Man Killed and Dumped on Covelo Road

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

mendocino sheriff's cloth badgeOn 9/13/2017 around 10:30 AM the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a deceased person near MPM 24.98 on Covelo Road in Covelo CA.  Cal Fire and Covelo Volunteer Fire responded to the scene and confirmed the person was deceased.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies and Detectives responded to the scene and initiated an investigation.  The male adult has yet to be identified.  The decedent appeared to be a Hispanic male, between 25 and 35 years of age and he was clearly the victim of a homicide.  The scene appeared to be an area where the body was dumped but did not appear to be the scene of the crime.  The investigation revealed the body was placed at the location during a very short period of time just prior to the call reporting the body had been found.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is requesting anyone who may have seen a vehicle or persons acting suspiciously anywhere on Highway 162 (Covelo Road), south of the town of Covelo to the Dos Rios area, or parked in any of the dirt pullouts along this route, between 9:45 AM and 12:00 PM to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Communications Center at 707-463-4086 or the Sheriff’s Tip Line at 707-234-2100.

There are current post on some social media sites claiming a certain vehicle was seen and or that an arrest has been made in this case.  This information is not accurate.  The Sheriff’s Office has not identified an involved vehicle and no arrest have been made in this case.  The Sheriff’s Office is requesting assistance from any citizen who might have information about this case.



  • RIP dear one. May your mother and father find you and you are laid to rest. Sad to read of yet another murder in Round Valley.

  • Trimmicide…

  • Awful.
    Thats how cartels send messages it seems.

    • Interesting comment considering every grow related murder in the past year in Mendocino county was committed by white male growers or white male trimmers. I guess it’s easier for some people to believe it’s the bad Mexicans in Mexico committing all of these murders.

  • Could have been a love triangle instead of emerald triangle related thing.

  • Rough out there! I`ve often wondered if it depresses real estate prices when bodies are frequently found dumped in an area.

  • Wallbuildingwallace

    Build the wall!

    • Any indication that this man was here illegally? Or do you just think that all Hispanics should be sent south and walled out?

      • What the president can say it but Wallace can’t ….comment Nazi much kym please breathe deep .racism is not always the issue

        • Yes it is always racism. It 100% is always the reason to build a wall between people. Even if that orange nut in the White House says it.

        • If you would do or say something only because of someone’s race…well, that’s the very definition of racism. If a white man had been killed and dumped and Wallbuilding Wallace had said, “Build the wall!”, that would have been just a non-sequitur. When the man who is killed is Hispanic…then that implies that the problem is because the man has immigrated here illegally. But, since we have a large population of Hispanic legal citizens, then I have to ask what he means. Does he have some knowledge that the man is illegal? Then he should contact law enforcement because they don’t know who the man is. Or does he just think all Hispanics should be on the other side of a wall? Which, of course, would be racism.

          • Ha, says the drug dealer lol.

          • Hispanic is not a discription of race but of national origin. People who have insisted it was the same as race wanted to include it in the civil rights that are based in race.

            It should be like saying “looks German or Middle Eastern” but has been farmed into the word racist as a convenient political weapon. Too many people have conflated ‘racist’ with xenophobic.

            • Its it true, “racist” is often mistakenly used in lieu of “bigot”.

              • Lost Croat Outburst

                Yes, as our beloved President Trump has opined: there are “many sides” to Charlottesville: racists, bigots, xenophobes, white nationalists, anti-semites, religious extremists, neo-Confederates, many good people, all united under the Trump banner making America grate again as promised. Oh, to be young again in our Brave New World.

          • first thing you should know, is in a crime it is what it is, until there some facts. there are no facts for the reader so how do you even make an educated guess. a 25 to 30 yr. old hispanic is found on rd. deceased, you cant even be assured that he was hispanic, or even a male!

          • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

            Jiddu Krishnamurti already figured this out, no need to reinvent the wheel.

            “When you call yourself an Indian or
            a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.”

      • It’s one of the many questions left unanswered. It’s not that it is unanswerable. Just too politically volatile. No bureaucracy wants to collect and publish this information as it loses either way. No news reporter wants to get involved for the same reason.

        And in the end, murdered is murdered and that is the sole interest of the criminal system. The people interested in larger social issues are left to have no data to support their conclusions. Which unfortunately they too prefer. Opinion is so much easier.

        It would be useful to collect all sorts of data in a scientific manner but there is no lobby for it and never will be.

        • I agree we should collect the information and to a certain extent, we do. But, cost and time are also factors that are playing into collecting information.

          • I’m a believer that if you have the information, the results will sooner or later justify its collection. The only limitation would be cost of collection but nationality is something already most likely part of the record and reporting/storage costs would be minor.

            We just want to avoid knowing.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yes, and a giant super-store could be re-named “Walled-out.”

  • RIP to this guy, atrocious. Nuff said.

  • Plenty more where this one came from.

  • Hey Wallace the wall is being built as you speak! And some day you will find yourself on the wrong side of it with no way out….

  • >”Thats how cartels send messages it seems.”

    Yup. Otherwise he would have been buried out in the woods…
    and nobody would notice.

  • It says “clearly the victim of a homicide”. Does anyone have any ideas on what this means? He must have been chopped up with an axe or machete or similar. If they count the whacks and it`s 40 or 41, it`s likely someone named Borden

  • you guys are retarded if it was your family member you wouldn’t be saying “time for a new trimmer” that’s what’s wrong with this world we need people that make those comments to shut the fuck up because you don’t know the story! Someone’s parents didn’t raise them right!

    • It boils down to over population and desentizatuon. The more you hear about something or watch it , or see it the less shocking and outragous it becomes. Shortly followed by jokes and the like as the brain is scrambling for a way to cope that it is no longer shocking.

  • R.I.P lost soul!!

  • Charles Engebretson

    How did we get to this again…a human has been murdered and dumped like trash and you fools want to argue about a wall…division. ..misdirection…stupidity at its worst…and somebody’s family member is gone…very colorful ugliness though

  • R.I.P. Dear Victim. My condolences to your family and friends.

  • shawn the fisherman

    Days of trusting strangers is over. Cannot trust anybody with your life. Head up on a swivel, Always on guard and ready is the only way to be when out in public. Dangerous out there. “Be prepared” Always a scout.

  • Grieving family members read these posts. Don’t hurt families already hurting with cruel comments.
    Wait for the investigation before we pretend we know what happened so we can give narcissistic soap box opinions online.

  • It’s really sad that someone has lost their life and there are assholes on here talking about build a wall and good news there is a new trimmer opening. What the fuck is wrong with you people?! If you actually lived in Covelo you would know there are many really great Mexican families here. They work at the grocery store, the gas station, on the hay fields and cattle ranches. They live here peacefully making a better life for them and their family. Family is very important to them, I always see them together spending time with one another, taking their kids to the river to play. Shame on you for jumping to conclusions, we don’t yet know any of the details. The natives that have been here far longer than any of us are reponsable for many more murders, crimes, and violence then the Mexicans here so think about that before you start pointing fingers!

  • Sad they found a man laying in the road dead.A human being in the middle of no where. Did he fall from the sky?He’s a human being. My condolences to this family may he rest in peace🕊

  • Sheriff Allman Do ur Job

    The Sheriff works for the County and the Board of Supervisors Must do something about the Sheriff doing nothing to solve crime! Mendocino County Sheriff is letting these gangs take over while the Sheriff’s ONLY CARE is revenue for his department by busting Cannabis Farmers and seizing (stealing) their property which the department and it’s deputies as well as the County cashes in on. Think about it, Already in September Mendocino has seen 3 gang involved shootings and one dead body dumped along Covelo Road…. Meanwhile up to 35% of the Sheriff’s resources are dedicated to “marijuana eradication”…. yet there are numerous missing persons cases (upwards of 25-30) and numerous (15+) unsolved murder investigations which sit on the back burner while the Sheriff directs his forces to continue the focus on cannabis. It is simple to conclude that the Sheriff is misguided and is not looking out for the public safety or solving and fighting felony crimes and murders. Not only is the Sheriff prejudiced in his assault against cannabis farmers, but he is doing the community a real disservice by not fighting the gangs or arresting serious criminals which are robbing, burglarizing, assaulting, murdering, and destroying the safety of our community. Cannabis is already legal, the Sheriff needs to focus on solving real crimes not just seizing assets for his department! This is ludicrous that the war on pot goes on, it goes on with a complete disregard for the criminal gangs moving into the County, the war on pot goes on while missing persons families seek their loved ones but the Sheriff focuses on pot instead of solving crime.

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