Felon Arrested With Stolen and Loaded Pistol

Matthew BlackThis morning about 8 a.m., a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy on Patrol near Loleta recognized a wanted felon, Matthew Black, said Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

After a short pursuit on a bicycle and on foot, the deputy apprehended Mr. Black, Swithenbank said. Black was in possession of a stolen and loaded semi-automatic 45 caliber pistol, according to the lieutenant.

Black was arrested on the following charges:
· Felon in possession of a firearm
· Resisting arrest
· Possession of stolen property
· Probation violation
· Possession of Marijuana

Earlier Chapter: Sheriff’s Deputy Detained One and Searching for Another Near Loleta This Morning



  • Serious question: possession of marijuana is still a crime?

  • Was the stolen pistol one of those burglarized from Pacific Outfitters? Glad it’s off the streets.

    • I’d like to see the list of handguns stolen and which have been recovered. Would that make for a good follow-up Kym?

  • Matt black is notorious for being a drug addict and thief around the area. Hope he gets kept in jail for a long time.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Crazy how many dudes are riding around on bicycles with expensive weaponry.

    “hey buddy,got a bullet you can spare?”

  • C’mon people. He is another felon criminal considered a ‘good criminal’ that was probably released because of the propositions Calif passed. He doesn’t belong in prison. Rehab him and give him a job at your family owned business. Give him a break! Ya right! This is what some of you voted ‘YES’ on.

    • And you understand that was because some other people refuse to pay for more prisons, right? (Both ‘side’s are to blame for that debacle.)

      • The same people who voted against paying for more prisons made the choice to let these people out other than have taxes to build them. They are one in the same.

  • This guy will never be anything but what he is today, a useless parasite. He is too stupid to work , can never be counted on to run his own life and has branded himself for life as a fool. This is an example of why a “guaranteed income” would never work out. He’d go through his allotted money in a day and start stealing yours. These people will eventually end up in some giant prison camp run by the government. They cannot be trusted to behave any other way.

  • shawn the fisherman

    @ what point in your life do you say hey! A neck tattoo is what I need? Wtf? I would question every life decision I ever made every time I looked in the mirror. Good gravy, Thats good gravy.

    • A neck tat does not make one a parasite. A neck tat does not mean the individual is a criminal. Its just so happens lots of parasites and criminals have neck tats.

  • Ummm thou shall not judge sayeth the lord comes to mind above “conservatices”. Maybe he’s a perfectly nice dude with a bad / drunk tatoo exlerience. Ease up

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