Run, Forrest Stump, Run (And Bike…and Swim): A Team Rides Down the North Coast Raising Awareness for Those With a Prosthesis

Team Forrest Stump in Klamath

Team Forrest Stump in Klamath. [Photo provided by Justin Berg]

Team Forrest Stump is riding down the North Coast raising awareness for those with artificial limbs. The team rode from Trinidad to Fortuna yesterday so expect to see them heading south from there.

The team, a group of women, are running, swimming, and biking from Seattle to San Diego from Sep 1 to Oct 21. This 1,500 mile triathlon aims to “raise awareness on the barriers that limit access to prosthetic technology.”

 wrote, “It’s crazy to think I’ve been an amputee now for 16 years; it’s even crazier to realize that I’ve been battling the entire time to access better prosthetic technology.”

She has struggled to get funding to pay for a prosthetic leg that would allow her to compete as an athlete. But then she heard about a New York State law that would allow insurance companies to only pay for one limb during the course of an amputee’s lifetime.

“Yes, it has been frustrating (to say the least) being denied time and time again for a running and waterproof leg,” she wrote. “But, to hear that other amputees would literally be made immobile for the rest of their lives made me want to get out my boxing gloves and enter the ring.”

She’s raising money to bring the concerns of amputees to Washington. If you would like to help, click here.



  • Good article! Thank you for covering the plight of amputees needing prostheses. Forrest Stump is a wonderful team, riding, running and swimming for a great cause! I am so proud of them all.

  • Good luck!! Take care out there🚲

  • Had a blind patient one time who was denied a talking blood glucose tester by her insurance. I was told “Well, she’ll just have to figure out how to use the one we supply!” I understand your frustrations!!
    And I wish you Great Good luck in your quest. Stay safe.

  • Very nice article! Thanks for supporting the girls efforts Justin. Spreading the word and awareness is definitely needed.

    • Thank you for the great article…you GO LADIES!!!!!! I only have new hips for 5yrs…got me out of WHEELCHAIR into walking and hiking! Will replace more parts as needed! HAHAHAHA Nothing better than walking again, come on new medical technology for us in need!!!! Personally, need new knees, available, and whole new spine…not available, yet! kudos to ALL medical procedures helping people walk again! Need new hands…first hand transplant done on young adorable boy…Thank you ALL ENGINEERS, and scientists, down to the pencil pushers!

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