Woman Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Purse From Woman in Her 70s, Causing Her to Fall to the Ground

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On September 11, 2017, at about 2:52 p.m., Officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the parking lot of a supermarket on the 600 block of West Harris Street for the report of a robbery from a female in her 70’s.

The victim said she was putting her shopping cart away when an unknown female approached and pulled her purse from around her shoulder, causing her to fall to the ground.  After taking the purse, the suspect jumped into the back seat of what appeared to be an older Nissan Pathfinder.    

Based on information provided to officers, the suspect was identified as 25 year old Eureka resident, Michelle Randall.  On September 13, 2017, at about 11:35 a.m., officers located Randall near the 400 block of P Street.  Randall was in possession of items belonging to the victim.  Randall was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for robbery, elder abuse, and probation violation.  She is being held on $50,000 bail.     



  • Wholly methpox batman!

  • Kym you must be biased against 70 year olds because you felt you had to mention the age. And furthermore your misogyny comes through by mentioning that both the “victim” (How do you you know “she” was actually a victim. Nobody has been convicted.) and the perp were women. Why did you feel you had to mention the sex of these people? Huh? Huh? And obviously you do not like Harris St. grocery stores otherwise you would have not mentioned it was a grocery store. Your biased reporting is getting out of hand.

    • Is that sarcasm? Sometimes I can’t even tell anymore. I hope it is.

    • Omg …..kym is good…..it is good to know the who…what and where …..and the EPD is the one putting out the info ….

    • Do you even know what misogyny means?

      So what would you have titled it then?
      Criticism without offerring alternate working examples is just crap and we dont have time for it anymore. Its whats destroying our country.

      If you cant be nice go to loco, they made a comment section just for people like you.
      That kym even allows such ridiculous comments speaks to her journalistic integrity.

    • Inquiring minds like to know such things

    • Zippy Drive.............................Nissan

      Whoa!!! and Zippy drives an older model Nissan. He is known to associate with young meth brained women. He must be one bad Ju-Ju…………………

    • Poor use of sarcasm.

    • Hey, this time she did not call the victim “elderly”. Thank you Kym.
      We all know, or should know, that Kym is pretty close to saintly, the way she tolerates us and our innanities.

    • in the 70s there was a cartoon named Zippy the pin head. wow your back.

      • Hahahahahahahah All you people who are so up tight you cannot get obvious sarcasm. If you had an ounce of intelligence you would have at the very least defended Kym by pointing out that this was a press release from the Eureka Police Department and not Kym’s writing (At least “OMG” saw that one. Good job.). And while the first couple sarcastic complaints I (sarcastically) made could possibly be misunderstood, the final complaint about being against grocery stores surely should have given it away to even the densist of people. “Guest” if you are the same guest who constantly comments as “Guest” you should examine your past comments before complaining about somebody else’s comments. Finally, for people who comment on this blog to be so upset over something that most anyplace else would be obvious sarcasm about what other people say here very often it is sad that this kind of sarcastic comment could be taken seriously. In other words, there are apparently way too many people here giving Kym a hard time about nonsense. Yea I saw those comments from people (More than one) who were offended that Kym called a 70 year old person “elderly” and found those comments as lame as the comments giving Kym a hard time about posts telling us about sheriff’s convoys heading to various locations. Lighten up. Question; Do you think Honeydew Bridge Chump is being sarcastic or is she serious? Also I most certainly do know what misogyny is. Pfffft

    • Didn’t your Mama ever teach you that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?
      I doubt that Kym could say anything that you wouldn’t criticize.
      She does a fantastic job and we are lucky to have her!

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    I’m very surprised there aren’t more “tweeker-vs-joe normal” incidents.
    The way cops get grief,I am worried what happens if a methhead attacks me,and I win the fight.
    I feel we’re already outnumbered.

  • Well,she was 70.glad the women is ok.

  • [edit] Who robs a 70 year old woman? Things are getting out of hand. I love humboldt county, but the scum keep putting a damper on my mood. We need harsher punishment for parasitic maggots that prey on people.
    What ever happened to the cross-eyed POS that punched the owner of Stuffed Potato?

  • I used to bust Kym for misstatements like that, but she kindly called to my attention that what she published was the police report, and she can print it or not print it, but she doesn’t get to change it. As to the headline, she does say “allegedly.” As to whether it’s misogyny to say a woman was arrested for allegedly robbing a woman, rather than a person was arrested for allegedly robbing a person – I dunno. I think as long as she’d say it was a man (if it was) rather than a person – that’s fair. But I’d appreciate how other people see that, and why.

    • A misogyny to say it was a woman when it was a woman? Yeah, lets not let facts offend politically correct America.

    • Calling it misogyny was a joke. Jesus H. Christ on a piece of toast. And Quicksilver80 it was comments like you referred to that you say you wrote that made me write that sarcatc comment.

  • If that was my grandmother, I’d get in trouble just so we could have a discussion!

  • Guess Im a hard —, I would shoot the tweaker and ask questions later. Glad the elderly lady got her purse back, trying to make ends meet today on SS really sucks with all the prices of everything going up, except your little SS amount every month

  • Yet Marci Kitchen walks free … it’s a FF-ed up world we live in these days..

  • Most of these comments are in reaction to a joke, as if it wasn’t one. Good job.

  • I know her and she is a POS threiving druggy! Her and that calepto Barbara Jones! Jones has been given a couple years, they should give this waste of O2 some time also! I have no tolerance for thieves! Thank God above that her sister has her beautiful children!!

  • Kym, if you took my sarcastic comment as a serious comment I apologize. I have the deepest respect for you and know you would not ever write something to hurt or offend people. I am very sorry that you have had to defend the things you write about and the way you describe people (Calling a 70 year old pperon elderly for example) or defend the news you report (Sheriff convoys for example). Never stop being you!

    • Zippy, honestly, I’m embarrassed to admit I did take it seriously if only because it sounded like stuff that gets said. After looking at it again, I can see that you were being sarcastic. I think I need more sleep….

      • Don’t be embarrassed. Partly my fault and it is a sad commentary about some of the commenters here. I will not take anything for granted again. I will be sure in the future that my sarcasm will make you laugh without question. No need to respond.

        • It’s hard sometimes for people to tell sarcasm from just being moronic in writing, there are some who literally write what you wrote and mean it, I find it works best to put (sarc) in there somewhere just to be sure.

          • “Sarchasm——–the difference in meaning between the literal interpretation of a sarcastic statement and the intended meaning.”

    • Proud Deplorable Grandma

      May I just say, for the record, I knew you were being sarcastic Zippy. I can’t even get a homeless person to ask me for my spare change. I must give off a vibe. But then I would not give it to them anyway, though I have bought dog food before. Poor dogs.

  • There are a few who use GUEST.

  • Winco parking lot needs security…hope the elderly woman is doing ok.
    That’s just wrong.

  • Ugh I’m so over tweakers!

  • shawn the fisherman

    This is really upsetting! Why cant something like that happen in front of me so I can take appropriate action? I worry about my mother daily and this kind of stuff is why!

  • Dear Kim. Seems like too many comments are so out of line and people want to be right fighters”
    Ever think of not having a comment section.? Thanks for you news and updates.

    • I do sometimes think about not having a comment section but then you are only getting one point of view and it’s good to get a variety. But most importantly, readers add a lot information–road opened/ closed, fires burning where, photos of incidents, etc.

  • Naw kym,you do an outstanding job. We don’t often enough say thank you so,THANK YOU⚘

  • LolSuch alot of wtf comments over a 70 year old woman who could very easy have broken bones.
    Kym your the best reporter hands down. San Joaquin valley residents have to rely on facebook heresay or next days news for important stuff in that area. You spoil Humboldt. Keep it up!
    Also your commenters.
    Love them too.

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