Man Fleeing From a Traffic Stop Steals First a Bicycle and Then a Car at Gunpoint

A few minutes before 7 p.m., a man fleeing a traffic stop in Eureka used at least one gun to first steal a bike from its female rider and then, after riding it only about 200 yards, he carjacked a silver 2013 Ford Focus near Walmart using two firearms.

The vehicle has the license plate #7ACK660 and was last seen headed east on Harris. [Note: a later broadcast says the vehicle has a sticker that states, “My child has four paws.]

The suspect is a white male adult with black hair wearing a red plaid or red checkered shirt.

Below is the scanner report:

Thank you to Operation Safe Streets that reported on this first.

UPDATE Monday: Suspect Sought in Car and Bike Jacking



  • That’s too bad it never used to be like that around here definitely missing the old days….

  • Sounds like the streets of S.F. of something

  • Have gun will travel.

  • Its high time we all start packing guns like they did in the old west, and take back our county. The “Scum” that are doing this need to be taught a lesson. Those of us that are law-abiding citizens, whether in the city or county, deserve to have and live a peaceful life. I for one, dont like living like a scared rabbit, I want to be free, and live the life of enjoying our beautiful area like I use to

    • The challenge sometimes is telling who the “good guy” is and who the “bad guy” is. Hopefully you never have to make that judgement call and kill an innocent person by mistake, or injure a bystander.

    • you would have to pull first on every person you see, just in case. If two people have guns, it just comes down to who’s pointing it at who first.

    • We’ll just wear 3 piece suits, top hats, and a gentleman’s pistol holstered openly. We can use classism to identify the baddies, like in the old days.

  • Excuse me, but paticularly in Eureka, and in Humboldt in general, this is a really bad idea… California contains some 40 million persons. Our county contains some seriously psychotic types, and way more than its share of, lets say, persons living on the wrong side of the law. If someone is desperate, and you pop a pistol at him. what do you think will happen next?

    We have enough problems without bullets flying around! The hospitals have enough emergencies without you being delivered with gunshot wounds, and life is dangerous enough without folks shooting at each other!

    Stuff is just stuff, let it go. We hire LEO’s to deal with crazy criminals, and the LEO’s are scared too!
    Stay alive to play another day. Guns only make the things more dangerous.

    If you do decide to carry, like many of the people in the bay area and Southern CA, consider your legal exposure, and consult an attorney to learn what will happen if you actually do shoot another person!

    I hope you find some peace, and eventually realize that violence is never a great option.

    • Actually, statistically, states with less gun laws generally have less crime. Believe it or not, most criminals are scared of dying too. So when they know the population is armed they tend to be more cautious with whom they fuck with.

      • So right! California is a state where illegals are entitled to more benefits and programs than someone laid off work after 20 years, and criminals are the only ones carrying guns because citizens are not allowed to protect themselves. With our revolving door jails and courts letting criminals back on the streets, illegals hiding in our ‘sanctuary cities and ridiculous taxes on everything; California will easily become No. 1 on the “Worst State To Live” list.

        • worst state of mind to live in!

          If every thing you wrote is not true, then you no longer are making a point. It’s easy for me to buy as many guns as I want. If I wanted something banned in CA, I can buy it in another state, or put it together with parts. When some of those cheap ass AR-15s wear out they fire four or five rounds at a time on auto anyway. In actual fighting anybody who can shoot puts their AK-47s on single or double shot mode. Full auto wastes precious bullets in real life.
          “illegal” s are generally here working, and if anything, they are paying into some fat welfare American’s Social Security account. Actual facts show that most Government benefits go to white Americans.
          ‘Sanctuary’ cities are just saying they are going to continue enforcing everyday laws, without asking about imigration status: do a crime get arrested. ICE, and BPC can still do their own job. If you are ‘illegal’ and get arrested you will still be deported, those cities are just not devoting their resources to immigration issues alone.
          And sorry, California works. We are the 6th largest economy in the world, if it’s not working out for ya, Buttworm, Alabama is still out there. Buy a bus ticket.

  • Keep handing out the pharmaceuticals like candy

    • I would like to know who is getting these pharmaceuticals? My mother just had her eye lid cutoff and replaced and the doctor wouldn’t even give her a Percocet! He told her to take something that is one step above an aspirin. I keep hearing that the doctors of this country are handing out pills like candy, but it sure as hell ain’t my experience. I told my mother, don’t worry I can go score some Heroin for your pain, which seems to me more of the problem. By the way she is 77 years old and I don’t see her being a street living strung out sk..k that I see everyday all over not just Humboldt county.

  • Missing those old days too!!can’t even ride a bike anymore without some shit bag trying to jack it. To many ZOMBIES they all got to go.i feel like Eureka has turned into squiresville!!!

    • Agree, G-MAS…money or drug hungry, or both. DANG, we DO hear a lot more, much quicker with technology, so we didn’t get all the bad/sad stories. Plus, the Town signs haven’t had populations added in the 23 years I’ve been here…WAY more people, many showing up JUST to rip off growers. Now we’re hearing about the growers NOT paying the help! WAY too much violence! At least the 6 who were caught only stole weed instead of killing the grower, like Laytonville! Maybe growers shouldn’t try to rip off workers…may lead to less violence! And of course the trimmagants should head here without stealing on their minds! ALL need to be nicer, and more careful…can’t trust anyone anymore. KEEPING TO MYSELF, and NOT looking for anyones grow, NO TRESSPASSING, NO STEALING…been keeping me safe here in a wonderful natural place.

      • yep that’s a good point. Jayne. I wish a lot more of us could stay to ourselves. Be Nicer to others and keep our own Business! Because,frankly I believe we have lost our ability to be responsible or respectful. I believe that the golden rule has been put on the back burner, and greed rules. People can be so self absorbed and inconsiderate, then others are still kind hearted and thoughtful.

    • this guys granddad made wire rope at the corner of Broadway and Washington. he is a hardcore drug addict that has never had to rent a place due to loving family that just keeps getting screwed. stop blaming the squires for the failure of this community. this kid is so stupid his last post on FB to a friend was hold on I need to check-in at the jail. I wish I just made this shit up.

  • Here in the Pines you better be packin, better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6

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