[UPDATE 9:58 a.m.] Vehicle Over the Edge on Zenia Bluff Road

A vehicle crashed over a steep cliff on the Zenia Bluff Road in the 2200 block sometime this morning. There are tire tracks going over the side and debris.  According to a California Highway Patrol spokesperson, a helicopter is on the way to try and find the vehicle.

One local told responders that the occupant of the vehicle climbed out but, according to the CHP spokesperson, none of the local hospitals have walk-ins.

At this point, a search and rescue group may be called to set up ropes and get down to where they can see the vehicle and determine whether there is someone still inside.

UPDATE 9:58 a.m.: The scanner reports that there is no patient in the vehicle and the helicopter and other personnel responding have been cancelled.



  • Ah, that explains the large green “fire” truck, the ambulance, and the CHP vehicle that I saw, lights flashing, going down the Alderpoint road from the Garberville side towards Alderpoint, around 9:30. I thought that I’d learn about them at the store, often a good source of local informaiton, but no luck. Glad to have that mystery off my mind, and glad no one seems to have been injured.

  • Sounds like our search and rescue teams need heat detecting gear, like a thermographic camera, to help them search easier and faster.

  • Probably a tweaker disposing of a car

  • shawn the fisherman

    Maybe another elderly lady? Have to check it out. Now Im worried that elderly people are off the road all over needing help. I dont want to get old. The story about the lady in Orick yesterday make me worry about the elders in my life driving, And traveling.

  • Sounds like they were driving to fast!!weird

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