Shooting in the Hoopa Area

Breaking news graphicThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that there was a shooting in the Hoopa area this morning. They will not release when it occurred or if there was a death at this point.

According to a resident, Sharon Reed, the incident occurred at a home in the downtown area near the bridge. “They have [the suspect’s] driveway blocked off with sheriff sitting there,” said Sharon Reed. She added that there were about nine cop cars including a white sheriff’s vehicle that looked like a coroner’s wagon to her.

The resident of the home where the incident occurred is being held inside a law enforcement vehicle, she said.

law enforcement gathered near a church in Hoopa

Law enforcement gathers outside the residence where the shooting reportedly occurred near a church in Hoopa. [Photo by Sharon Reed]

UPDATE 9:56 a.m.: Two With Gunshot Wounds; One Arrested in Sunday Shooting



  • It’s that time of the Year im sure there are more in store .

  • To much! To much everything! To much drugs, to much crime, to much alcohol, and to much of humans being assholes with weapons!! We already had one death yesterday, may the young man Rest In Peace(non violent or drug related. Passed in his sleep from health issues.) ! We don’t need anymore! Why can’t the FBI step in an eradicate the drug dealers and turn our reservation to a dry Rez? Other reservations have! Anyways…. prayers are be sent for all. Sad, sad, sad!!

  • Looks like you need a </em> after the photo credit…

  • What about the shooting that occurred last night in Hoopa around 2am? Per loco STI

  • Hoopa used to be a dry reservation until they decided to open their own bar. Before that they went to Willow Creek.

  • From my view, making the reservation dry wont solve anything. They sell home brew kits in stores.
    I would rather there be regulated alcohol than some brew with unknown and unregulated potency levels being passed around in neighborhoods, which would be more easily accessible to underage individuals.

    I am all for sale restrictions though, such as only selling alcohol for a certain amount of time (example: between 5PM and 9PM), selling only a specific amount per day, etc. Security would just have to be heightened to enforce it.

    I really wish we could close the reservation too. Too many non-tribal/non-Indigenous folks who bring strangers with them and cause havoc in our valley.

    We also have functioning addicts who keep dealers in demand. It isnt just the heroin/druggie thieves who come out at night. It is also working folks, with secret battles that drive them to use opiates and other drugs.

    It is a plethora of issues around here. It makes me so sad, heartbroken, and makes me feel so powerless.
    The only twisted comfort I have is knowing that our valley is not the only struggling area.

    Keep safe and be good humans to each other, Humboldt.

    • I like your thinking. Too many people hooking up with non NdN poor folks. Many of the residents were not from here, many not Native and many from down river communities who want to live in Hoopa.

  • I remember you use to have to go to the hardware store to get hard alcohol not sher if it’s still that way or not have not been up that way in years

  • Bless you Amanda for your good thoughts.

  • Nothing unusual about shots fired,but the coroner’s vehicle not good. So sorry

  • Hoopa moved from being a dry reservation. Too many tribal members were dieing in record numbers trying to make a liqior run. So the council decided to allow alcohol. Currently hoopa mini mart is the biggest distributer of Anhiesher Bush products in the county. The local clinic prescribed opiots in record numbers. Turning tribal members out. Then there became a risk to thier medical licences. So they got cut off only the most extreme tho. The working class and politically savvy patients are able to obtain prescriptions. More recently the exchange of favors we shall say has made a mockary of the medical system. Doctors and local turds who pray on there own people, are now the biggest distritor of our destruction. Oh yeah a council that wins by popular vote tends to be uneducated and with little if any management experience. So we are a shadow of the past. But we have a lot of young people that have the ability to make a difference. i pray for my people and love them but the truth should be available. also a 60 percent unemployment rate adds to the problem. working people have a better chance at being heathly people. I’ve lost friends and family on all fronts. So i would love for change. But now I feel it will never truely be our home forever.

  • Amanda and Hopity have the clarity and passion to become leaders. Just engaging in this forum in a constructive way makes you leaders. It’s not easy, but good people like you can make a difference. Run for office, talk to your friends and neighbors. Speak to those that will listen. You are both right, about the lack of jobs and hope. This whole county had better start having the conversation and start working together on a long range plan to create sustainable good paying jobs with retirement and health care benefits. The drug trade may have helped a few in the short term, but I doubt if it will bring in the tax base that is required to fund the public services and life styles everybody wants. The Native American people deserve better than they have been left with. You had a great plan with your manufactured housing facility and gravel extraction. There is no reason why that cannot prosper, with a rail link to a working port, and /or a rail connection to the central valley, with the need for housing and gravel worldwide and nationwide. Remember in the words of John Kennedy, “We must ask ourselves not why, but why not”, and we sent men to the moon! Back on track, I hope the best for any victim or victims in this latest senseless act of violence.

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