High Speed Pursuit Ends in Traffic Accident Near Myers Flat

Emergency vehicle. Cop car light bar

Stock photo by Oliver Cory

The California Highway Patrol pursued a vehicle along the Avenue of the Giants in a high-speed chase this afternoon. A traffic collision occurred near Myers Flat about 1:15 p.m. and three occupants of the vehicle were detained.

The officer at the scene called for non-emergency medical care for one of the occupants that had been injured in the accident.

UPDATE Monday: Juvenile Arrested for Stolen Vehicle After Pursuit Ended in Traffic Accident



  • No doubt they were all hopped up on marijuana.

  • Marijuana doesnt “hop u up”

    • Generally that’s right. Instead it just dumbs you down. But that’s ok because it also makes you not notice how dumb you’ve become.

      • I haven’t seen any studies that credibly say moderate marijuana use lowers intelligence. In fact, this study reported in the Washington Post, says it doesn’t.

        In addition, I have seen ones that say high IQ correlates to marijuana use and that moderate marijuana use may actually increase your IQ. Those high IQ folks that smoke include Carl Sagan, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs.

        • http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/dope/body/effects.html

          The people you mentioned might have been even smarter if they not indulged. In fact I bet they indulged because it slowed their thought processes down and gave them a break from- well- thinking. Those of us with lesser abilities and drive can’t afford to be slowed down. We’re already pretty slow. Some are naturally damned slow without any help at all.

          And it has been my observation that a good share of the people using it can’t stand to not to be slowed down so are never free from the effects. Perpetually dumbed down. Never learning.

          I came back to add – did you actually read the article you added as citation? The part that said “Current marijuana use had a negative effect on global IQ score only in subjects who smoked 5 or more joints per week. A negative effect was not observed among subjects who had previously been heavy users but were no longer using the substance. We conclude that marijuana does not have a long-term negative impact on global intelligence.”

          The part that said that after the people tested were free from pot use for 28 days their IQs return to normal? In other words, subnormal while indulging. The part that mentioned that the struggle of the pot impaired brain created new pathways for thinking so that when they stopped they were left smarter than if they hadn’t smoked pot? And could have had the same result without going through the dumb part had they just learned a new skill?

          What part of that says that pot use doesn’t impair thinking? What pot smoker indulges less than once a month?

          What you cite says that rare use won’t lead to permanent damage, which is fairly superficial and unlikely anyway, but clearly says that while under the influence certainly does reduce thinking ability.

          Not to mention it was authored by a person named Goobersoley? Does that not make you wonder?

          • The phrase “might have been” gets us into Lala Land. ANYTHING might have been, at anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Voodoo.

            • You’re right. All you have to do is look at anyone currently using pot to see the answer. When you see them sparkling with wit instead of laughing at every foolish thought, you come back. Of course it requires being sober while observing the intoxicated and that is about the most boring thing a thinking human can do.

  • Good Job CHP, you nearly killed another carload of people for no good reason except they didn’t pull over for your dumb power tripping ass. How many more fatalities will we see instigated by the CHP and their wreck less disregard of human life, It seems they just want the chase, all fun and games CHP until another innocent child or elder is killed by your haphazard choice to peruse a felony chase for a traffic infraction….. Lucky CHP didn’t murder another resident or community member with their wreck less car chase

    • The caseload of people made the choice to run. The police officer did not make them drive that way. If they did not have anything to hide you would think they would have pulled over. It was THEIR CHOICE to run. The officer was just doing his job. I would think anyone else would think this also. Unless they were a punkass who breaks the law and does not appreciate what law officers go through daily because of people who think like you.

      • The Avenue doesn’t provide many options to turn off. CHP could have called another unit to come on from the opposite direction. They have dash cams powerful and hi-def enough to get a plate and issue a traffic infraction ticket, or get a warrant and arrest them for evading. CHP had choices and they chose the option that endangered the most people.

      • They could just mail a ticket, why even pull us over any more? It was “their choice to run”, just as it is any or our choice not to succomb to law enforcement, in fact we have a right to carry on with our business… if there was no felony, then there should be no felony chase…. are police just pit ramming cars and shooting people these days for failure to yield to some power tripping cop? Should the cops pit roll and injure people just for failure to yeild? We have a constitutional right to travel “unmolested” on our highways and freeways, light bulb out, cracked window or swerving is only infraction of municipal code…. in a truely free society this should not be reason enough pull someone over or to injure people or kill innocent bystanders…. the cops kill thousands of people every month in these child like chases which injure and kill people just so the ego of the cop doesn’t get hurt “What, they didn’t pull over, maybe we should crash them, pit stop them and the shoot them if they run”, what bullshot, the cops are more aggressive and violent than ever, if someone committed no felony, then there should be no felony chase, they already had the plates, stop chasing nonfelony failure to yeild and start looking at dash cams and mailing tickets, this is insanity to push the chase and risk injury or death just to prove a child’s point. The officer should be held liable and he should be reprimanded for his actions. No Felony means No Chase!

    • Probely the same cop that shot that lady’s dog

    • If the lights and siren come on ,pull over,or expect to be pit manuvered.Running only confirms that they chose the right one to pull over and you will be stopped.No matter what trouble your in, your in more if you run.

      • So cops should hurt, injure or kill people just because somebody does not want to yeild to some bullshot power tripper with a gun and a badge, no felony should mean no felony chase! This is just insanity! They could mail a ticket, no need to risk hurting someone just for the fun of it. These cops especially CHP are mostly as power tripping young punks up here anyways…

  • I heard this on the scanner. The pursuing officer asked permission for a “pit” manuver which is when the cop car pushes against one side of the bumper of the vehicle he is chasing, causing it to spin out.
    So maybe not an “accident”, eh?
    Seems a little risky on the Avenue. Narrow and windy with big trees and the river.

  • Hop…. Chinese word for opium…. hopped up is to be high on just about anything,…… old school

    • The phrase, hooped up on Marijuana, originated as part of the whole “Reefer Madness” the film as well as the mentality!!!

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