Willits Building Has Hole Blown in Roof at Illegal Marijuana Extraction Lab

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

mcso Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSOOn 09-12-2017 at 1:41 PM Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to assist the Little Lake Fire Department who were responding to a reported explosion at a location in the 500 block of Cropley Lane in Willits, California.

Upon arrival Deputies and Fire personnel located an approximately 30,000 square foot industrial metal sided building that did not appear to be on fire. Upon closer examination the building had a large hole in the roof which was cause by an unknown projectile being expelled through it during a witnessed explosion inside of the building.

Deputies and Fire personnel entered into the building attempting to locate any potential injured person(s) and found none.

During this activity, Deputies noticed the building contained a highly sophisticated marijuana extraction lab. Deputies also noticed the presence of several greenhouses on the property which contained several hundred growing marijuana plants.

Initial scene investigations showed a cannabis growing permit had been issued by the Mendocino County Agriculture Department in connection with the property.

Due to the presence of the marijuana extraction lab, the Mendocino County Major Crimes Task Force was contacted. Agents responded to the location and assumed investigative control into the incident.

No arrests have been made thus far in connection with the incident and investigations are on-going by Task Force Agents.

Anyone wishing to provide information in regards to this incident can call the Sheriff’s Office Tip-Line at 707-234-2100.



  • Isn’t blowing up anything illegal??The oil is illegal in calif.and no one arrested??

  • I like the way our Humboldt DA is handling the Rio Dell case with a two murder charges. It seems that anytime a lab blows up it should at least be an attempted murder charge hung on it. It’s not only deadly to the participant but the community at large.

    • That blew my mind, actually. And I tend toward agreement with you and for a variety of reasons….gville Presbyterian church for one and fire danger in general. Let me ask anyone this…has this been done before? Has there ever been people liable for hiring others in a non osha environment and for an incident causing death due to unsafe work conditions?

  • How the L did these people figure way to turn Marianna into an explosive? We need more education and less indoctrinating or our high will be way to much for us to handle.

  • Stop blowing us up. It isn’t funny! People get burnt and they die.
    Somehow that word has to go into the ether.

  • Kabluey! Theres your bho, all,done

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Fucking idiots. God damn potheads are STUPID!

  • When will they ever learn?

  • Couldn’t it have been a non butane extraction lab?
    Maybe it was a super critical co2 lab, which would be legal .

    Users may not:
    Manufacture concentrated cannabis using a volatile solvent without a license under Chapter 3.5 of Division 8 or Division 10 of the Business and Professions Code.

    According to that, non volatile extraction methods are 100% legal if they had a commercial license.

  • So they blew a hole in the roof. But since they have a permit they didn’t have their several hundred plants cut down?!! This is getting weirder by the minute….

  • Butane extractions are as a safe as my high school chemistry class. Yes, you must use a closed loop system and properly ventilate. Conbustiable gas extraction licensing is happening in California now, regulation will help solve this. The fire depts will soon have to approve, etc.

  • Sonoma county Fire personnel say a process is non flammable but regulators want to lump it under the higher “flammable” licensing fees.

    Guess where 99% of Cali county regulators thoughts lay?

  • So, where’s all the comments about “Cartels”
    Let’s you know it’s the good ole citizens of USA doing all the grows and blowing themselves up!

  • This laws need to be created separating illegal labs and unsafe equipment from safe passive hydrocarbon systems that dont leak and dont blow up. Seems like everyone is ignorant about safe processes because they let so many unsafe systems out the gate so fast. Just because they were ASME coded and approved by some engineer that has not a clue on this new fangled equipment.
    Although these guys were probably not even using approved systems. Under the radar types cant call for customer support so easily.

  • 100% passive approved and remote controlled.

  • Pressure blew, non-flammable extraction, P.R. says nothing about a fire. Sounds like pressure explosion…. solvent less c02 extraction maybe….?

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