bible? Get a life!

            • I didn’t bring it up. Also, it kinda seems like you guys are judging me.

              • No actually you had to come on the forum that is already filled with sadness and devastation to our community and each family involved and put your two cents in about cancer which is completely ridiculous. I am not attacking but please be respectful and leave a site if you have nothing constructive to say.

    • If that helps you avoid personal responsibility I guess you will keep on believing. Some of us on the other hand take ownership of our situation in life and don’t wait around for make believe characters to judge us according to a bunch of old arbitrary BS. How’s that wool over your eyes? Is it itchy?

      • You are pushing the direct insult thing…

        • Really? I came to this site because I thought it was a place where people could freely express different opinions. I didn’t call Vickie any of the things I thought in my head, just attacking bad ideas and ridiculous statements made on her part. My bad if this is yet another snowflake sanctuary and we don’t want to offend anyone even if it means just letting them spew their brainwashed views. If she wants to believe in whatever malarkey she wants for herself thats bad enough, but I’ll be damned if I am going to sit here and let someone lump me into the “all” category of judgment from her crackpot religious beliefs. There is only one person who judges me and he is a real tangible person, not some unprovable invention of the human imagination.

          • Possibly if you are constantly needing to attack people of other belief systems than yours…this might not be the site for you. I specifically developed this site as a way for people to discuss differences. Discussion and attacking are two very different behaviors.

            I am agnostic myself but I respect the beliefs of those who hold there is a higher power.

            • I wouldn’t call one comment a constant attack and I do personally believe that the best way to rid the world of bad ideas is to allow everything to be open to criticism. Unlike you, I do not respect beliefs in a higher power, but if people keep their religion to themselves and not out there shoving it down other’s throats they are unlikely to hear from me. As an atheist I am in one of the most discriminated against groups of people in the entire world, but unlike many of the “faithful” I have so little doubt in my beliefs that I don’t cry foul when they are attacked. If these religions folks were as secure in their beliefs as they claim to be they wouldn’t spend so much time worrying about the non believers.
              And Jake is totally right if you want to be smug and dismissive thats totally acceptable coming from the bible thumpers.
              Just remember people, those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

              • I wouldn’t call one comment a constant attack either. But having to delete three comments and warn you on another since you’ve been posting as Freedom Club does seem to warrant some intervention.

                • Ok Kymmy I’ll try and post when I’m stoney, probably much more friendly then. We need more positive topics like those bad ass otter photos you had up a while back. Literally the best thing I have ever seen on your site.

          • If you’re gonna be smug and dismissive, you’d better do it under cover of religion!

  • Truth be known, he’ll probably get a slap on the hand and restitution. Thanks prop 47/57!!!! Look at the Marcy Kitchen case, and her victims both died. There’s not enough punishment for any crime these days.

  • Drugs are bad… mhm ok.

  • Harley is an asshole! Driving hammered up like this! Complete,moron and apparently,shouldnt be driving at all looking at the placement of his vehicle.
    Typical loudmouth showoff idiot!
    The sheriff is a moron as well,if someone needs to go to the hospital, he should shut his stupid mouth and get an ambulance for that person.
    The chp can always get a statement later!
    Get a lawyer and sew the sheriffs, let them,know once and for all to learn the laws they are supposed to enforce, hold those clowns responsible!

  • I was there just after the wreck not one time did Harley go over to the injured girl and try to comfort her all he did was walk around with a cigarette saying he wasn’t the one that was driving when the sheriff pulled up I asked if he was going to perform a breath test on Harley and he said he didn’t have to do it when the CHP came he asked the sheriff if he had performed a sobriety test on him and the sheriff said he was waiting for him and the CHP officer asks why the sheriff new Harley and seem to be joking with them very unprofessional I think the sheriff out of Hayfork was hoping the blood alcohol in Harley would subside before the chp could take the test he blew a 1.1 anyways

  • I think he should count what lucky stars he has left that no one died. ⭐⭐If your drunk and driving , your breaking the law and I don’t feel sorry for you. Man up to what YOU did.Im sorry for mom having to side step😣

  • I wish everyone would learn, it’s simple, don’t drink and drive… wear your seatbelt! So many of this heartache could be avoided. Thank goodness no one died, and I hope the 3 in the Toyota learn a valuable lesson from this.

    and to the man in the white dodge, his family, and his doggies… wishing you a speedy recovery, a quick fix for your truck and a long healthy life for your doggies. It sucks you were caught up in this, hopefully something good will come of all this for you. Thanks for obeying the law, driving with a license insurance and registration, staying in your lane, staying calm, wearing your seatbelt and driving sober 👍 You set a good example for how responsible adults (even ones in their 20’s) should act, so thank you! There is hope for our future!

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