Humboldt Man to Compete in World Rowing Championship

Luke Wilhelm who grew up in Humboldt and graduated from South Fork High School in 2009 is headed to the 2017 World Rowing Championships in Sarasota, Florida. The event, which starts September 24 and runs through October 1, has over 900 athletes from 69 countries attending.

Wilhelm began rowing when he started college at the University of Santa Barbara. “I got into rowing because I wanted to be a collegiate athlete, and they were looking for big guys. After my first year, I was hooked and I’ve never looked back,” he told us years ago.

Luke Wilhelm

Luke Wilhelm

At 6’3″ and 200 pounds, Wilhelm is definitely a big guy. He’s been rowing extremely well this year. He took a first in the quadruple sculls at the 2017 U.S. Senior and Para World Championship Trials and won the men’s double at the 2017 Spring Speed Order II. He also took fourth place internationally in the double sculls at the Holland Beker Regatta.

He and his teammates in the quadruple sculls need some help getting to the 2017 World Rowing Championships.

They explain in a fundraising note,

As athletes in a non-funded category, we‘re entirely responsible for all expenses associated with the trip, including airline tickets, lodging, ground transportation, and food. The projected cost amounts to ~$3,000.00 per athlete. All told, the traveling team needs to raise ~$15,000. We really appreciate your support. Any donation goes a long way towards getting us atop the podium at the 2017 World Rowing Championships…It’s an honor to compete against the world’s best on US soil (and water).

If you would like to help, follow this link and click the contribute button in the upper right corner of the page.



  • Good luck LUKE!!Another great ATHLETE out of HUMBOLDT awsome. Their are still great people here even with our problems GO LUKE GOOD LUCK!🏅🏅🏅

    • Thank you Gmas, we are very proud of our son, I can’t wait to get to Sarasota and see him in action! He has worked long and hard to get to where he is

  • Good Luck Sweetheart. May the winds be with you.

  • It’s been a treat to watch Luke’s rowing career develop. I had just heard this news a few days ago. Thanks for highlighting it Kym, One from your own neighborhood even.

  • Good luck young man! That’s so awesome! Congratulations!!!

  • Rowing is an awesome sport to watch. Such hard work in a sport where a smooth, precise stroke makes it look so serene.

    We are lucky to be able to watch the sport in our county.

  • Congratulations!! Good deeds are rewarded, best of luck.

  • so interesting to see where they went and with what they did with “it”. special place to grow up here. nice to see Luke. mahalo kym.

      • Kym – nice to see stuff like this – it would be great to see the “good news” section as well as weather and other things of local interest show up at the top of your page – while I often read the crime and pot stuff – many mornings I’d like to see what good or neutral stuffs are going on – scrolling down to find them it is hard not to get the “heavy/nasty” headlines stuck in mine brain – thanks for the site!

        • You’ve got my brain puzzling on a button at the top that would allow folks to click on a stream that showed the recent posts minus the bad news. I’ll think about how to do it and if it would serve a lot of readers.

  • I hope,he,wins and sets an example for our youth,
    Just because your from humboldt doesnt mean you javr to be a grower, tweeker or some other druggaddict scumfuck.
    Theres ways out of that small town, and this is one of them. Good luck bud!

  • Thank you all for your positive input, we are very proud of our son, I can’t wait to get to Sarasota and see him in action! He has worked long and hard to get to where he is

  • Best of luck, guys, you’ve worked hard for this for years, and I hope it all shows in Sarasota. Go Team!

  • This is so amazing! What a an amazing young man, and I am so proud to call him family! Much love and thanks for sharing this link! xoxo

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