Injured and Ill Animals at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter Need a Little Help

Pups Hum Co Animal shelter

Three healthy pups ready for adoption at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. [Photo from the Shelter’s Facebook page]

Press release:

The Humboldt County Animal Shelter is currently housing close to 50 animals. Many of those animals are in need of significant medical attention when they arrive at the Shelter. The Shelter partners with Friends for Life Rescue who manages the Shelters Emergency Medical Fund. This funding is used to pay for medical treatments in excess of the $250 limit that the County places on each animal. The Shelter currently has three dogs receiving heartworm treatment that are in foster homes. The cost of the combined treatment is approximately $1,600.

The Shelter currently has a female Poodle being treated for heartworm and a broken leg that will need to be amputated. The Shelter is also housing a Boxer mix with a broken leg that will need to be amputated. The overall cost of the heartworm and amputations will be approximately $4,000. Between April and August of this year the Emergency Medical Fund has spent $15,000 on medical treatments for cats and dogs that have been impounded at the Shelter.

Fortunately part of the reason the Shelter is successful is because of volunteer employees and public fundraising campaigns. The Shelter’s Emergency Medical Fund is currently in urgent need of donations in order to continue medical treatment for its many animals. And yes, it is a sad reality that some animals may be euthanized if funding is not replenished.

If you would like to make a donation please send your check or money order to:

Friends for Life

P/O box 962,

Eureka Ca. 95502

Please specify that your donation is for the, “Shelter Emergency Medical Fund” or SEMF. An online donation can also be made at . And once again please specify that donation is for SEMF. The Humboldt County Animal Shelter would like to thank the community for your generosity and continued support for the Shelter animals.Check out this video promoting one of the Shelter’s dogs.



  • Just adopted dog from here 3 weeks ago!!!! Best dog EVER! While waiting for daughter to bring money up, one woman came to pick her dog up, bolted from friends house, Human was crying she was so happy the found her dog! ALSO, a young ladies cat had been picked up by HSU and transported, Human was crying…soooo happy her cat was on it’s way and safe! KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK YOU DO! I will also donate asap. So many good people there caring for animals as well as possible, while being in a scary place for some! SO MANY GREAT ANIMALS THERE!

  • How about helping low income people keep or have pets???????!!!!!!!!! People have given up being able to own pets unless they are home owners and also many long- loved family pets are given up due to high cost of veterinarian bills, even bills for relatively minor issues. Low cost spay and neuter is proactive AND the community needs some responsive help too obviously for existing dogs who languish in cages (this I overheard from a volunteer at the best shelter in the Eureka/McKinleyville area) where they develop behaviors and anxiety that makes them less adoptable as their are never enough volunteers. HELP potential pet owners and current ones keep pets where they belong, in a home environment.
    We fund shelters yet that shows far less compassion towards pets and their humans than would using some of that funding to instead assist with veterinary insurance, food and training or even fencing repairs etc.
    A shelter is needed and sooooooooo much money goes towards funding lots of little 501.c non “Profits” which end up often being an income generating entity for one or hand full of people doing their dream job of hanging to all day with dogs and utilizing volunteers and thereby increasing their own wages.
    There is one organization in town that really might help you with vet bills in an emergency but it is the decision of one person and not a transparent process regarding how decisions are made about who gets help for their pet.
    Until we a kinder to our fellow humans the other animals don’t stand a chance.

  • Why are so many of us so profoundly ignorant?

    – Cats belong indoors just like any other exotic pet.
    – Dogs are around a 15 year commitment.
    – Life events such as birth of children, relocating ect are not moral reasons to
    abandon a dog.
    – You are not breeder, have your animals fixed.

    • Felines are not exotic pets.
      The lack of habitat for birds and other small creatures due to humans is the real killer. Theres nowhere for them to hide in a natural setting where they know how to avoid predators.
      Its always easiest for humans to not take responsibility.

      Remember, most evidence now shows that thr black plague was spread by the overabundance of rats as all the cats were burned with the witches.
      And without cats more people would be using poisons which is waaaay worse.

      With all the bird feeders and outdoor pet food people put out, we need a lot of predators for the rats.
      Bird feeders draw lots of birds to one spot thus its easier for predators, youre basically creating a kill zone.
      Its a false food source as well, birds become dependent on it and then when its gone they die. Happens to hummingbirds all the time. Way more birds die from that and from predators like ravens than cats.

  • Just let the hmong community adopt the stray dogs. Overpopulation problem fixed!

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