Law Enforcement Serves Warrant on Alleged McKinleyville Drug House…Doesn’t Find Narcotics

Law enforcement on Elm Lane in McKinleyville

Law enforcement from multiple agencies on Elm Street in McKinleyville.
[Photo by Lawrence Sobolewski‎ ]

Yesterday afternoon, Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies assisted by other agencies served a search warrant on a home on Elm Avenue in McKinleyville.

Adam Sundberg

Adam Sundberg–mugshot from a former arrest.

According to Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, his department had received numerous complaints of narcotic activity at the residence of Adam Sundberg. Mr. Sundberg was not home, Swithenbank said and “no useable amounts of narcotics were found.” However, Sundberg’s probation officer seized drug paraphernalia and a ballistic vest.

In addition, Swithenbank alleged, stolen property was located at the residence.

While officers were at the home, they located a man wanted for felony assault and battery, Blain Bates. He was then arrested.

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  • At least it wasn’t a total strikeout, they got the guy with the warrant at least!!!

  • And some stolen property.

  • Not what they were hoping for but….!!! I wonder if someone tipped him off the cops were coming to “visit”???

  • But why was a guy on probation, who was in possession of drug paraphernalia, a ballistic vest, and stolen property not arrested? This Sundberg has been thieving for many years now. He and others hit the area where I live about 10 years ago. Lock this probationer up already! Oh and let’s not forget that not long ago he was on the run for beating up his gf and wasn’t he the one busted some years ago while parked in an alley off of Wabash with some pounds of weed (most likely stolen) and a firearm? Fuckin parasite!

  • BobtheBorderwallbuilder

    Weaksauce! No spice no flavor! Weak sauce!

  • Seriously people can you people not read it says that Mr.Sundburg was not home but instead they got someone else by the name Blane Bates who has a warrant also!!!You people are so quick to pass judgment on others when I bet you people don’t have much room to talk and that your life must not be that much fun if you gotta sit around talking shit about people you don’t even know

    • Just multiple felons and stolen property. Nothin’ wrong with that!

    • I would say most of the commenters have room to talk. The man they arrested was wanted for felony assault and battery. Commenters, raise your hand if you have committed the same crime. The man they were after, at one point, was wanted for “domestic dispute escalated into violence and kidnapping”, allegedly broke out the windows of the victim’s car”, “The suspect located the victim, parked his vehicle and jumped into the back of her car through the back window he had broken earlier”, “he threw her out of the car”, “He slapped her with an open palm”. Commenters, raise your hand if you have committed the same crimes. How many commenters raised their hands? Trick, good one for sticking up for the animal.

  • His History Speaks volumes about him and his Habits.
    Birds of a feather flock together.

    Is he your runnin buddy Trick Jones .

  • Adam sundberg is a career criminal and scumbag, drugs, guns, kidnappings and assaults year after year and he hardly ever does time, this system is fucked up and allows sh&! Bags like this to roam free committing crime after crime and never punished, wtf!!

  • When this happened I videotaped this and put it on YouTube. Today, a man, who might possibly be the man in the picture, came to my house and kicked my fence, spun his tires until they smoked, screamed at me for videotaping this, and threatened to have the worst people in Humboldt County run me out of town. Here’s a link to my video. I am quite afraid of these people as they sound very dangerous.

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