American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards Honors Trinity County K-9

Ice k-9

Ice [Photo from the Hero Dog Awards]

Ice, a K-9 working with the US Forest Service in Trinity County, received the top award for Law enforcement/arson dogs in the American Humane Hero Dog award.

On July 21, 2016, Ice, eight-year-old Belgian Malinois chased after two suspects fleeing from an illegal marijuana grow in the Shasta Trinity National Forest. According to the American Humane Society,

As Ice was apprehending the suspect, the suspect used a large knife to stab Ice twice in the chest as well as the face and muzzle. Despite Ice’s serious wounds, Ice remained apprehending the suspect until the suspect was taken into custody. Ice’s bravery likely saved the other officers from getting stabbed or injured.


According to Ice’s human partner and handler, Christopher Magallon, from a piece on a US Forest Service webpage,

When I realized Ice had been stabbed, he was bleeding profusely, and though critically injured, he never let out a whine or whimper…My immediate focus was on stopping the bleeding as quickly as possible. I carry two trauma kits on me, one for Ice and one for me, and I used the contents of both, as well as the contents of the other team member’s trauma kits, to do my best to bandage Ice. Then, my next thought was figuring how to get Ice evacuated and to the vet. I wasn’t alone, it was a team effort.  As I was bandaging Ice, team members were assisting me in treating Ice, calling for a helicopter, taking a suspect into custody, all while dealing with a dynamic situation. I work in a tight knit group, so because we have worked so closely with one another for so long, we were able to get Ice to the veterinary hospital in time to save his life.”

Ice K-9

[Photo by Christopher Magallon from a US Forest Service webpage]

What Ice’s handler doesn’t say was that he and other team members carried Ice 3/4’s of a mile in the remote and rugged backcountry to the helicopter’s landing zone.

The American Humane Society explained,

Ice was airlifted to VCA Asher Animal Hospital in Redding, CA and taken immediately into surgery where the doctors and staff were able to repair his wounds. Ice has since made a full recovery and has returned to duty.

This wasn’t Ice’s first scrape, and though a tough as nails working dog, Ice also has an extraordinary ability to interact and socialize with people. Both these amazing abilities makes Ice a truly special dog and partner.

The American Humane Society will give the K-9 Courage Program $2500 in Ice’s honor. The charity helps care for “retired military and police K-9s and post-traumatic stress service dogs.”

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  • I love all animals, and I’m so glad the good boy is ok. No thanks to a rotten criminal. Tally ho and I hope you catch a hole bunch more good boy.

  • I could kiss you Ice. It’s heroic deeds like you performed and also your handler and the group you work with that really puts a smile on my face. Your an inspiration for MOGTX and myself.

  • Pretty weird to name the dog for a despised law enforcement agency


    • “Veteran’s friend”…Not even sure what law enforcement agency is I.C.E.? But, I certainly do not despise them whomever they are. Lol. Guess i dont do shadey shit so i don’t have to despise them?

      I followed this story when it occured…so glad for the follow up!!

  • My guess is they thought it was cool…And he is. What a hound!

  • So sad that we use dogs for this. Inhumane to both the dogs and alleged criminals.


      Not as sad as all the working breeds that get neglected or beat.
      Sad that animals can be trusted more than the guys living on the hill nextdoor.
      Probably more humane to get pulled down by a dog than getting shot while running away from alleged crime scene

  • Not as sad as if the “alleged criminal” had pulled that knife on one of the officers who could have been killed and then most likely would have shot your “alleged criminal”. Ice arguably saved two human lives that day.

  • amimissingsomething

    Kym, Can you find out what happened to the suspects as far as punishment? Thank you in advance for your hard work Kym. pj

  • 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕sswweeeettttt❤ good job ICE

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